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OK Ology and Amazon, I promise not to use this to spy. Pinky swear (fingers crossed). 
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Google I/O 2015 Online And Through Persicope - Just Plain Awesome

I am so looking forward to Google I/O 2015 which will start is just over 30 minutes from posting this and am excited to see how Periscope will add to the entertainment. I will be watching the keynote online while watching my Periscope feed to see whose streaming. Get two different perspectives on the show.

Can't wait. Hurry up half an hour. I need me some Google I/O goodness now.
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Talk About Bizarre Stories

Its amazing the bizarre stuff you  can find online. This story definitely fits that bill. I am not sure whats more bizarre, that these guys actually took this photo with the Black guy agreeing to it (if he did, they could have forced him somehow but there's no evidence to prove either) or that this is even news.

First off what idiot thought this was a good idea in the first place? Two White guys posing as hunters and a Black man posing as the pray? Really? How is this even a thing? Did the Black guy agree willingly? Why? Makes no sense why anyone, Black, Hispanic, Asian or even White would agree to be the pray and pretend to have been hunted down. Being anything other than White only makes this worse. Just can't fathom why anyone thought this was a good idea at all, even the person who took the picture (unless it was on a timer).

And why is this even news? As stupid as this may be I could really care less if a Black guy was dumb enough to put himself in that position willingly. Now, if he was forced into that situation that's a different story but so far there is no indication he was. Again, just not sure how you would agree to this, even if being forced you wouldn't see to be trying to be a part of it. Unless this was yet another" police abusing their powers over minorities" kinda story, I honestly don't care. As Forest Gump said "momma always said stupid is as stupid does". 

Technology and stupidity, they seem to go hand in hand a lot these days.
A photo showing Chicago police officers apparently treating a black man like a dead game animal has sparked outrage. The photo, which The Chicago-Sun Times says it obtained through court files, app
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My Supergirl Pilot Review - Yes, I Saw It

OK so thanks to some friends I was able to watch the leaked Supergirl Pilot. First I want to say for those who like talking about piracy and stuff, it doesn't bother me that I watched an episode of a TV show that's set to air several months from now. So there, I watched it, I'm OK with that, lets move on. Like some online I also believe the leak was intentional, done by the studios themselves in an effort to get people talking and excited about this show because so far the reviews from the trailer have not been all high praises.

Ever since the six-minute trailer for Supergirl debuted last week, there's been a lot of debate about the approach the series seems to be taking. There's no denying the first couple of minutes lean hard into Kara Danvers' work and dating life, with a Devil Wears Prada influence provided by her boss, Cat Grant.

The Supergirl trailer seems devoted as much to defending itself from early criticisms as it does to actually setting up the show.

I myself found the trailer a bit bubbly. Kinda giving it a girly feel, like watching Clueless or Legally Blonde. They did make Kara a bit too goofy in my opinion but I can get over that. It's the Supergirl part that kinda had me at odds because they also allowed her goofiness to be part of that other character. Unlike Superman who, as Clark Kent, was a bit of a clumsy goofball, as Superman he was more serious. 

But... I have to admit that it wasn't until I saw the episode that I realized there was a reason behind it at that one should not always form a complete opinion based on a trailer. It's what happened to me with Avengers Age Of Ultron which I will share on a different post. 

So what did I think about the show? Well, I see a lot of potential. Like Flash and Arrow the show can be intriguing and entertaining. The whole "my aunt is my nemesis" plot could make this show worth watching. My only gripe right now is the special effects. They gonna need to work on her fighting scenes. They seemed a bit clumsy, slow and lame in some occasions and I am not talking about the character. I can chalk up her fighting skills to being an amateur. They just need to work on making her fight scenes a bit more real, that's all. But this is, after all, a pilot so I will give it a chance since it was actually pretty good. I look forward to adding another comic book hero to my list of TV shows to watch.

So in conclusion, the show has potential, as I already said. It may actually be worth watching. I just hope the producers read the reviews and improve where its needed. Otherwise it will end up like Firefly, a damn good show that had its life cut short.
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Now Is When We Decide To Do Something About It?

Maybe its just me, but shouldn't this have been a thing already? Since when do we decide that it might be wise to make sure cops don't abuse their powers and tools, report every incident, correctly, and even report every time they draw their weapon after the fact?

Are we not a "learn from our mistake" society? Is this not something so obvious that we should not even be dealing with these issues at this point in our history? I mean, seriously, what is it gonna take for Americans to finally realize that we are all equals, that we should not be abusing people just because we can, that women have equal rights, that racism should not be a thing anymore. 


