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I love life hacks like these. They are so awesome and so easy to do that you don't need to pay an extra $300 upgrade to your car to get it. And as a bonus, you get to eat the mints first.  :+D
It's always a good idea to keep the valuables in your car hidden from prying eyes. This simple DIY setup requires only an empty mint case and the bottom of an old mouse pad.
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Well, my first night has come and gone and I have to say it wasn't so bad. We only had a couple of customers but that may have a lot to do with most regular customers not knowing we were open passed midnight and the fact that it was a Sunday night and people were going to work the next day.

I was surprised to see how quickly time passed although the first couple of hours after midnight were boring but once we got into cleaning up and restocking the store it was 4:30 in the morning before we knew it. 

The only downside to this was that my 4 year old decided to wake up just after I got home and with everyone else asleep and him being very mischief in nature I couldn't risk going to sleep with him awake, not to mention I had to put cartoons on since he wouldn't go back to sleep and started complaining about the dark. I can't sleep with the TV on, its too distracting. So here I am, 6:20 in the morning, writing a post about my first overnight experience, a bit tired but still going, waiting for my wife to wake up so she can take over guard duty and watch little one while I catch those z's that are waiting for me.
Welcome To The Overnight Shift

Its gonna be an interesting night for me. Our store is going 24/7 today and I get to work the first overnight shift. Its not so bad considering I'm a night owl anyways. I spend most of my nights either playing PC games online or watching Netflix. Lately I have been going to bed at 5AM because the kids have been on Spring Break this week, there were no morning alarms to wake me up in the morning and since I already work at night and am not much of a morning person, it took several alarms on my smartphone to get me out of bed in the morning to get the kids to school.

While I may not be playing games or watching Netflix, I will be busy cleaning the store and listening to music. I'm definitely gonna need a lot of coffee until I get use to staying awake while working, not the same as being home relaxed. But it will be interesting to see life past 1AM in my area. I'll have my camcorder handy just in case and hope that the criminal element stays away.
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Sony's Got The Right Idea, But The Wrong Pricing

I already have cable at home, 250 channels, but the only reason I have it is because its the only way to get a good price on my Internet. Otherwise, oddly enough it would cost more by itself. But I rarely look at TV channels because if I wanna watch any recent episode of one of my shows of a rerun of my past favorite shows, that's why I have Netflix and Hulu Plus (not to mention other means). That's already close to $20 a month for a la cart TV shows and movies.

I tried Dish Networks new Sling TV service, the 7 day free trial, and I like the idea of having access to live TV online allowing me to watch it anywhere I go and not limited to only watching it from home. A Chromecast adaptation of this app would make it the ultimate cable cutter. But it is limited in channels even though $20 is a pretty good price point. I'm sure more channel will come but I hope they manage to keep the price low. Even $30 is not so bad if enough channels are added.

I also saw that Apple is coming out with a $30 streaming service as well. But like with all Apple products, its stuck in the Apple ecosystem and I am not an Apple fan for that. At least Sling TV works on Android, Windows and even on Roku.

But Sony's Vue service? They had me interested, right up to the pricing. $50 for $50 channels? Sure, the channel line up isn't so bad. I hate having 200 useless channels on my cable box that I have to surf through just to get to the channels I wanna see, but if I'm gonna eliminate those channels, I would like to have the price cut a bit too and I think Sony is gonna have to do that if it wants this service to survive. Not to mention that while its gonna have an iPad app it may need to consider an Android one as well, otherwise they just doing the same thing that Apple does, creating a closed ecosystem.

I am ready to drop my cable service. I have been for quite a while, but I am not waiting for a replacement service, I just want Internet service prices to drop and speed to go up. In the mean time I am stuck with cable for the best price. And for now Netflix and Hulu Plus will be my best TV Show friends.
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Who Didn't See This Coming

Often we see people complain when the US Gov't decided to want to regulate something they never had to regulate before. There are times when its necessary as its been proven that the private sector is incapable of managing things on their own. But sometimes the Gov't tends to take their role a bit too serious and end up doing more harm than good.

Take this story for example. A guy who happens to own a drone and likes posting videos on Youtube from the drone is now being targeted by by the FAA because, based on the new rules passed by the FAA, his video are infringing on the "commercial" part of the rules. Why? Technically they don't really know themselves and they are currently investigating why he even got the warning, but it stands to reason that it may have something to do with the fact that on Youtube there is ad revenue on videos thanks to Youtube ads and because of this his video is being seen as commercially making money.

So now posting drone recorded videos on Youtube is a no-no simply because of Youtube ads? Really? Now we don't have the freedom of sharing our own videos just because it was recorded on a device the FAA has rules on? 

