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My head is still spinning.

Last night I received the surprise of my life.
I thought I was co-hosting an episode of PhotoKarma, but little did I know what my G+ family had in store for me.

(trying to gather composure)

I was surprised with a gift.
But it's so much more than a gift to me.
It was the most unreal night of warmth and love from a community that came together because of my scavenger hunt.

You see, I have a very crappy computer. And I regularly fall out of hangouts or get the dreaded PC blue screen of death on a daily basis. It's been a running joke and I call it my 1974 Buick computer that is run by hamster power... and the hamsters often get upset. I knew I had to replace it sometime in my future, but it was going to take time to save up for it.

Last night I was given a 27 inch iMac thru donations done in secret from my scavenger hunters who wanted to say "thanks" for creating and running the hunt.


Owning a mac is something of a pipe dream for me. Just not realistic. But I'm going to have one. Today. squeal

I have no idea how to start to say thank you to everyone.

+LaDonna Pride, who I met during my very first hunt, and became attached to her because she entered underwater photos while on a scuba diving trip. Something that is a huge dream of mine, so it gave me a reason to get to know her a little more than I normally do. I quickly came to realize she was one of the most genuine, thoughtful, fun-loving women I had ever had the pleasure to spend time with. She is warm and beautiful and kind and now I know, quite the little sneak! I am so proud to call you my friend. I am lucky to know you. I am beyond thankful for what you started for me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You will never quite understand just how much this means to me.

+Jake Johnson... again, I met Jake during the first hunt. His photography blew me away and I stalked his profile often. But it wasn't until he showed up in my inbox after the hunt was finished with an offer of a print he wanted to send me as a thank you that I got to know the man he truly is. I received the print (an amazing landscape that proudly hangs in my house) not even a week later and we started a friendship thru emails as well as comments on G+. Jake is warm, incredibly thoughtful, a concerned friend who has supported me thru some of my hardest times. He is quick with a smile, always offers amazing advice, whether about something photography related or just basic real life things and recently has made me laugh till my sides hurt during hangouts. Jake, you are one of my favourite people in the world and you are a very dear friend. Thank you for not only being a huge part of this, but for also gifting people with prints to those who gave large donations for me. I am shocked... no... you know what? I'm not, it's just the kind of guy you are. Thank you. Truly.

+Erika Thornes ... GIRL! I have been a fan of your photography for ages. When i saw you had signed up for the March scavenger hunt, I literally squealed at the thought of what you would bring to the table, and man alive did you BRING IT. Your giggle gets me every time, you are a true bright light and such an incredibly beautiful person, and I always go to such a happy place when I'm in your company. I cannot BELIEVE the amount of work you put into this handling the donations and even purchasing and shipping the computer. I cannot wait to grow our friendship even more.

+Jacob Lucas. You entered the hung with a huge bang... only 5 pictures, but 5 of my personal favourites... (mostly your night lights shot.) I have only recently gotten to know you a little better in hangouts and I am so excited to get to know you more. I am incredibly grateful to have you as a friend. I cannot believe what you did by giving prints to people who donated and by getting +Brian Matiash involved. Thank you, truly. Huge. And with that, Brian, once again... wow. You have supported the hunt for a long time and have always been so encouraging. Thank you for once again going above and beyond what anyone expects. You're truly a wonderful guy.

+Renee Vilneff was I over the moon to see your beautiful face last night on the show. You big sneaky liar! Renee is an "in real life" friend of mine, who is hilarious and wonderful and her smile can light up a room. I was SO happy that you signed up to play in the hunt, that you're becoming a great part of my G+ life and that you are growing as a photographer a crazy amount. It's awesome to watch. Thank you for everything you did in this crazy project.

+Paul Howard I LOVE that you had a part in this! My neighbour to the south that hopefully I will soon meet IRL. Thank you so much for your help to "keep the ball rolling". You have become on of my favourite people on here.

And then +Alan Shapiro. You are the reason the hunt became real. You became my friend, then my teacher and my mentor and I discovered what an incredible man you are. You are the most generous person I have ever known; your dedication to teaching and helping and inspiring people never ceases to amaze me. You make me laugh, you give me confidence and you often kick my arse, which is exactly what I need 99% of the time. I adore you. You really are my very best friend. And I still cannot believe you kept this from me!!!

I know there were a lot of you involved in making this happen. To every single one of you who donated... I'll never get over your generosity.

