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The Road To Change, Are You Up For A Real Challenge? That's Why I Did Vote For Bernie Sanders And Will Again

adjective to new behavior or opinions and willing to discard traditional values.

Sometimes one has to share the description of a word in order for people to get the real meaning in a world where words often get new “street” meanings depending on the culture at the time.

I’ve never been very specific as to how exactly I describe myself when it comes to politics. I use to consider myself a Republican once but I learned my lesson, the hard way, and realized that the Democrats have more in common with my beliefs. But Republican and Democrat is a very vague description, it only implies that I either believe in more Gov’t or less Gov’t, in more taxes or less taxes, etc. The truth is if I was to be more specific liberal would be the best way to describe myself. 

I use to think of myself as a conservative. I was very fond of the idea of maintaining tradition and such but I eventually realized that for as much as I enjoyed tradition I also liked changing things, creating my own traditions thus kinda contradicting the point of being a conservative. I liked trying new things, transforming the traditional into a new style, a new form while maintaining the feel the original tradition gave me. But in the end I liked change because I tend to get bored with repetition. And thus liberalism is more suited to my desires. 

But If there’s one thing I learned in life is that change isn’t always easy. It’s not easily accepted by the average person even when it’s necessary, unavoidable or even when it’s wanted, ironically. However as a “liberal” animated rat once told his dad “Change is nature, Dad. The part that we can influence. And it starts when we decide” Ratatouille. It’s unnatural for mankind to just sit there and accept that there is nothing that can be done. If this were true people like George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr, Rosa Parks and even Malala Yousafzai would not have bothered to sacrifice themselves and their beliefs to bring about change.

It’s OK to want to make things easy. I myself strive to make everything I can easier to do. I see no reason for something to be difficult if it can be done easier. It saves time, energy and makes things more enjoyable and convenient. It’s easier for me to buy pre-made frozen burgers than it is to buy the ground beef and shape them myself even if there a good chance the homemade ones might taste better. But sometimes easy is not always better. There are some things in life we have to do the hard way in order to achieve them but the good thing about it is the feeling you get knowing all that hard work paid off. One thing in life that is not easy to change is life itself. It easy to get comfortable and feel there isn’t any need to change what is (the status quo) or even accept that you may not be able to change it, so why bother. But in that thought lies the very reason why one must not always accept what seems to be a limitation. 
This is why although Bernie Sander’s future for the US seems to be more like a fantasy, like a pipe dream, I can’t dismiss the fact that the only reason these ideals seem to be unattainable is because the people of this nation have grown to believe it’s not possible to change the current status quo which is in itself an odd concept considering we have, what was once believed to be impossible to do, a Black President. It was because of the belief that change was needed and possible this nation even exist; from the day the first settlers came to this land, to the time when we fought the Civil War, to the days of Civil Rights Movement and even the formation of the Tea Party, the Occupy Wall Street and Black Lives Matter groups. It has all been about one thing above all else, to bring change to a system that was corrupt and lawless and needed to be changed even when it seemed impossible to do.

If so much of our history is about change, change for the better, change that was not easy, that took a lot of belief, a lot of sacrifice and sometimes it took our very lives to accomplish them, why would anyone believe that just because the road will be difficult, the people we will work with difficult and the system we aim to change difficult, that we should just not try? I refuse to believe that I have to live in a world where the dreams I wish to become reality through the leadership of Bernie Sanders can never be just because people are more concerned with the now, with accepting what can be achieved at this moment rather than take a chance and try to achieve a better future right from the start.

I refuse to believe that the only way for us to achieve a future where corruption does not exist, where equality is the standard and where our options for the next leader of the free world is not the lesser of two evils is to sit back and hope that someday it will all fix itself. As a Catholic there is a saying I firmly believe in “God helps those who help themselves”. My own life experiences have taught me that only after I have made the effort to try have I been able to succeed in the things I wanted to achieve. That sitting there waiting for a “miracle” to just happen was not how my life was driven.

