Need Handicap Signs, Posts, and Hardware?  865-680-9225 **We use 3M reflective sheeting and 3M UV resistant inks. 
Fire Lane - No Parking Signs - Speed Bumps - Rubber Wheel Stops - Traffic Calming Products - Road and Highway Signage - 865-680-9225 Dallas, TX -  Atlanta, GA - Memphis, TN - Knoxville, TN - Jacksonville, FL

 Other companies use steel which rusts, plastic which cracks or warps, or a thinner gauge aluminum (.060 or .040) which bends or buckles. Engineer Grade (EG): Rated for 5-7 year outdoor lifespan
-High Intensity Prismatic (HIP): Guaranteed for 10 year outdoor lifespan.
-Diamond Grade (DG): Guaranteed for 12 year outdoor lifespan. 865-680-9225 
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