Not a day goes by that I don't find a reason to be ashamed to call myself an American. That not only do we have people who abuse their powers (cops, politicians, rich people, etc) but that we have people who defend them, condone it and excuse it for reasons I can't fathom. I'm sadden that such things still happen in the US. I can't deny I was completely ignorant to just how bad it still is out there. I don't know if its because I am not Black or because although I am Hispanic I tend to look White due to my Spaniard heritage. I know this because at the gas station I work most Hispanics were surprised that I could speak Spanish even though I am Hispanic. It seemed like to them I looked more White than Hispanic, not to mention I don't have an accent when I talk neither in English or Spanish, except maybe that you can tell I am from up north, Jersey.

These days it makes sense why I never dealt with the stigma of being Hispanic. That's because more often than not most didn't even know I was Hispanic. I didn't exactly walk around with he Puerto Rican flag on my all the time or even half the time. Its not in my nature to be so proud of my culture. I don't even have the US flag on me much either. But I got away with not having to deal with racism although I still had to deal with being poor (poor as in what people believe to be poor, as in not being rich enough to buy new and expensive stuff all the time as opposed to simply not being able to afford the basics which i still can) and thus not being able to move up because of that. In essence I got away with not dealing with the stigma of being Hispanic, but I didn't get away with the stigma of being poor.

What is it gonna take to end this problem? When are we gonna finally feel like we are a better society? When are we gonna stop allowing racism to be the norm? When are we gonna end poverty? I hate to think of extreme solutions but sometimes I think nothing less than a civil war, again, will make a difference. We saw it in the Middle East, we are seeing the sparks of it here now as people form protest all across the country over these sense deaths and thanks to social media people are seeing just how bad it is and how long this has been going on right under our noses. I would rather we deal with this without more senseless death, but human nature seems to thrive and learn from it and thus may be inevitable. 

Maybe I'm just overreacting. Maybe I'm just exaggerating things. Either way, somethings gonna give sooner or later and we are either gonna fix this or end up like the Hunger Games where the rich rule and the rest of us are nothing but entertainment. 
The agreement is part of a settlement with the Justice Department over what federal officials have called a pattern of unconstitutional policing and abuse.
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No Chromcast 2, No Pixel 2, Not Android Player update, Ni Nexus phones, no Moto 360 2, nothing. No hardware at all besides Cardboard I guess. So disappointed.

Great stuff but I was hoping to see something like previous years. 2 years no hardware announcements at I/O. So sad.
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I'd Get Android Wear Just For The Watch Faces Alone

I have seen some impressive watch faces shared on G+ for Android Wear, mainly those for the Moto 360, LG G Watch R and Urbane. I personally prefer a smartwatch with a round face, just seems more realistic than a square smartwatch. 

But lately I have seen some that have actually enticed me to want to get an Android Wear watch just for the watch face alone. After finding the website below I am even more intrigued to get one just for the faces alone. Now that the Moto 360 is at around $149 I can see myself getting one but even more interesting is that Google I/O 2015 is less than an hour away from me posting this and I am 99% sure a new Android Wear watch or two will be announced, mainly the expect Moto 360 2 (or what ever they will call it next) and while it may cost the same as the original Moto 360 did, possibly a bit more, it will likely have better performance and a  lot more features, features that will put the Apple Watch to shame (I hope). Thus, I would have to eventually decide to either get a newer watch or take advantage of the sales for the previous versions.

In the end I see it this way. Getting multiple watch faces to choose from, being able to use a different one every day if I wanted to is almost enough for me to consider getting a smartwatch from Google. The fact that it can give me notifications, check my vitals, help me with my fitness, allow me to control my music, car and even my home and now I won't even need my phone (or tablet?) to be near it to work would be considered icing on the cake.

$250 plus for a watch is a lot of money but to have the option to change the faces and basically make it seem like I own more than one almost sounds worth it. The other features basically make this a no brainer for someone who likes wearing watches. I do even if I haven't done so in a long time because my last one broke because it was too cheap and I just wasn't willing to spend money on an expensive one, specially when it would be the only one I would be able to afford. With a smartwatch, I have the chance to make it seems like I have several, thanks to the watch face options out there. Hell, I would even pay for them because they look so good. is a repository of custom watch faces for Android Wear devices, including the Moto 360, LG G Watch, LG G Watch R, ASUS ZenWatch, Sony SmartWatch 3 and Samsung Gear Live.
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Internet For All, The Way It Should Be

It can only benefit humanity as a whole to have as many people as possible online. The more connected we all are the more likely we are to stay connected and communicate more with each other, a problem that has plagued this country for far too long.