I started the hunt because I love photography... the hunt became more to me after I witnessed what an incredible group of people I had around me. I now do the hunt for so many reasons: to give people a reason to take out their camera, to push people into trying things they normally wouldn't even think about, to challenge people, to show people thru your peers just what amazing things you can do with your camera and a single idea, to give people an audience, to give people support and encouragement... and to build a safe playground where everyone is included, is respected and is encouraged to discover just what G+ is. But mostly, it's to bring you amazing people together, to give you something in common to base friendships on. Watching you all come together, watching your threads and seeing you all build relationships... it delights me. It gives me chills.

I never saw this coming. I never expected anything like this. I do it because I REALLY love it and I love you. I can't describe how this feels. I can't. I still don't think I really realize wth you all did.

thank you.
a kajillion.

Oh... and if anyone needs a pet hamster, I have some old ones up for sale.
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I woke up with a huge grin on my face from last night +Chrysta Rae!! So happy for you, and I feel blessed to be a part of this amazing G+ community.
One of the great nights in "TV" -- And to all those who pulled this off, you made a lot of us happy too.
I can't express how thrilled I am to have been a part of this! Seeing your reaction in the hangout was priceless, and this thank you post is just the kindest, warmest response. There could not be a more deserving person than you, +Chrysta Rae!
We love you. You've brought us all together...
Awwwwwwwwwwwww this is so sweet. I am just happy that you are happy!! Because that is the only thing we all wanted. Oh, I am also happy that you said about 5 times yesterday: "Did you guys get me a Computer??" .... Gawd... Yes we Did!!! 27" of loveliness!! Muah!!!

Is preparing his smack talk for the next hunt
Oh wow! That is so incredibly awesome! I am thrilled for you and what an amazing community indeed! I wish I had known about this. I totally would have kicked in to the effort. Everything Alan said about you in the hangout is true true true. And yay mac!!! :D
Plus One Bajillion. I spent my morning in happy tears watching the recordings. Your Hunters luv ya. Sooooo glad we pulled off such a huge secret and relieved that we can talk about it now. OOO Fed Ex!
BTW, I so need an old hamster. One that my kids can play with that won't live 4 years... but, sadly, I don't think you can transport through customs easily. I do hope your new computer comes soon. It has been a wonderful distraction getting this all set up for you. I was just the accountant/secretary. It is the 100+ contributors that are the true heroes, well, along with you!
Are you serious +Chrysta Rae or you just playing now?? Dont go exciting me again if it's not the time!!!
That Fed Ex delivery guy is gonna be smiling after he pulls away....
she really seems to be at the door for FedEx, huh?
*taps on desk impatiently*
I wasn't part of this, but I would have gladly given.
Chrysta you are truly amazing and an inspiration to all of us. We are all happy for you and you deserve every wonderful thing that comes your way.
HAHA I feel like it's the scavenger hunt and we are all waiting for the winner reveal... LOL
I almost chased him
"i'm over here!!!!!!!!"
Ps. I have the same Mac you are getting. Mine came as a difficult gift. My mom always wanted me to have a really nice computer but it was not till her passing that there was some side money to make it happen. (Somehow there is always a greater need for that much money for other things. My last camera and macro lens came out of that same "gift." I often think how much my mom wanted me to have that computer....she was not a woman of means, and now I think of the generosity that came my way even through her love - beyond life. I bet this computer will be kind of like that. A constant reminder of the many who care deeply for you.
I was out all day yesterday, so I just listened to the whole hour show and even watched some too when my boss wasn't looking. It made weep at my desk. You deserved everything +Chrysta Rae - thank you so much - I can't wait to do more hunts with you!
question is, are ya still cryin? lol
I have a "smaller" Mac, and have LOVED it for the past 4 years. I"m craving the one you are getting! My husband has been through like 3 PCs in the same time win!
you should have seen me writing this.
Did you guys get me a computer? -
Me at the other side of the screen Gawd, yes we did!!

Funniest. Moment. Ever.
And this kids, is the rarely seen good side of "what goes around comes around." You rock, +Chrysta Rae.

