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Dear Google+,

Goodbye! It's been interesting, but I no longer desire to be bombarded with other people's crazy ideas. The world is already crazed enough and I don't need an online echo chamber.

Ciao for now, and probably through at least 2020.

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Oakland museum invaded by nerds...

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I'm embarrassed that I had no idea.
Today's exciting Android discovery: you can swipe left and right on the space bar to move the cursor.


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Weighted by population seems like a reasonable alternative arbitrary ranking system. Go Jamaica!

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I'd buy that (for a dollar). Seriously though, looks very appealing.
This is a new technology that I can only describe as "unbelievably cool." The idea is simple, if you've ever held a glass up to sunlight: when light passes through a curved, transparent surface, it gets bent and forms patterns when it lands. What this company has done is worked out an algorithm that lets them delicately shape pieces of glass so that the resulting pattern forms any image you want.

The result feels like magic: you're holding what looks like normal glass in your hand, but as the light shines through it, it projects an image.

There's nothing actually magical at all, of course; the challenges are all in some algorithmics to compute the right surface shape, and in the practicalities of shaping glass so precisely. But as the video evidences, the results are beautiful. I can't wait to see this hit the market.

h/t +Autumn Ginkgo Leaves™

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We wrote "Stellan's House" so that some of my son's school friend's parents would be about to find our place. He and the woman who was over helping him (well, us really) added a few decorations (most of the stair drawings).

I later asked Stellan what he wanted to do at his party with his friends and he said "draw!" I asked if he wanted to draw with his friends inside. He said "no daddy, I want everyone to draw on my driveway" so I added "draw please!" I then left out some chalk. This is the result.

Thank you, friends and neighbors for giving my son such great concepts to think about! He loves looking at all the new additions every day.

#oakland #neighbors 
Stellan's house chalk mosaic
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I appreciate that details of an ongoing investigation need to remain confidential, but the lack of real information coming out in this case is a serious problem. Libby Schaaf​ should be using this as an example to model transparency in city government, but I feel like we haven't seen much out of her office about the lack of police chief or the scandal.


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Where have all the editors gone? Alternative read: what might happen to the US after this election season.

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