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The Google Chrome extension that turns all your computers into GoogleTV Remotes.
The Google Chrome extension that turns all your computers into GoogleTV Remotes.

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The time has come at last. Chromemote 2 lives! Update and let me know what you think. Oh yea and ChromeOS support is rolling in.!

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And it all started with +Chromemote
Very exciting news that I can finally share. +Mote Labs has won FIRST PLACE in the Microsoft Imagine Cup 2014 - Pitch Video Challenge's Innovation category.

"The judges loved your video and we believe is a very strong project. Your story of how your project has changed through your participation in Imagine Cup last season was wonderful to hear. We will be sending you feedback from our judges about your project in December as well as your $3,000 prize and Imagine Cup lapel pins." -John Scott Tynes

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Added photos to Comparison review of Google Chromecast with Chromemote and Flinger.

Success!!! I have successfully got Chromemote working on ChromeOS devices. Look forward to Chromemote 2 in the next few weeks.  

I have been hard at work focusing primarily on solving this ChromeOS compatibility issue. I have two possible solutions to making this possible. I am attempting to do away with the plugin that is causing the issue. I have started work on implementing the Google TV's anymote protocols within a Chrome packaged app. From my understanding it should now be possible using chrome.socket api.

The other less elegant solution will require users to install an extra app on their Google TV device to enable Chromemote communication from ChromeOS devices. I would much rather not have an extra step so constantly hacking away over here. We have a whole new UI coming as well for the next release. Totally excited to be moving closer to our new and improved second version of Chromemote.

If any developers are interested in helping me tackle this problem, then please send me a message ASAP.

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Very awesome to see Chromecast!! I ordered mine already. Seems someone at Google has noticed what I'm working on. ;)

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Huge thanks goes out to +Google TV Friends for letting me borrow his Vizio Google TV for so long!

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Charlotte Observer mentioned +Chromemote at the end of this article on second screen remotes. :)

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My first Android app is now available. This is a direct result of +Chromemote efforts. Now some of the best features of Chromemote are available to any smart TV with a browser.

So many users demanded Chrome OS support. Unfortunately Google's APIs that Chromemote use are incompatible with Chrome OS. So on the path to build my own cloud based communication between devices, I developed

At the beginning of the year we pitched +Chromemote to Microsoft for the Imagine Cup Accelerator and they loved it. Few months later we were one of fifteen teams that Microsoft flew out to Silicon Valley for a week. 

We spent quite a bit of time at the Microsoft SV offices. They really pushed me to develop something to a much larger audience. Also they wanted us to build something that supports Windows 8 and Azure. ;)

By the third day I was there the very beginnings of Flinger were spawned. Some totally awesome Microsoft engineers gave us the boost we needed to build something really awesome that many more can enjoy.

Flinger is a smart TV channel that you can start from just about any modern web browser. So on your TV or just using your desktop screens. You can then fling YouTube, Vimeo, and SlideShare content to that screen and remotely control it from any other screen.

We want to bring the remote app to as many platforms as possible. Initially we have rolled out the HTML5 remote for any browser and the Remote Chrome Extension.

I am very happy to now announce the release of the Remote for Android. Please share your feedback and let me know what you think.

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" is alive! Try out the initial public beta today! The Chrome Extension supports Chrome OS and the Web App remote works on just about any platform. So much more to come, this is only the beginning.  The Microsoft Imagine Cup and Chromemote contributors have brought me to where I am today. I am so thankful for all the support. Thanks so much to everybody who has contributed to making this possible." - Robert Dale Smith
Can not wait to see what the world thinks! I hope everyone has as much fun using it as I have had building it. Enjoy! ;)
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