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In this “THE BEAUTIFUL EDITION”, Modern Wedding Art Director Kimberlee Kessler takes us on a journey – “THE WILDEST DREAM” with spellbinding fashion shoots set amongst an amazing cactus farm backdrop in beautiful Hamilton.   Inspiration for brides looking for uniquely embellished, boho luxe gowns and accessories with a touch of Gypset style.

“Explore the possibilities in free-spirited designs with a touch of boho luxe style.  Let your imagination run wild with unexpected accessories, unique embellishments and soft shades that echo untamed natural beauty.  Begin the adventure with bare feet, wind-tousled hair and open heart.  Your desert dream starts here” Kimberlee Kessler.
Credits: Photography- Lost in Love Photography, Stylist- Kimberlee Kessler, Stylist’s Assistant- Alegria Alano, Hair & Makeup- Janice  Wu Hair, Location – Hamiliton’s World of Cacti

Here are some Chrysalini bridal jewellery and accessories as featured in Modern Wedding Magazine (Autumn Vol 70).  
FRONT COVER - Earrings (EE2005)
Page 150 – Statement Necklace (DN0165) & Rings (ER2002)
Page 153 - Statement Necklace (DN0170) & Bangle (DB1416)
Page 154  Charm bracelet (JB1445)
Page 156  Earrings (ME344), Bangle (JB1040), Rings (KR3270)
Page 157  Headpiece (IVY), Rings (ER2006, ER2007, ER2008, ER2009, XPR025, XPR026, XPR027), bangle (EB2002,EB2003) & bracelet (MB0039)
Page 158  Bangle (JB1060)
Page 159  Bangle (JB1030)
Page 160 Bangle (JB1010) & Necklace (JN3007)
Page 162 Earrings (EE2005)
Page 164  - Slave bracelet (DB1414)
Page 165  - Bangle (JB1040)
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As Seen in Modern Wedding Magazine
The weather is warming up, the flowers are blooming and sweet scents fill the air…Spring is here and we’ve got a brand new magazine just perfect for the season. Introducing our Fresh Edition, “because in the world of #weddings  there’s nothing like a new idea to invigorate our senses, stimulate our souls and set our hearts racing,” says editor Rosemary Slade.

Check out Chrysalini #bridaljewellery  and #headpieces   in this current issue (p. 96, 100, 101, 111)

1. Anastasia (page 100)
2. Holly (page 96 left image)
3. Harper (available in silver, rhodium and gold, page 96 right image)
4. Cubic Zirconia #bridalearrings (BAE0093, page 100 & 101)

Credits:  Sam Gray | Photographer, Kimberlee Kessler & Rosemary Slade | Stylists, Casey Gore | Makeup artist, Lauren Kessler | Stylists' Assistant, Moderne Wedding Magazine Spring Issue Vol 68 2015 #modernweddingmagazine  #chrysalini
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Bridal Necklace Set
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