I hope I am not wasting my time here posting an inquiry that won't be acknowledged by those who moderate this place but I'll take a chance anyways.

I am wondering if the people from +Google, especially those from +Google+ and +Google+ Developers have heard and may be working on a problem that currently exist with how Google+ handles images that are posted. 

Basically the issue is when ever we post an image to Google +, G+ uploads the image to a folder called Photos from posts. The strange thing is that each image is shared in a post is saved in an individual folder inside the Photos from posts folder. It can't be seen from Google+ but if you go to your picasaweb page you can see the individual folders for each image you share that is stored in the Photos from posts folder. Only if you share more than one image in a single post does it include more than one image in a folder.

The problem is Google+ folders have limits, 1000 images per folder or 1000 folders inside a folder. Because of this anyone who shares a lot of images daily can easily reach this limit. And I have already seen this happen twice. Once you reach this limit you can no longer share images without deleting old images which in turn deletes old posts. To add insult to injury, because these are in individual folders you have to delete them one at a time and likely also delete the folder afterwards in order to create the space necessary to continue sharing images since G+ does not give an option where to store the image one is sharing.

I hope you guys can look into this as its a pretty serious issue that can easily disappoint a lot of G+ fans, mainly those who are photographers and those who use lots of images as part of their style of sharing on G+. Why you have a limit is beyond me but this need to be resolved somehow. There is an alternative way to prevent this but it requires too many steps to make it a sensible alternative and makes using G+ share box on the main stream and profile pointless.

Please let us know if anyone is or can look into this. You guys have listened before, I hope you do again. Thanks.
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