I was in favor of the FCC ruling in favor of Net Neutrality and changing the Internet to title II, but I can't deny that when I see things like this from the FAA, I often wonder if we can trust the Gov't any more than we can the private sector. Both have one thing in common, control over those they serve. One side's sole purpose is to make as much money as possible regardless of how they do it and the others sole purpose is to gain more power. And we the people? We get screwed in the process one way or the other because we just sit back and accept, for some strange reason, that there is nothing we can do about either situation. At least we convince ourselves that we can't. 

And here I thought we were the greatest nation on the planet. The truth is we are the greatest illusion even performed. The greatest trick ever played. 
Thinking of posting that sweet drone footage online? You might want to be careful about it. The Federal Aviation Administration is telling at least one h
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Well, it seems I had been a bit of a naughty boy recently. I was approached by someone in management to speak to me about some of my social media posts and how they violated the companies social media policies. Leave it to me to be ignorant of the details of this policy but ignorance is not an excuse. So, I went ahead and removed these posts so I can avoid getting into deeper trouble.

A lesson to anyone. Make sure you are aware of any existing social media policies for the company you work for. Otherwise you could be facing some serious backlash and maybe even some punishment. I got lucky that the manager chose to not be so harsh on me although I an not entirely scot-free. The price I pay for not paying more attention. A lesson learnt.
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One of my favorite actors has passed but his legacy will live long and prosper. RIP Leonard Nimoy.
Rest in peace, Leonard Nimoy. See the photos, articles and tributes here:
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We'll miss you Spock, you added depth and meaning to a character we grew to love, admire and will always remember!
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Go switch your passwords. Last thing you want is someone taking over your streaming channel in the middle of a session or streaming bad videos under your name or losing your account all together.
The next time you log into Twitch you'll need to change your password. The streaming service published a notice today informing users that "there may have been unauthorized access to some Twitch...
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Welcome To The Overnight Shift

Its gonna be an interesting night for me. Our store is going 24/7 today and I get to work the first overnight shift. Its not so bad considering I'm a night owl anyways. I spend most of my nights either playing PC games online or watching Netflix. Lately I have been going to bed at 5AM because the kids have been on Spring Break this week, there were no morning alarms to wake me up in the morning and since I already work at night and am not much of a morning person, it took several alarms on my smartphone to get me out of bed in the morning to get the kids to school.

While I may not be playing games or watching Netflix, I will be busy cleaning the store and listening to music. I'm definitely gonna need a lot of coffee until I get use to staying awake while working, not the same as being home relaxed. But it will be interesting to see life past 1AM in my area. I'll have my camcorder handy just in case and hope that the criminal element stays away.
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WTF - A Watch Case?

OK, this is now going from ridiculous to stupid in a hot second. How the hell would need to buy a case for their smartwatch? Isn't the purpose of a case for, say a smartphone and a tablet, intended to protect it from your clumsy hands? You know like dropping it? So how does that work on a gadget that sits on your wrist all the time (except when charging)?

BTW, isn't the Apple Watch already pretty big for most people? How in the world can they put a case around it, while it has a button and a wheel, and not make it ridiculously bulky all while making it water and dust proof? This is like putting one of those clear cases on a GoPro camera. 

No way, there is no way this case will not make the Watch even bulkier than it already is and again I don't see the point beyond making it water proof. And why the hell would you need it water proof anyways? Its doesn't read depths anyways. Am I missing something here? Are third-party Apple accessory companies so use to making stuff for Apple products that somehow they feel compelled to have to make something this stupid in the hopes of taking advantage of the average ignorance of iSheep? Yes, iSheep, because on an iSheep would buy this.

I can see the dual charger being something cool, but this case? For a watch? You gotta be kidding me.
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Yup, a case to generally protect it from accidental bumps when you come across rushing passersby
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Odd Things I Noticed About The Apple Watch Few Have Mentioned

I'll be honest and say I am not much of an Apple fan. I own an iPod Tough 1st gen (with a cracked screen) and an iPod Shuffle 2nd gen and I like both of them, they both work and are perfect for listening to my personal collection of music when Internet is lacking. But I have never owned any other Apple product and with good reason.

I don't like Apple's closed ecosystem, their products are overpriced and quite frankly there is nothing I can't do on Android, Windows or even Linux that I could with an Apple product and there are things I can do that most Apple products can't (if you need examples then you are definitely and iSheep).