Ignorance is a huge problem in the US because too many people are disconnected from the rest of the world due to not always having access to the Internet. What they know is what they see around them and the few books they have access too. But with the Internet they have access to the rest of the world, specially those unable to afford to see the world themselves. It also helps to be able to see what other people think about the different topics, social issues and such that the world has to deal with on a daily basis instead of simply getting the bias opinions of the local media who more often then not give information based on their political leanings and what makes them money. This is why comedians like John Stewart, John Oliver and Larry Wilmore seem to have more truth telling in their comedy than the real media does.

But if people can't afford Internet because IPs are more concerned with the bottom line than they are provide great service at low prices, then its up to our Gov't to help those who can't afford Internet access to get it. Some may think Internet is a luxury and that the US Gov't should not be involved in giving people access to it but in my opinion Internet today is not a luxury, its a necessity. Specially when several Gov't services require you to use online Gov't websites in order to use their services, when local libraries are either too far or too outdated and when people today tend to communicate more through online services such as Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and more to stay connected, to stay up to date on the latest news such as disasters and riots and to share their thoughts on things that should matter to everyone.

The Internet is no longer a luxury that only rich people use just to say hi to friends, show off the fruits of their year long diet and workouts and to shop at expensive stores from home. The Internet is a necessity and thus should be made easily accessible to all. This is one reason I can't wait for Google Fiber to reach more places. It not only provides amazing speeds at lower cost but it also forces current IPs to keep up and provide better services at lower costs as well, something we can all eventually benefit from, something we should have been benefiting from a long time ago.

So I say bring it on, not only because I would be one of those who would benefit from this subsidized program but because we need it. We all do.
Phone service has long been subsidized
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John Oliver Called It

Today I have been reading news about the multiple arrests being done by Swiss police of high ranking FIFA officials. These officials are being charged with corruption and will be extradited to the US. 

Nearly one year ago, HBO's Last Week Tonight host John Oliver shared a video on Youtube that touched on the topic of the corruption machine that is FIFA. At the time the World Cup was about to start in Brazil and soccer happens to be one of Oliver's favorite if not #1 sport so he felt compelled to not only share with us his passion, soccer, but also to take advantage and point out that although he can't wait for the World Cup to start, he has mixed feeling about it thanks to the corruption he describes in his video found in the FIFA organization. As some of the people on his video put it their passion for soccer is a religion and sadly like most religions, its leaders are corrupt and worthless.

If you haven't seen the video yet check it out, its funny as hell and so full of truth which brings me to the point of my post. Its pretty sad that it took a comedian like John Oliver to point out the truth about this kind of corruption, a corruption that is overshadowed by the passionate devotion of soccer fans around the world. Because of this his show is seen, obviously, as a joke, a mockery of what people are too blind to see and when the truth is revealed to the world, no everyone remembers who warned us ahead of time, even if it was in a joking manner.

So there you have it. John Oliver called it and now we are seeing the results of the investigations. Now the trick is to actually punish these guys and hope future FIFA involvement with the World Cup is not layers with corruption from the top all the way down. While we are at it, hows about we get the next World Cup location changed. Qatar is obviously a really bad place to hold the next World Cup.
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Sweet I love John Oliver
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I was hoping this week would be one of happiness and joy, one that would mark the moment things changed for me because I had faith, because I believed. But it seems that it was not, again, meant to be.

I got an email today from the agency who had me go to an interview for a potential temp to perm job that paid good money, was close to my house and was in the IT field, the job I always wanted. But the email did not bring good news. It seems that I failed at my interview. My lack of degrees come back to bit me again. They chose to go with someone else who apparently had more experience. If only I was given a chance I could show that I could be great, that a lack of degree is just a lack of a paper. But, I guess they didn't want to take the chance or the time to train me.

Its rather hard to stay positive when you spend so much time dodging curb balls like this. I will do my best to stay positive but for now I feel like curling up in a corner and going to sleep for a while, but I can't right now. That will have to wait till I get home. I may as well enjoy my last three days at this temp job. If only a miracle happened between here and Friday and they decided to keep me. Here's having my fingers crossed.
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5 Minutes With Periscope For Android, What I Learned

Well, its finally here, Periscope for Android, one of the most talked about streaming apps these days ever since Twitter acquired it. And I gave it a whirl just to see what the fuss is all about.

So I decided to jump on the Periscope for Android bandwagon to see what was going on, what it was all about and I have to say the experience so far has been interesting if not very strange.

