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The Official MAY Round of the Chrysta Rae Photography Scavenger Hunt

I am on the road in between my two bookings, but I said noon, so here it is!!

If you would like to participate in the photography scavenger hunt simply say "I'm in". Please keep all other comments off of this post as I want every single one of the comments to just be people entering, so we get our true 500 entries.

As soon as I'm done with my booking I will be around to answer any other questions. Once I have 500 people entered, I will then notify you as to rules and your May item list!!!

Here we go again!
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Amy G
I'm in
I'm in. Please sign me up for May, +Chrysta Rae! My first Scavenger hunt was a blast, even though I was very late with the photos. This time I know what I'm getting in to!
Tom Gort
I'm in. I'm in. . . IN ONLIE!!!! Purple IN. Woot
~takes a step forward in the long line of people waiting feverishly~
~raises hand~
+Chrysta Rae can I pop my scavenger cherry in this go around?
I'll try and keep the picture suckage to a minimum 。◕‿◕。
Count me in please! (please please please)
Dad ended up in the regional for barbershop so I'm in!! :D
Count me in, I'll give it another try
ME, ME, ME!!!!

I want in this round.
I'm in... waving hands in the air Yay! I want in!!!
ME! I'm in! (I had to refresh 6 times just to get it past the press...) Now back to the working!
100 comments in. ONE MINUTE?!!!!! collapses
I'm IN ...onOne Photo Suite 6.1 will be here by Friday !! YAY!!!
I'm in! I know you wrote my name down but... well that takes the fun out of stalking your page and signing up ;p
"I'm so excited.
And I just can't hide it!
I'm about to lose control,
and I think I like it!"
Sign me up again please!
Okay, let me try this one? It could be some sweet relief during a hectic time! :)
I wanna play! I wanna play! Please and thank you. :)
i'll take a mint chocolate chip ice cream with sprinkles please.
wait.. what?

oh..?. i'm in
i think...
I'm in! It makes me so crazy, but I can't keep away!
I'm in, because I haven't learned any better yet.
Been sitting here on the edge... the very edge... but, well, the reveals are so much fun. and I told +RC Concepcion that I would do it.... I guess I don't have a choice, now do I? +Tessa Van Boxtel you're signing up right?
Bryan J
Yes, I'm in. Been waiting for this post all day.
okay, i'll give it go.
i hope my suckage count is low in May... ::skeered::
I'm in... it usually up to my neck but that for another post ;)
Ok. Ok. I'm in. But I will NOT stress about it, not fret, not feel inadequate and instead enjoy myself this time around. Right? RIGHT???
I'm in please!!! :) Hope you are having a kickass time with the new computer.
I'm in... was still around when you announced, so now you don't have to remember.
Me! I'm in. I know I all ready posted this once, but it never showed up.
this sounds like fun, so I want in. But I have not the slightest idea what it is about... if someone can explain it to me in a nutshell in a separate post?
EDIT: I got an explanation; no more needed. Thanks!
Tom Tran
I'm in, baby. Weeee!!!
I'm in. Looked like a lot of fun in prior rounds.
Can I sign up for +Dirk Heindoerfer too? It's 3:00 AM in Taiwan, and he'll miss it otherwise. We talked about it yesterday, and he said he always misses it because of the time it's being announced. (He may kick me for saving him a spot but hey, if you don't risk, you don't live). :)
My gut tells me I may regret this...

I'm in
Yay!!! I was out running errands... hubby is all better and I want to play!! Thanks +Christina Lawrie for mentioning my name. I am SO in!
Do I need to tell you? Do I? Sheesh.... Of course I'm in :)
Tai Mi

I'm in! I can't believe I just did that!!
First timer as well, but what the hell... I'm in...
I'm in! (And a first timer, like a bunch of you other guys, to boot.)
I'm in. (I'm not sure what this consists of or what kind of photographer you need to be but it sounds fun to me!)
I'm in! Missed the last one, so I'm rarin' to get back in the hunt!
Bre o
im in
Ohh, so very close, I made it home in time and I'M IN!!!
Granny said someone was hacking the computer! Who are you!? What is this? Stop spamming my streams!! Get out of my internets!

I'm in.
Kab Yaj
Whew! I'm in.
I'm in, first timer, sounds fun!
I'm in (for real this time) DSLR got stolen the day after the last one started and I just got it replaced!
I'm in! I hope I'm not too late :s
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