Still, even with all of that I look forward to Apple's yearly events and new or upgraded products. Why? Isn't it obvious? Competition. Every time Apple puts out something innovative (sadly a rare thing these days for Apple) or better than current versions it pushes the competition to one-up them by making it better (like Apple does these days) and cheaper. Then Apple goes and does the same and the cycle continues and thus we consumers end up with really cool stuff at faster paces.

While competition is great for us consumers, I have noticed that fanboyism has become a disease, specially for Apple fanboys, or as some call them iSheep. Why I say this? Well, take a look at Apples newest toy, the Watch. From my perspective its a beautiful gadget that pretty much does the same thing as any other smartwatch currently out there. In other words the Apple Watch is no more innovative than any other smartwatch. Sure its got these interesting features that Android Wear or Tizen watches current don't have but it's nothing that can't be added with a simple software update or new app and the whole crown thing is, to me, a backwards step considering this is Apple we are talking about, specially after announcing a, built from the ground up new MacBook with a single port for everything.

But I did notice somethings about this Watch that surprisingly very few have either mentioned or even complained about. 

1) That's one big bezel

I find it interesting that with all the slack the Moto 360 and LG G Watch R got about that small bezel at the bottom for notification lights making these watch screens not as round as the watches are and how the thin bezels and huge screen real estate on the latest few iPhone versions was such a big deal, the Apple Watch seems to have gotten away with having a huge bezel and small real estate regardless of the 2 sizes offered. The bezel is so big that, compared to the Moto 360 (as reported on this website the sizes are similar but the screen real estate is a huge difference. 

BTW, did you notice how the left image hides the bezels so well while the middle one is so clear and the Moto 360 is nearly edge to edge real estate. And here I thought Apple put a lot of pride in making better products.

2) A wheel and 2 button combo?

Its bad enough Apple chose a square over a round shape knowing that is what made the Moto 360 and LG G Watch R so popular but to add not one but two buttons, one with a wheel on it? That doesn't seem innovative to me, specially from Apple who prides itself it making minimalist designs on their products. Take the new MacBook, as I mentioned above, with just one port for everything and the iPhone and iPad with a single home button plus volume rockers. I was shocked to see that with such a small design that Apple choose to put 2 buttons and on top of that add a wheel to one. Considering Apples approach to the Watch's battery life is to use it as little as possible, Glances at they called it, it seems that using the wheel kinda adds to the time used by searching for apps, apps which should be living on the phone, not the watch. Seriously, why do I want to use a smartwatch to check music with Shazam when I would prefer the large screen of the phone for more details? Kinda goes against the point of the iPhone 6 Plus, the larger screen.

3) So Now You Wanna Leave Your Phone In Your Pocket?

I find it funny that everyone can't talk enough about how big the iPhone 6 Plus screen is, how much more screen real estate you have, how much better videos and pictures look and how many more apps you can have on the screen. Then there's all the awesomeness of using the phone to pay for stuff with Apple pay or using it to open hotel room doors or using it as a airplane boarding pass, browse the Internet, listen to music and more. All kinds of things that require you to actually have the phone in your hands and even more enticing you to use it as often as possible. 

Its funny because after all of that here we are talking about Apples latest gadget which is the total opposite of the iPhone. A device that's soul purpose is to keep from having to use the phone as little as possible if at all. You can make and take calls, use home automation features, use Apple Pay, view emails and text msgs and even respond back, control music players and even, amazing, tell time, all on a tiny screen which is even smaller than the face of the watch itself. All things you could do (and still can do) before with your phone, on a bigger screen.

Is it just me or is bigger not a thing anymore thanks to the Apple Watch but smaller than the competition is also better? 

I have to agree that smartwatches today are still lacking in features, things it can do that either don't require a phone to do it or can't be done with a phone better or at all . The Apple Watch failed to change this and doesn't really add anything new or innovative either. But we can expect the typical fanboys to not care and drop a ton of money to get them just because its an Apple product. The way I see it its more competition which means better 2nd gen products.
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Apple Fanboy's Failed Attempt To Make An Excuse To Avoid The new Pebble Time

You gotta love fanboyism. Its a thing that some people just can't avoid even when they try their best to be "fair and balanced" rather than being honest and just admitting they are biased.

Here we have this fellow, a former editorial director of Macworld and founder of, both dedicated Apple websites with a hint of "other technology". Or, as some online would call him, an Apple Fanboy. Its pretty obvious, specially after this post he made, ironically, Macworld where he makes an excuse as to why he won't be getting the new Pebble Time smartwatch even though he is an owner of the previous version of The Pebble, a watch that "he likes".