Bonus if when the UPS guy gets there you say "You.. you.. you brought me a new computer?"
I so did not know what was happening. And when I THOUGHT I knew, I still didnt want to ask because if I said "you bought me a computer?" and you didnt... i woulda felt like an ass
+Chrysta Rae we were joking that the recording should be a drinking game. Every time you say "What?" one shot, every time you say "You guys bought me a computer?" two shots... who thought of that?? Shoot I can't remember now.. but she is right. We should all have a drinking hangout one night and watch the video hehe
I kind of stumbled upon the show last night just in time to see the big reveal and I'm so happy I got to witness it. Truly a wonderful moment in G+ history!

I haven't tried the scavenger hunt because I don't shoot enough but I'm certainly tempted by watching all the great photos and the enjoyment everyone seems to get out of doing it.

Not being in the hunt I am still getting tremendous value from it so you are not only inspiring those that join the hunt but potentially thousands that enjoy watching it as well.

You truly deserve the great things that are happening and I am proud to be part of this amazing G+ photography community. Your scavengers are awesome and perhaps I'll one day be one too :) Keep being awesome Chrysta!
We are thrilled that we could surprise you. The surprise on your face was priceless.
+Julie Jamieson if that was the case... half way through the video... we would all be half drunk.... then the hangout would have gotten really interesting!! #justsaying
gawd, thank you everyone! wow it just doesnt stop! I'm going to go into a happiness coma.
+Chrysta Rae I was getting so much anxiety over the reveals, and then, your computer crashing while I was waiting. It seriously made me sick to my stomach with nerves/anxiety that I HAD to do something to help. It was either offer up my PP as a dumping ground, or pay for a psychologist to deal with my nerves. Figured it was cheaper/easier to just help you. So, my impatience is a good thing?
Coma AFTER UPS need to sign the thingy!
My granny used to say that the glare from a 27" iMac is very good for your complexion. It was the secret to her youthful good looks. :)
I have my pen in my special holding spot.
+Keith Johnston What would we do without your wit? :-) Coma only after the out of the box experience.
+Dave Veffer, I don't take many pictures, or at least I didn't until getting a chance to participate in the March hunt. But the positive feedback I've received here has had me out with my camera so much more often.

You should sign up!

I can't say enough about what a great experience it is!
i love that we all still haven't come down from the high of the reveal yesterday. Someone needs to put a fire under the UPS guy's ass so he gets there sooner!
It's true, +Kevin J. Chen, but she drives the big rigs, not the door-to-door cube vans. Those are for sissies, she says.
Ugg. when is that UPS truck going to arrive???? Seriously?
+Chrysta Rae - Definitely the best experience I've had here.. and just think... G+ hasn't even been around a year.. just think of what's possible!! (BTW, I told the UPS guy to drive around your block a dozen times or so just to drive you crazy).. :)
Is it there yet?

Is it there yet?

Is it there yet?


How about now??
Can I just tell all of you how last night was in my top 5 favorite feel good moments of all time. I'm going on just 3 hours sleep because the last thing I wanted was to have last night end. The thing about all this is that I got to see my very best friend in the world have her head explode because a bunch of amazing people see all the wonderful stuff about this lady that I do. (That along the way, I got to know a bunch of even more extra special people was a bonus and confirmed the power of having a shared passion and surrounding yourself with likeminded people to create a community family that cares about, supports and loves their own. Magic happened last night and I for one want it to last forever.
every car that drives by I jump up to look. exercise!
Apparently, some recently out of work hamsters also went and got jobs at Fedex. This economy is rough on all species.
Is it there yet?