That’s why although the future I dream of, the future Bernie Sanders claims we can achieve together seems futile, it’s a future I will not give up on just because the road ahead will be hard, just because the Republicans will try to obstruct my path every step of the way, just because we have been convinced that there is no other way, just because I may be afraid to lay my life and beliefs on the line to achieve my goals. For as long as my faith is strong, for as long as an option exist, I will continue to fight for what’s right for this nation and will refuse to settle for what’s convenient, easier and safer.

If necessary, a vote for Hillary Clinton is not out of the question. Hillary as President is 100 times more appealing than any Republican, even Kasich. The first Madam President, first First Gentleman, a strong leader and a powerful one. She may have her downsides which is why I am not currently siding with her, but her downsides pale in comparison to every Republican formerly and currently running and even some who potentially could still run, even at this time. But as long as Sanders remains in the race I will continue to cheer for him because my hope is that he does become the nominee and he does become our next President. There is a chance he may not be able to accomplish all he promised but I will be satisfied with him trying and at least get us started for I don’t expect this level of change to happen overnight or even in 4 to 8 years, but I do expect it to happen and it’s up to us to make it happen and it starts with President Sanders. Don’t give up on him just because it seems hard to believe he could still win. In the end, we still have Hillary Clinton, not my first choice but still a better choice than any Republican. And let’s not forget that the power that has given rise to the Sanders machine is a power that can still move the Clinton machine in the direction we want because last I checked Clinton would still work for the people and we are the ones with the power.
I am a 22-year-old Democrat living in New York City. I work in a creative industry that pays a low salary. I am socially…
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Well my greatest fear has been realized. We have till the end of the month to move out. The property was sold and the new owner wants us out in 15 days. Wish I could say I didn't see it coming but I definitely didn't think I was gonna happen this fast. Figured I had a bit more time but now we screwed. Not sure how I'm gonna come up with enough money to move out or find a place in such short notice that we can afford but I have little choice. I could use a miracle right about now so for those who pray please send some our way, those who don't please wish us luck. I'll take anything that can help us now.
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Just when you think you're out of the woods you realize you couldn't see the forest from the trees.

Man, today could potentially be a really bad day for me and my family. Anyone got a spare miracle I can borrow? I just might need one.
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Ho... ly... shit

The man, the legend, the greatest prank maker ever is back and this time, he's not Rick Rolling anyone. 

This song is beyond amazing. Not sure if he turned to gospel or if the song just happens to have a gospel note to it but all I can say is that I found my new favorite song. This guy's still got it. Welcome back Rick Astley. We missed you big time.
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One thing I can give Trump props for, the man continuously shocks me every time he opens his mouth. I try to imagine him in front of a mirror pumping himself up for his next speech or interview but I am now convinced that he literally flies by the seat of his pants and just says what somehow makes sense to him on a whim. Not even sure I can say he makes it up as he goes along but more like someone who is thinking 10 thousand things at the same time except he's not saying these things in his mind but more with his voice.

If anything he is sounding more and more like Sarah Palin which makes sense why she is part of his campaign and why she sometimes speaks for him. They will eventually sound indistinguishable. 
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You Forced My Hand

I wanted to believe, I wanted to believe that there was actually a chance to make things right, to start a revolution, to make a real difference in this nation for once. But it's a waste of time. All I see is sheer stupidity left and right. The people of this nation don't really care about making things better. All there is is greed, selfishness and ignorance. We have the idiots who are voting for Trump because they actually believe he's what this nation needs to be better. They want racism to be legal again, they want the Constitution to only apply to White people. Ban Hispanics, ban Muslims, a nation only for Whites except even they don't know what constitutes being White.

Then we have Cruz supporters who think God should make the decisions for everyone, but it's not really God, it's them using their own interpretation of what God wants. They want to kill or incarcerate gays, they want to kick out immigrants, legal or not and they want the bible to be the law of the land, hypocrisy considering how much criticism they give to Islam and the countries ruled by this religion.

And then there's Hillary supporters who's only reasons for voting is because they are either Black and still love Bill Clinton even though he fucked them over, poor Hispanics because they are mostly ignorant and wanting free stuff or women because they wanna see a woman become President even if she's not qualified for the job. Nothing but selfishness across the board as they ignore her ties to the very corporations who destroyed the economy we seem to be enjoying the past decade.

