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Recent Google patent reveals new gestures for closing Android apps

Google is looking for new ways to make using Android easier and according to a recently filed patent, it may be turning to new gestures to do so. Just a week ago, we saw a patent Google had filed for a “smart drag and drop” system, and now we have a new way for users to close apps.

All a user has to do is swipe an ‘X’ on the screen to close an app, which we assume — at least on Android — would bring the user back to home screen. The patent, however, could have implications far beyond Android. A gesture like this, for example, could be used on a smartphone, computer, augmented reality headsets, and more — meaning the user only has to learn one set of gestures that can be applied to their entire digital life. That would mean that an application would not need to tell the user how to exit. Read more 

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Top platforms for mobile app development

Mobile apps are the trend everyone is talking about.
Want to have an app of your own?
Here are some of the top platforms for developing an app.

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Reasons your Business needs a Mobile App

Apps are not just a luxury but are a necessity for businesses.
Know more about the benefits of including apps with your business.

#ChromeInfotech #apps #mobile #business #success #growth #trend

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WeChat is the latest app banned in Russia for refusing to hand over data

WeChat, a popular mobile messaging and money transfer service in China, has become the latest social app blocked in Russia, according to the Hong Kong Free Press. Roskomnadzor, the Russian government’s media supervision body, reportedly shut down the app for allowing the transmission of citizens’ personal information without the state’s consent. It is Russian law that such data must be kept within the country’s borders for a limited time and provided to law enforcement if necessary. Read more

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Ways startups can have a successful app

Having an app idea is just the beginning but making the app successful is the real challenge. Here is some help that can lead to a successful app.

#ChromeInfotech #apps #development #startup #success #market #growth

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Mobile App Onboarding: 4 Must-Use Tips for UX Designers

You never get a second chance to make a first impression.
On-Boarding is your first date with your users.
Make a great first impression and hook users with a great onboarding flow!

#ChromeInfotech #app #development #design #trend #success #market

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Important iOS apps are still leaking data, months after flaw revealed

Back in February, we learned from a security researcher that various iOS apps can secretly leak login data and other personal information to hackers that know how iOS works, and how to take advantage of various flaws. Three months later, it looks like many of these apps, including mobile banking applications, have not been fixed. Sudo Security Group Will Strafach explained that no less than 76 apps were susceptible to man-in-the-middle attacks, including banking and medical apps. Hackers could fool these apps into leaking a user’s login details, without the user knowing. Read more 

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Use of mobile apps increases worldwide in past 2 years

As mobile apps have become part of the daily life for tens of millions of users globally, people are spending much more time on apps, a new study from US-based app tracker App Annie found.The report compared data from the first quarter in 2015 and 2017, showing that the time per user increased over the globe and that trend is only set to go up.
The time spent on apps grew to nearly one trillion hours last year, according to company figures. App Annie said the increase in total time is largely a result of an exploding user base. Read more

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Why Choose iOS Platform For Mobile App Development?

We give you all the right reasons to choose iOS as app development platform.
Read here and find how iOS can add wonders to your app.

#ChromeInfotech #apps #development #iOS #success #trend #market

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Gmail for Android can now recognize and block phishing attacks

"The site you are trying to visit has been identified as a forgery, intended to trick you into disclosing financial, personal or other sensitive information," the text of the warning says, along with the option to continue to the link at your own peril, and report an incorrect warning. The new feature, which will be gradually rolled out to all Gmail users over the next days, comes shortly after a widespread phishing attack that impersonated Google services hit a large number of users. Read more 
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