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Learning a new language isn’t easy, especially if you can’t immerse yourself in an environment where the language is spoken.

A new extension called Language Immersion for Chrome tries to simulate being immersed in a foreign language by combining Google Translate with your normal browsing patterns. Depending on the language you select and your existing comfort level, the extension will automatically switch certain words and phrases on web pages you browse to the new language, providing a painless way to immerse yourself in a language without interrupting what you were doing online.

You can get Language Immersion for Chrome here:
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I've been meaning to learn's an opportunity.
great, i´ll test it out... im learning chinese
I used it for Spanish, but I just found it annoying...
I wanna learn English, but there isn't an option for English :(
It's easy for me for Romance languages, being a French speaker, it was easy to learn Spanish and Italian, my mother is an English speaker. It would be hard with Asian, African, and Semitic languages.
Great idea. I'll start using it right now.
Giving this a shot. Interesting concept. Hopefully, it helps me bone up on my French.
is the "Translate for Google+" extension going to be removed now it - among others - is disabled? I used that all the time to read comments as well as read my feed
Wow, that is a really neat concept.
Somewhere, someone is going to install this on Chrome, on a "friend's" computer, and turn it on. And I will get a call at tech support tomorrow... but I will know the secret. Grazie così tanto!
How about getting translate for #GooglePlus working again #Google?

Also no Japanese support in Language Immersion for Chrome as has been stated.
Can't be any worse than Rosetta Stone.
Sounds like something I would like to check out!
Do not have English option? Really? There are people outside the US who want to learn English, do you know?
Do not have English option? Really? There are people outside the US who want to learn English, do you know?
I've been using this for about a week, and cannot get over how fun it is. I love reading my family's semi-translated posts on Facebook. They laughed at my spontaneous German phrases for years, and now they are doing it too!! (unawares of course...)
+Artevius Hardin gwahahaha -this posts geisha snap was my hook,line,and sinker.

now contemplating its worth without,whether keeping it installed whilst hoping for later addition with take out too much out of my Indonesia bandwidth.
wow great ! i will try it , I'm learning German.
Hao Tan
It seems to be good tool for starter
totally! i mean, im japanese! sheesh! cmon!
I am learning German, but at a level of "Das ist ein lied". Maybe this extension may help me later. 
Awesome... But BOOOO!!! I wants the Japanese :(
+Kirby Iwaki Tsukino Could be possible... i mean if it runs off of Google translate then it should be an easy fix.. unless there happens to be an issue of the character set... Maybe they are working on romaji for the characters for those who don't know them as well..
My goal is to learn to speak at least five different languages, I'm already learning three languages this will really help!. Thanks +Google Chrome
This is a great news.Google is developing so fast.
Too bad it is only for Google Chrome⋯⋯
I've been using this and it's great! It's like a lite version of Rosetta Stone. If you want to learn a new language or brush up on some old skills, this is perfect for you.
Amazing! I want to learn spanish :)
to learn any other language then the one that you were raised is amazing it can take you places,comunicate with others that are not the same as u
I think that it's great Google is translating into so many languages. Definately inspiring to others!
no English ? Is everyone supposed to be fluent in English ?
var var
I want an option for English.

Nice idea...For reading. Will audio text to speech be far behind?
there's an app for that. awesome. true.
This is too much. I'm still working on punctuation.
Pointless in reality. Because immersion involves reality.

Not one single person will learn a foreign language through this.
This is the most genius thing i have ever heard of. wow. go Google.
Cool, might give this a try!
It would be nice to know when all the languages from Google Translate are available - I'm interested in Esperanto
I'm curious what it does for Japanese as the language essentially consists for 4 character sets depending on the usage, i.e. Kanji, Hiragana, Katakana, and the easier to use form for English natives, Romaji(Romaji being the only one I can make sense of hehe)
That is true, there language can express more from few characters.
it doesn't work... Translating....
why no English!i really need it。
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The extension landing page says "_Choose from all 64 languages currently supported by Google Translate._", however Japanese is unavailable - I'd definitely use this extension if Japanese was included.
I have just moved to Barcelona :I 'll give it a try :-)
It might be a way to learn individual words for things but be weary, grammar and conjugations are a whole ball of wax translators fall short on.
Learning a new language using Google Translate is the worse idea of the century! You can learn a lot of errors!
Where i can find the new feature list to explore? i would like to know about the audio options for the multiple tabs.. where i can find the details??
it hasn't Japanese, i hope they add more language
Alex T
I don't believe in this too much. While it might help getting your vocabulary to a higher level, the translated grammar is wrong too often to enjoy this...
How cool is that? 太棒了!
When chrome is coming for iPad with all the features of desktop version???
+Justin Krezelak +Alex Toussaint Totally agree. What's more, Google Translate has improved a lot over the years, but still I don't find it suitable for this kind of things. There will be no one telling you if the translation is good or wrong. tries to do it social and free. However it is still not finished.

Here's a little tip for those who will find a need: if you want the perfect translation for a word or a small phrase go to its wikipedia page in your own language, and click on another language in the lower left corner. This way you can be sure, especially for phrases with two or three words that Google sometimes translates on a word-by-word basis.
The illustration is rather ironic given that this extension doesn't support Japanese ...
schweeeeet! i'm gonna add this extension tonight! sounds bad ass
Cool I am going to try this out since I now live close to the Mexican border. I can learn Spanish!
It is not working correctly, there is no English language... I am Brazilian and want to learn english, where it is? [2]
But only to english. Do you have a plan to make translate to the other languages?
I'm learning Arabic. Have tried the extension and it's great!
By looking at your last name; it appears you are from around Pakistan or somewhere where the name of Khan is used. Am I close? Sincerely, Tom Morris
Great extension, but come on. Not including Japanese is ridiculous.
Looks like a very good extension! I'm gonna try it out directly :)

But a suggesting after trying it if you could add a feature to increase the highlights or change to color to something else for the highlights, otherwise very good!
The hungarian immersion is full of conjugation errors. 
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