But my favorite ones are Bernie supporters, the dumb ones who do nothing but cry, bitch and moan online while they do little actual effort to make a real difference. They are not even expected to survive if Sanders is not nominated. They will just disappear back into their lame lives and all this fight for what's right will choke and the bern will be felt no more.

I'm tired of the sheer stupidity displayed by Americans. We don't deserve a President like Bernie or even one better than him. This nations culture is built on selfishness, ignorance and down right stupidity. That's why I've decided to cast my vote for Trump in November if he is the nominee because that is what we deserve, the worst this nation can offer in 2016. We deserve to be taught a lesson and only a Trump Presidency can do that.

Call me a traitor, a betrayer or even an idiot, it doesn't matter. You earned it. I hope he wins. This will be to me our own manmade 40 days and 40 nights of rain and only the White Ark will survive.

Here's to your own earned demise America. May it hurt like a bitch and may you learn your lesson by 2020.
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Can Your iOS Do That?

There's one thing I love about Android (over iOS) is that besides having an immense list of phone options it can also be modified to to a ton of things iOS users can only dream of. 

Now, we have a desktop version of Android, one that looks, acts and works like Windows while still maintaining it's touchscreen abilities. It's kinda like ChromeOS but 10 times better and it can be installed in almost any PC. Wish I had a space PC lying around, would be great to use it. 

As for the future of Nexus tablets? This would be the equivalent of the Windows Surface Pro tablets or even a Windows 10 phone that works as a desktop.Oh the future looks so bright. Can't wait.
Remix OS has quickly gained a well-deserved cult following, thanks to its clever way of taking the Android OS and making it work a little bit more like a desktop OS. It offers proper windows, a...
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That Dreaded Phone Call I Have Gotten Too Use To Getting

I hate it when I'm right about predicting bad news, and that tends to happen far too often. This one didn't surprise me though, I saw it coming a mile away. 

I finally got that dreaded call I knew was coming sooner or later. My temp agency got an email from the current job I was at stating they decided not to continue with the contract. They claimed they liked me and I was a good worker but they just couldn't justify a full time position for me. Considering I was struggling to keep busy there I figured it would eventually catch up with me. 

Normally I would be upset. This is the third time I get this call. They must have thought about it hard before deciding, I usually get it the sane last Friday. This time it was Sunday. The sad part about it is that I liked the place. The people were cool and the work was easy. Had they hired me the pay may have been nice. compared to what I was getting from the agency. Another sad thing is that I quit my part time night job because I was made to believe I would be hired. I wanted to leave that job anyways because it was killing me both physically and mentally. But, sucks that now I am completely jobless. The worst part is that I had one more week to go to complete the contract and after that I could have been hired by them. I waited for so long for this day with the anticipation that I would be hired and just two weeks before it could have potentially happened and after I quite my night job I started seeing the signs that I was not gonna get the job.

I feel I wanna be upset and depressed like I was the first two times but having had this happen twice already, being made to believe I was gonna be hired, plus being aware of the change of heart for some reason, I am not, well, not entirely. I am upset and concerned because I still have bills to pay, a rent due in a few weeks, my sons high school prom coming in the next and we are a family of 5 and we gonna need food. We'll do what we always do, hope fro the best.

My agency is already lining up a new job. Hopefully I won't have to wait long to start. Its just that every hour, every day, every week I am off is money I am not making and money that I need to make it to through next week. I hate being in this position. It sucks big time. No backup plans, no potential salvation. Man I could use a miracle right about now.
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Are Democrat Voters Turning Into Trump-like Supporters?

Ironically enough my post is not so much about the story linked below. It's great to see the system did what it was supposed to do, see the error, analyze it, find a solution and fix the problem. What disturbs me is the comments on articles like these. I would expect the hoards of Republicans pouncing on stories like these, mainly Trump supporters who seem to love to find excuses to spout their nauseating anti American Pride rhetoric (which they don't even seem to notice they do) but it's the Democrats, mainly Hillary supporters in this case who are turning to Trump supporter tactics to justify their ridiculous logic and that is so sad.