Swee Oh
This is why I love the G+ community! So happy for you! :)
You just so deserve that! And it was great to sit drinking my first cup of coffee this morning, watching Photokarma. Hey, only 3 hours later than live! :) Your reaction was priceless, precious and poignant!
+Alan Shapiro - Yes.. Yes you can tell us how it was one of your favorite feel good moments of all time... I'm glad that even I am included in that "special people" group. ;)
+Chrysta Rae - Does the tracking number show the package "on truck for delivery" or "being played with by UPS employees because it's such a fantastic computer"??? ;)
So, do you think sending pictures of the drinks on fire will get the truck moving faster, or Gross?? My fear is if either are sent to UPS the truck might not stop....
<-- starts handing out the Depends
I think one of your hamsters got into my video feed last night. Which was actually pretty funny because my wife, who was watching over my shoulder, would cry, I'd restart, she'd cry again, I'd restart again....
Great, great night and soooo worth it all. My cheeks hurt from all the smiling. (Not those cheeks Ricardo....)
no excuses crashing computers now.
Lily L
Wow, awesome story! Congrats +Chrysta Rae, I think you totally deserve this, and I'm really touched by the generosity of your friends and the power of social networks.
I had a shoot this morning, and the guy wanted his pictures like NOW and I came home and my computer wouldn't recognize my camera... and it made me smile. I was gunna get in SO MUCH trouble if I couldnt get it to work, but I was grinning like an idiot
How did I get involved in a conversation about cheeks..... oh wait.... Ok I got it!! :)
Drinking game was my suggestion. Working on the list. Feel free to add your thoughts.
Stay tuned.
I think you mean drinking game on fire.
I'm gunna have to go to the booze store, aren't I? I haven't gotten past the 18 minute mark yet. I BAWL.
+Alan Shapiro if we do that game... I want in on the hangout... it has to be a weekend day ... cause I can not get to work drunk!! #jussaying
we are going to need a LOT of alcohol. lol
I wasn't done reacting to my brother and sister being there!!!!! And, by the way, the reason they left and my brother had all the noise RIGHT when Ladonna was doing her talk was because they just got a call Dawn's sister was in labour! Baby Boy!
YAY +Dave Veffer you are HOOKED evil laughter Remember if you are super duper busy, you don't have to submit all 10 photos!
Hey +Chrysta Rae , I actually saw someone else post this, but once I saw your post I had to stop and watch. You clearly have touched many people; this really made me smile :) Keep it up!
I'm sure you guys could see, my brother... he's pretty flipping important to me. He's in Calgary (3.5 hours away) so I dont get to see him enough, and his wife, Dawn is THE nicest person on the planet. I still can't get over the fact I'm going to have something technical that kicks his skinny butt!!!
It's not about what you do +Chrysta Rae , it's how you do it :)
p.s. your reaction is worth the price of admission. Still watching, you're too cute in your surprise.
+Chrysta Rae - the scavenger hunt is just your "job".. it's not what you "do" here. ;)
You STILL don't have it!! good grief!! this is like torture for you!!! lol!

and us, too, a little bit........ ;)

I'm so glad we were all able to do this for you - AND for us - you know at one point you teased us with an album and then you left us sitting there for 5 or 6 hours and we were all going crazy while you fought with the hamsters!!

And WOOT ! +Dave Veffer is going to join in!! I may have to sign up this time again after all!! ;lP
Missed the live hangout last night and watched it late. All I can say is TOTALLY WORTH IT! +Chrysta Rae your reaction was priceless!! Enjoy, you're gonna be able to make some totally awesome spreadsheets with that new computer!
+Chrysta Rae It couldn't have happened to a more deserving person. By far and away you are the most gracious and generous person I've met. The time and effort you put into organizing the scavenger hunt had to be rewarded. I'm thankful everyday for the outstanding images and wonderful people that grace my stream and it's all because of you. I'm glad I stumbled across your little corner of the web. So enjoy your gift and we will be waiting for the unboxing video!!!!
at this point i am starting to wonder if the hamsters have hijacked the UPS truck.
Congrats Chrysta!! Just watching the hangout video, PRICELESS!!!!
yay! i made +Chrysta Rae laugh instead of cry! just give it a sec, she'll be back to tearing up in 3...2...1...
UPS: Now ecofriendly and powered by hamsters.
"I didn't even know there was a shoe tonight" and yeah, you said shoe...
So then technically she didn't lie.. there was no "shoe". :)
i wish i could have joined the hangout last night..
it's probably better that i couldn't get in though, it would have been *UglyCryBoogerFest2012*.
I'm sitting here on the east coast waiting to hear the sounds of frenzied destruction of cardboard!! UPS get a move on!
I never would have thought I would be thrilled to be a part of making someone cry! Such a magical reveal. So glad the scavengers could show our thanks and appreciation for all you do +Chrysta Rae :) ( A big thanks to those that were the nuts and bolts of making this go from thought to reality!!)

Is it there yet???
Well deserved! I guess it will be put to good use (meaning a ton more scavenger hunts) ;-)
Still grinning ear to ear for you Chrysta!
I am so proud to be one of your Scavengers!! And so proud of what can be accomplished in this community! As everyone has said, you completely deserve this!
I was laughing and crying last night during the show and my family kept asking "What are you watching?" I didn't want to stop watching to explain!
Crap Balls - For some reason that stayed with me..... Ideas for future photo hunts
A new meme...