For starters when I first started the app and signed in the first few people I came across were familiar. Philip DeFranco from Youtube, Austin Evans from Youtube, Mashable and so news casters behind the scenes. It was actually interesting to seem them from a live, close up perspective as they interacted directly with their viewers. Different from their Youtube and TV shows. And then I decided to check out the random people on my list. Not sure exactly how these people end up on my list, can't imagine I follow most of them on Twitter so they must be just random people who are streaming at the moment.

That's where things got both very interesting and very strange. I jumped from one random person to another just to see who was streaming and why and what did I see? Well, several of them were women which doesn't surprise me that they had the highest viewer count in most cases. Basically they were just showing their "cute" faces and responding to people who were commenting. As you can imagine some of the comments seemed obviously sexual in nature, men (or women) likely looking for someone to use Periscope in a "let me show you my goods" kinda way I guess. Some spoke English, others I'm not sure yet, still was interesting to see random people not have a problem streaming themselves doing, well, nothing. Then there were the ones laying down. One had 2 girls in bed, you can imagine the commenst on that video, another had a girl lying sideways, as if posing. 

I also saw one where I believe the lady was at a bar or something and one that seemed to be showing lights in the distance at night in a different language but never saw the person. All in all this is similar to finding live streaming videos on Youtube or Twitch but not necessarily gaming, just random people showing their faces using a new app that everyone is talking about.

I see a lot of potential in this app, but I can also see it being used in ways one would hope children don't end up seeing. Once I get home from work I'll give it a go at making my own stream, just to see how many people want to look at my fugly mug and hear what ever it is I may be talking about. Odds are my kids will be heard in the background and me screaming at them for being so loud so there some entertainment for you. 
Periscope lets you broadcast live video to the world. Going live will insta...
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+The Fantastic Charles Cortes

I'm on Periscope. I'm near the top of the list. 
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Which One Would You Pick Or Get Stuck With?

The future is upon us and the next upgrade to our digital lives will be our vehicles. Sure these days we already have cars with digital touch screens, navigation software, music players and even the ability to make calls. But as many of us know, as cool as it may be to have these features in a car, car manufacturers fall short of providing an adequate, useful and, lets face it, desirable interface. Because of this, even with all the fancy bells and whistles in the car, people still reach for their smartphones for all of the features and more because, basically, it just works better.

But now the game is about to change. As car makers rush to provide better in-dash digital features both Apple and Google have already devised a way to give you all the awesome features the phones provide through the dash of your vehicle. And let me tell ya, based one what I have seen so far, both Google’s Android Auto and Apple’s Carplay are making even the latest manufacturer in-dash systems look like they are still in the 80s.

However, my biggest concern is how smartphones are becoming the deciding factor in what you will be purchasing next and even worse, it’s becoming the deciding factor on what your choices you will be stuck with for long periods of time. I remember back when Android and iOS were young and new and there was a constant battle over which phone you would be sporting next year. Back then it wasn’t so difficult, you simply made up your mind and either stuck with what you currently had or switched to the other OS. Even if you had spent money on apps for one OS, you could still switch because most apps could be found on both OSes (Android and Apple) and either apps were not that expensive or sometimes there were free options that worked just as good and thus you didn’t have to stay stuck with one smartphone OS. But this is now changing. Now both Apple and Google have been working hard to provide all kinds of new gadgets, gadgets that are based on their own OSes of choice, Android or the Apple OS. First it was GoogleTV, now AndroidTV vs Apple TV. Then it was Android Home vs Apple HomeKit, the Android Wear vs Apple Watch and now we have the lastest, Android Auto vs Apple carplay. Each one has one thing in common, they each cater to the maker's own ecosystem. There is a difference though, in most cases. Google has gone out of its way to allow Android gadgets connect with other OSes such as iOS, OSX, Windows and even Windows Phone. This allows Google to reach more than just Android fans. The most recent hint is Android Wear which is rumored to possible work with iOS were as the Apple Watch is exclusive to iPhones. This alone could spell problems for Apple’s latest gadget venture if people with iPhones prefer an Android Wear watch for the sake of options. 

But what about Android Auto and Apple Carplay? Can either of these offer the same ability to choose the smartphone and OS to use with it? I’m sure it’s easy to assume that when it comes to Apple, carplay will likely be just as closed as the rest of its ecosystem and thus the iPhone, liely the iPad as well, will be your only options. But Android Auto may have the potential to, like Android Wear, allow third party smartphones to work with it but at the moment it seems they are meant to be strictly for their own smartphones and I see this as a huge problem. Why? Simple. Take AndroidTV vs Apple TV; while both have similar costs and provide the same level of streaming options, Apple TV is limited to Apple devices whereas AndroidTV can be used with both Android and iOS. You can use the Chromecast feature found on AndroidTV to send videos from smartphones and tablets from both OSes just like you can with the Chomecast. Hell, you can’t even use Plex on an Apple TV without a jailbroken Apple TV or PlexConnect which is not exactly a Plex app for Apple TV but more of a workaround. 

