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After three Samsung Epic's malfuncitoned I had Sprint replace it with a HTC EVO 4G, definitely like this phone better.
The Pros:
The HTC feels like a higher quality phone, the Car Panel option is useful, the GPS actually works, and the bigger screen makes using the touchscreen easier.
The camera does not work as well, the video quality isn't even close, no physical keyboard, and the battery (also) sux.

I just installed Windows 8 Preview, set up to dual boot with Windows 7, seems to be pretty snappy on my laptop.

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I remember the night bin Laden met justice and all of the college kids in D.C. went to the White House and celebrated. I was surprised in a way. I think it was +Jeff Jarvis who noted that these kids were 8-10 years old when the Twin Towers fell and our world changed. For us it has been a decade. A bad period. For the young people it is different. Their whole lives were impacted and shaped by terrorism. They know no other period.

These anniversaries are important even if they make us all depressed and angry all over again. That S.O.B. did a lot more damage to us than even he realized.

9/12 WSJ via +Bill Gross

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I am interested in learning programming, have previously taken courses in C++ and Visual basic, and am curious if anyone has any suggestions on which avenue to pursue. I would eventually like to produce mobile apps, not to get rich, but as a way to better understand security on mobile devices. Any ideas?

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