+kimberly pemberton I missed you last night. That sucks that you werent in the circle. It's my bad tho, cuz you were a judge and I obviously missed sticking you into the circle.
I can't wait for the new profile picture of Chrysta next to her new ricecake decorated 27" iMac!!
+Erika Thornes , we can use the leftover donations for ricecakes (for the waiting) and some towels (and don't think something smaller will help)
I still have NO idea what I'm getting
is there a link so I can look?
Tai Mi
this just makes me grin from ear to ear like a crazy person!!
Tai Mi
+Chrysta Rae i was crying while watching the video of you being surprised!! you so deserve this!!
and it's extra awesome because you actually NEED it!!
but mostly it's b/c we love you and know that you're really use this for what you love!
oh, trust me +Chrysta Rae , it's SO much better that i wasn't in there.
my ugly cry started before you even said your first.. "you guys bought me a computer?".
did you feel like you were on the Barbara Walters show?
i'm not gonna cry ....
i'm NOT gonna cry
+Chrysta Rae - I have the 27" imac. You are going to PEE yourself when you set it up. For serious! Pee and cry.
A word of warning about your new sexy little wireless keyboard, +Chrysta Rae; every time I sneeze, mine goes flying across the room. So, ya know, watch out for that.
Well after trying the refresh on the Youtube live link every minute in between 3 to 4am and getting the Video Unavailable message (I recall reading a post that the German Performing rights people have disabled Public Hangout on Air here in germany) I eventually went to bed at just gone 4:30am.
But had to get up again at 7am to return the Hire car I'd had for the weekend, as soon as I got home at 8am I watched both recordings till 11:30.

I'm sure I've mentioned many times about how lovely your eyes are +Chrysta Rae well all that extra Glistening in those videos made them even more beautiful, only to be shadowed by your Gorgeous BIG Smile ♥♥♥

Hey and I now have some awesome Processing Software on the way!!

YOU ROY!!!!?? I KNEW it was YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! wiggles butt and pounces on +Roy Wickham
+Chrysta Rae .. i know -- its been too long .. I promise to get involved in whatever project you next cook up .. I was a bit sad that i didn't take part in your scavenger hunt when i saw all the awesome photos people made .. (but a bit relieved that I didn't have to stress over getting them.. lol)
Do you mean to tell me +Chrysta Rae that you have missed the Hunger Games craze? Two years ago, after I first read the book, I spent hours trying to convince my friends they had to read this book. A year later they finally caved when everyone else was, but they're still on the wait list at the library...
Too awesome, there is overwhelmed and then there is this, she may have been close to passing out! Her brain simply shut down! :D
UPS!!! MOVE THAT TRUCK!!!! Don't you know that she (and all of us) can hardly wait any longer?!?!
So enjoyed watching your reaction +Chrysta Rae. What an awesome moment. I'm so glad to have been a part of this. :) All I can really say is take all the great well wishes above, tie them all up into a big hug from me. Enjoy the new system. I'm looking forward to seeing you crash google even faster now!!
I loved when she said......... "I thought it was an Ipad" - Ehh... Nope!!! Try Imac better!! :)
Nah... I cant convince my bosses that if I do shots while I am at work it would make me perform better!!
I'm starting to wonder if the delivery guy is sitting up the street from +Chrysta Rae 's House watching this thread on his android phone seeing how far he can build up her anxiety.
is it like a pot boiling? Should I get off the front step?
This thread makes me so happy! I can't wait for you to enjoy this beautiful computer and make TONS of gorgeous art with it. I won't have my iMac for a couple more months, but cannot wait to get it! I can't imagine the anxiety you're facing right now.