His excuse? That the original pebble has a buggy experience when it comes to Apple's iOS software on the iPhones, his smartphone of choice. Now, to be fair, I can understand if a smartwatch has compatibility issues with a smartphone when its not really supposed to lowering your expectations and thus you can't see yourself shelling out more money for the 2nd gen version of this smartwatch.

But when you then point out that even if the smartwatch didn't have this buggy experience, that it worked "seamlessly" with the smartphone but you're not gonna get the 2nd gen anyways because the smartphone it works with is gonna get its own version of a smartwatch that will be designed to specifically work with this smartphone  then it only proves that its not really the buggy experience that has you looking towards the other smartwatch but the fact that its from the same company as your smartphone, the same company you write reviews about and have worked on one website dedicated to it and started a new one, also dedicated to that it.

Lets be honest here. It doesn't matter if the Apple Watch has to be charged twice a day forcing owners to take it off at odd hours of the day to recharge it to get any kind of decent use out of it. It doesn't matter if the OS style is more annoying than useful. It doesn't matter that some of the earlier announced health features were scrapped thus making it less useful and it doesnt even matter if the watch will cost more than any other smartwatch on the market. In the end Apple fanboys will, as usual, line up in tents days before at their local Apple stores waiting in anticipation for the "revolutionary", overpriced, underwhelming new Apple product that, according to Tim Cook, he can't live without and thus every Apple fanboy will have to have one.

At least I'm not afraid to admit I prefer Android and Windows over Apple products. I love my Nexus phone, my Windows PC and my Chromecast and look forward to 2nd gen versions of current Android watches or even the new Pebble Time. Why? Because I won't have to worry about being stuck in a single ecosystem.
One reason, and it rhymes with Mapple Schmatch.
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Looks Like A Major Change Is In My Future

Change is not unusual in my life. When I was 8 my parents moved from New Jersey to Puerto Rico and then I moved back to the States at 16, to Florida. Ever since I met my wife and started living together moving from one apartment to another once a year became a ritual and at one point we moved to Puerto Rico with the kids for a couple of years before we came back to the Florida again. Change has always been a part of my life and it looks like its gonna happen once again.

Times have been tough these past few years, mainly this past year. I lost my 7 year job at Cemex in 2013 and then lost my "legal assistant in training" job 9 months after I started at a law firm 3 months after I lost the previous job. Now here I am , nearly a year later, working at a gas station for slightly more than I was making back in 1995 when I worked for KFC. Both my wife and me barely getting 35 hours a week at less than $10 an hour while getting Gov't assistance, food stamps, which we just lost because apparently we had a revision appointment of which we didn't get a letter for and since we apparently missed the appointment the Gov't, the one thing they actually do quickly, canceled our assistance and thus we are left $250 short of money for food this month and now we play the waiting game to see when they approve us again because they are quick to cancel the services but extremely slow to reinstate it.

So, where does that leave us? Screwed in a way. Now we have to struggle even more to make it through this month and likely the next. But, its either that or give up and just give in to the difficulties of life. Well, I can't give in, I have 3 kids who still depend on me and thus I must move forward, which brings me to the point of this post.

To quote part of a famous phrase "Change Is Coming". Yes while we have made many changes in the past it seems that every so often one major change is necessary and that time is fast approaching. Living in  West Palm Beach for the past 9 years hasn't panned out for us. Going from $15 an hour to less than $10 with no hope in sight for a better paying job means we will have to reconsider moving back south, likely back to Miami but possibly Fort Lauderdale. It really depends on whether I can find a better paying job down south or not. Plus I have to take into account that my son has one more year before he graduates from high school and I would hate to put him through what I went through the last 3 years of high school where I went to 3 different schools and thus never got to make an real friends. 

But, that's likely the huge change to come. I had hoped to avoid having to move back to Miami but it seems like the only real option. Not only do we know the area but most of my wife's family lives down there thus making the transition easier for us. For now this is all just planning for the worse. Its not a solid decision. While my son finishes high school I will continue to search for better opportunities. I was offered a manager position at my current job but the level of responsibility that comes with the job does not justify the small wage raise I would get. I won't take the responsibility of an entire store plus its employees for a mere $10 an hour. Its just too much responsibility and the company tends to have a "shoot first, ask questions later" kind of way of tackling problems at our branch stores. 

Well, I guess I have about a year and a half to plan for the possible move, lets see what happens between here and there. Maybe I'll win the lotto, you never know.
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Praying for your blessings dude, you and yours deserve them. 
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Their Pizza rocks. Their wings are good and their garlic break is also awesome. Definitely worth the extra cost over Little Caesars plus they deliver.
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