Bernie did nothing wrong, he broke no rules and did not do anything other Democrats haven't done before, including, amazingly enough Hillary herself. Sander's paperwork required to be included in the DC 
ballot was provided on time but Democratic Party officials, purposely in my opinion, failed to submit the paperwork before the deadline this screwing Sanders out of his earned chance to be on the DC ballot. Thankfully clearer heads prevailed and, unlike everyone on the media and the Clinton campaign who have been playing off Sander's campaign as futile, they decided to allow him on the ballot after all because they accept he's a legitimate candidate and the American people deserve a chance to vote for him.

But some, rather than feel that it was the right thing to do, you know, because had this been a Republican issue, Democrats would have been bashing them for more voter restrictions acts, they instead have decided to use Republican tactics to justify keeping Sanders off the ballot with complaints such as:

"So you can bribe your way onto the ballot in DC. That figures, perfectly."

"Sanders! LMFAO!!! Get real folks. This nitwit is pathetic."

Basically Hillary supporters are so afraid of Sanders that they are using the fact that he paid the $2500 fee to be included on the DC ballot, a legitimate option used by other Democrats in the past, rather than submit the 1000 signatures require to achieve the same result, another option to be put on the ballot. Except that Hillary did both, get the 1000 signature and pay the $2500. 

I seems hypocritical to me to ignorantly claim a candidate is buying his way into a ballot while their candidate of choice did the same even though they also got signatures, something Sanders obviously could have done without breaking a sweat.

I am disturbed by Hillary supporters he are resorting to Republican tactics to defeat Sanders. I don't deny American's rights to pick the candidate that best fulfills their political needs, but hows about we Democrats at least have the decency to not lower ourselves to Republican standards and let the candidates fight it out legitimately rather than use excuses to exclude or deny a legitimate candidate from participating just because you are now afraid of him whereas once you simply ignored or dismissed him.

As Democrats we are supposed to be proving we are better than Republicans by showing we want to do things the right way, especially during a time where Americans are demanding the status quo to be changed. By using Republican tactics to suppress legitimate candidates is basically rooting for politics as usual and we are supposed to be better than that. If you fear Sanders why not try harder to fight for Hillary rather than cheat your way to victory, a trick you ironically are using to accuse Sanders of doing just that.
Democratic officials failed to meet a deadline to certify Sanders’s candidacy, so the city council passed a measure to fix the problem.
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So far so good, lets keep it going.
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I spend a lot of time reading up on the latest and greatest in tech, watching many podcasts and Youtube channels that talk about tech. I am also a gamer, mainly a PC gamer and my current passion is the Call Of Duty series and Left 4 Dead 2 (with Titanfall being my next passion).

I have my religious beliefs but am not blinded by the misguided views of some Christian extremist who on the one hand say God loves everyone but on the other they promote hatred towards other people, mainly LGBT and in some cases as in the past Hispanics and Blacks. I may not be gay but I have plenty of family and friends who are and I care about them. I believe in their rights to be treated like any human and I will do my part to fight for their rights because:

"All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing" 

As for me, I will not sit around and do nothing. I will use what I have to do something. Right now I have my chatterbox skills and my PC skills. For now that will have to do.
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My experience at Enterprise Rent-A-Car was great. As soon as I walked in I was greeted accordingly and helped in a timely manner. Julien the person who took care of my rental was very polite and made sure that we understood everything that I was going to sign. I will continue to go and get my rental from the location again.
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Their Pizza rocks. Their wings are good and their garlic break is also awesome. Definitely worth the extra cost over Little Caesars plus they deliver.
Food: ExcellentDecor: Very GoodService: Very Good
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It's typical, they usually got hot and ready pizzas hot and ready and the people are usually very nice. The food is pretty good for the price. I am actually tired of Pizza Hut, Dominos and Papa Johns. They changed their food too much and I dont like it much anymore so Little Caersars is our choice for the price.
Food: Very GoodDecor: GoodService: Very Good
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