Thank you for everything that you do. The scavenger hunt is a VERY big reason as to why I love this place. I'm already itching for the next one! And now that you will have a proper computer that doesn't crash, I hope to be in many hangouts with you... As long as my gerbils behave for the next couple months ;)
ha, Jim..... and, when she said, an iPad? I kept thinking, sure, you have that too, if you want it... liking forward to seeing how she spends the gift cash... Wacom? iPad? new lens? the positive vibes and excitement here! Glad I got to see your reaction last night +Chrysta Rae. It's well deserved!
Where's the damn package???? Sigh...
What's the deal? Did the UPS driver miss the draft for the March Scavenger Hunt or something? ;)
Well, it's only 3pm where +Chrysta Rae lives. "By end of day" usually means 6pm to my UPS driver.
I think it was the best reaction ever, by one of the best persons ever. :). Glad I watched every minute of it.
Now where's that damn computer!?!!
I hope to read a happy delivery when I get up again! I have to leave you alone now ... keep helping Chrysta to wait, folks!
OK sorry people I can't keep a secret any longer. +Chrysta Rae They are just waiting for another flight of scavenger hunt participants to get in so 500 people can present the iMac to you personally. You might want to straighten up a bit and possibly order some pizza.
Since +Jim Ferreira let the cat out of the bag, I just wanted to point out that some in the group have nut allergies. So, there's that to worry about too.
Damn Keith thank's I totally forgot about that, I'm glad you bright that up I'm not sure the local hospital can handle a group of face swollen crying photographers all at once.
So happy reading this. I've still not watched the recording after missing the show last night, but you completely deserve it +Chrysta Rae! And damn that UPS truck, End of Day does not necessarily be literally END OF DAY! Come ON!
I just talked to is still not there! :(
I'm willing to bet +Alan Shapiro called the delivery place and had them wait till that "by end of day" clause just to mess with her a little more. Also so he would get home in time and not miss it. (then again maybe he isn't as bad as me)
Doing the Pee Pee dance, come on, come on get there already!
you watch... i'm going to go get the tall boy from school... that's probably the best way to make the UPS guy show up... at least, that's how it works around here...
You absolutely deserve this Chrysta. I've only signed up for one hunt, and didn't even participate. But I know how much work you've put into these and you've done an amazing job. You've clearly positively affected so many people and I'm a firm believer in what comes around, goes around.

Somebody said "Tall boy from School" -- What Can Dark Chocolate Do for You?
I am so tired I'm going to collapse. And I'm going to strangle the UPS guy... after I hug him.
Seriously UPS. It's 4pm. Isn't that close enough to end of day? How much longer will you make our +Chrysta Rae wait?
You guys bought me a Computer? OMG that was so cute!
I'm going to start a hangout the second I see the truck. I will be getting it, so not sitting in my chair, but if you see a hangout started, you'll know it's here!
I don't know if +Alan Shapiro is available to do it live tho. not sure if enough people wanna see me jump around the room either
Hi +Chrysta Rae, and family! I just read through all 197 comments, and to be honest, I'm a bit watery eyed too. I'm not sure if it's from squinting at the low contrast text, or trying to catch up on +Alan Shapiro's drinking game !
I'm soooo glad we could do this for you!
I watched last night and again a few minutes ago... It really warms my heart when I think about all the great people here on Google+ and how you inspire us. Enjoy the computer. I have the same iMac you are getting. It is a BEAST of a putter!!!! Thanks again +Chrysta Rae !!!
I'm guessing the UPS guy is saving the best delivery for last!
Damnit...i tried to stay awake..i'll miss this too...ENJOY your prezzie!! Have fun! Catch ya on the flipside. xox
I think I'm going to miss the unwrap, crap. (Oh, that rhymes!) Have lotsa fun, I'll be thinking of you!
I'd pay admission to watch you jump around a room lol,,,,, Wait I don't want to give anyone any ideas.
This made my night, +Chrysta Rae, and I wasn't even involved! One of the coolest moments I've seen happen online, and quite inspirational. My regards to all the co-conspirators for arranging and perfectly pulling off this act of secret generosity. I don't think you'll find anyone besides yourself who will say you don't deserve all of this after everything you've done for the community. What a great gift! I think this might be the most-watched unboxing in history because everyone is so excited for you. Enjoy your new supercomputer, +Chrysta Rae! =D
Not much I can say here that I have not already told you. Just sit back and take it all in. Look at all that love you. Its more than just a computer. Its a piece of our hearts that you have touched. You are Loved Chrysta. Kicks feet up and looks on from the back of the classroom
Now I am really sorry I missed the March hunt! I'd have happily kicked in my pittance for all the work you do, +Chrysta Rae. Thanks to all who did this, and ditto to +Kerry Murphy: Yaaaaay Mac!!!
So exciting! I was on a road trip when this all happened, so sadly I missed being able to donate.

