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Experiences with Eye Fi cards?

Thinking about getting one, but seeing more than the usual sprinkling of bad reviews on Amazon (tho still mostly 4s and 5s).

What do think, #photography folks? Do they generally work as advertised?

Btw, I'm no pro, don't mind that it won't upload RAW, etc.

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I have an Eye-Fi card. It's pretty convenient, but it does drain your battery a bit more than usual (at least the way I have it configured). I think, by default, it's supposed to poll for a wifi network after you take a picture, but the way I have mine setup is it may be constantly looking for an access point?
Anyway, I have my card configured to sync directly with my Galaxy Nexus through MoPhotos, rather than through a router going to a computer.
Thanks, Jeffrey. I can live with a bit less battery life.
Eye-Fi feels half-baked in some ways (mostly in software) but the Direct Mode offered by the X2 cards for connecting with phones and tablets directly makes up for the biggest issues. Direct Mode is pretty fast, reliable and convenient. Overall, the hardware works as intended, sometimes the management software just lets it down.

Battery drain seems somewhat dependent on the camera. It's more noticeable with a point and shoot than it is with a DSLR, from my experience, probably due to the difference in battery capacity. Some newer cameras may actually manage it better since they actually have some kind of Eye-Fi compatibility mode built-in.
On that note - I use a Nikon D90 and it lasts a day in battery life with 2 syncs of around 130-ish images. That compared to the usual, idk like week I get out my battery on standby. Again, that may be due to the way I configure my card to be pretty much active most/all of the time.
Cool, thanks, guys. Think I will pick one up. My dslr is not officially supported (Pentax k10d), but folks on various forums claim it does work.
I didn't think this had to have an support. It's just a "normal" SD card with wifi built in. You configure the card through the software desktop client.
Yeah, it's weird, that's what I thought, too, but they have a compatibility list and they say my camera's not supported in no uncertain terms:

I suspect it's because the card slot is behind a dust/weather seal and they figure it won't get as good reception... but that's just a guess... anyway, we'll see, if it don't work I'll send it back.
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