Then there’s Android Wear vs Apple Watch. Both currently stuck to their own phone OSes but it’s rumored that Google is working on an iOS compatibility for Android Wear which will open up Android Wear watches to even more potential users whereas Apple Watch is stuck with the iPhone. Hell, there’s even a hack at this moment that allows Android Wear to work with the iPhone, granted the features are limited but still…

And then there’s Android Auto, again like Android Wear, currently only capable of using Android smartphones for it to work. But the potential is there to g beyond just Android. Why? Because Android is Google and Google is everything nearly everyone uses. Google Maps, Google Music, Hangout notifications, Google Now voice (this really needs a cool name like Siri and Cortana), Gmail, Google Voice, Google Calendar and more and these are not exclusive to Android. Then there’s Spotify, Pandora and even Beats, which will likely work on Android too, these are not exclusive to one OS. And the future? Tvs in the back seats will have access to Nextflix, Hulu, Google Play and even iTunes and, although iTunes is still Apple exclusive, the movies and music from iTunes can likely be streamed through Plex even from an iPhone or iPad. The possibilities are endless but, this is only if Google allows Android Auto to work with iOS and even Windows Phones. 

And herein lies the issue. Unlike a media device like AndroidTV or Apple Tv where it only cost about $100 and thus can easily be replaced or even own both or Android Watches and Apple Watches which while a bit expensive I can see people owning both, a car is a different story. How does one decide what car to get, what brand to stick to if your options for an in-dash OS are limited to these two companies and even worse, the car you want may not have the option to pick the OS based on your current smartphone of choice? And what if in the middle of your lease you decide to switch phones just because you like the latest model, the new features of the OS or overall you just like changing it up every once in a while? What then? Do you change cars too? This is the problem I currently foresee, people getting stuck with one smartphone OS because of the car they bought and that, to me, sucks. The only solution I see is for Google to do what it has done before and what it’s supposedly planning on doing with Android Wear, allow it to be compatible with other smartphone OSes. That way Android Auto has the potential to reach a larger consumer base because then they won’t have to settle for just one OS, even though Google wouldn’t mind but at the same time it could limit the number of potential Android Auto users as well. Considering we all know Apple will lock down Carplay to just iPhones and iPads, this is Google’s chance to get ahead and take the lead, especially with their self driving cars in the works, their cellphone service and even their highspeed Internet that could help connect these cars. Like I said, the possibilities are endless with Google, unless people just keep buying Apple products because their friends did too and they really don’t know any better. Once can only hope they learn eventually.
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Nope, like 1st gen devices, this one I'll leave to those who like trying things out first.
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Computer Repair, preparing and filing bankruptcy documents, invoice processing and payments
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    Sell products and gas at a gas station.
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I spend a lot of time reading up on the latest and greatest in tech, watching many podcasts and Youtube channels that talk about tech. I am also a gamer, mainly a PC gamer and my current passion is the Call Of Duty series and Left 4 Dead 2 (with Titanfall being my next passion).

I have my religious beliefs but am not blinded by the misguided views of some Christian extremist who on the one hand say God loves everyone but on the other they promote hatred towards other people, mainly LGBT and in some cases as in the past Hispanics and Blacks. I may not be gay but I have plenty of family and friends who are and I care about them. I believe in their rights to be treated like any human and I will do my part to fight for their rights because:

"All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing" 

As for me, I will not sit around and do nothing. I will use what I have to do something. Right now I have my chatterbox skills and my PC skills. For now that will have to do.
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Happy New Year 2014 From The Cortes Family ~ Chatterbox Chuck

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Their Pizza rocks. Their wings are good and their garlic break is also awesome. Definitely worth the extra cost over Little Caesars plus they deliver.
Food: ExcellentDecor: Very GoodService: Very Good
Public - 2 years ago
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It's typical, they usually got hot and ready pizzas hot and ready and the people are usually very nice. The food is pretty good for the price. I am actually tired of Pizza Hut, Dominos and Papa Johns. They changed their food too much and I dont like it much anymore so Little Caersars is our choice for the price.
Food: Very GoodDecor: GoodService: Very Good
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2 reviews