But this is why G+ is such an incredible place. Enjoy!
lol +Ricardo Williams, you could totally come fold my laundry - and i'm sorry my going to pick a kid up from school routine doesn't appear to have done anything to draw the deliveryman to your door +Chrysta Rae, it always works around here!!
Okay, someone PM me as soon as the computer arrives. I'm off to make dinner. Ugg, back again. I can't keep away.... I can't imagine what is going on with Chrysta right now. Have you googled it +Chrysta Rae ?
back online it there yet?
It's here. It's here. She's taking pictures of the UPS Guy
Take on the world, Chrysta! You SO deserve it! :)
lmao! She's taking pic's of the UPS guy!!
what? you're putting the hamsters up for sale? i thought you were just going to release them in the wild..ha.. late as usual..

so.. i guess it hasn't arrived yet? it's 6:42 in alberta ...well, have to go.. we love you +Chrysta Rae ! and yes, it's been said a kajilion times,- you deserve it and I am happy to be part of this great G+ community! Thank you once again for the hunt - which is by the way on ical already- just waiting for the day..

goodnight everyone!
Damn they did push that "by end of day" envelope didn't they lol
You guys all totally ROCK! What an incredibly amazing gesture to an amazing person! 
I just read about this from RC's post and was amazed at the story. What a great community there is here!!
I missed the reveal last night, but you are 100% worthy of this thank you gift, +Chrysta Rae !... just watched the full hour with a big dumb grin on my face :)
Watching now. (Yes, I always seem to be the last one to the party ;-)
Totally happy for you! You totally deserve it.
Trey Dd
You totally deserve it!
Weeee - can't wait to get home and watch this and check out the photos and everything!! I'm happy I'm on vacation in a gorgeous part of the world - but I feel like I missed out by missing all the action in and around lucky to have stumbled across the first +Chrysta Rae +Chrysta Rae's Photography Scavenger Hunt scavenger hunt - hope to never miss one!!! You deserve this for all you do for us +Chrysta Rae we truly appreciate you!!!!
This is so lovely! I'm so glad I discovered your scavenger hunts, just so I could see this video. I love this! Enjoy.
Loved watching this! So awesome!! Enjoy your new computer Chrysta!!
Awesome!!! Wowwee-zoweee!!! Enjoy Chrysta - you so deserve this!
omg wowee zowee gave me the giggles!!
Hi +Chrysta Rae , i don't get to hang out much on here but i love your scavenger hunts (i know i failed the first one i entered and was disappointed by most of my entries into the last one). You're amazing to do all this and you deserve all the love and karma. I'm proud to have been a small part of it and i even cried a little watching the video of the big reveal. I could see how much it meant to you and it made me so happy. I tried to explain what had happened to my girlfriend and some of my non G+ friends but they just didn't get it, but i get it and i love it...
I hope to get more involved in the G+ community in the future and hang out and take part in the next scavenger hunt. I know i am improving and hope my next entries will be a lot better than the last... :-)
Love to you Chrysta, keep up the good work on your new monster of a computer.. :-)
Most of my real life people have no clue either +Steve McCarthy. But I think my Mom, after watching this, finally does.
How absolutely wonderful is this? I'm only partially connected right now and missed all of this ( sigh ) - but, I am so excited for you and so touched by all that went into it. Dang... I'm all misty. ♥
I didn't get to be there for the live show, but I watched it yesterday.

I cried.
I cried because, due to other demands, I couldn't participate in the hunt this month and got left out of the whole shebang.
I cried because, while I am usually there for the show, I couldn't this time and I had to watch it recorded.
I cried because this beautiful, giving, caring, kind, friendly, amazing––dear deserving lady–– cried. And I just needed to cry in happiness with her.
Hugs to you, dear +Chrysta Rae –– I am SO happy for you!!
This is amazing but very fitting to such an awesome lady! +Chrysta Rae, I could imagine a more deserving person. Thank you for all you do!
I'm completely out of the whole project but I watched it and couldn't stop crying ^^' I really don't think such things could happen anywhere else but here. G+ is such an amazing place, and full of the most wonderful people I've ever met.
It's beautiful.
"I just love my Scavengers more than anyone" my dear, will have my new pictures, in full, very soon. I wasn't on the computer at anytime over Easter and didn't see anything about this but know that I would chip in anytime you need anything. :)
So awesome. I just joined G+, after almost a year of my husband saying "you'll love it, you'll love it"...He convinced me to join just in time to sign up for your next scavenger hunt, which sounded so cool. Now, after seeing this video, it is way beyond cool. There are no words for what a cool world we live in. I'm super excited to join the party.
Very Cool............ :) Congrats!
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