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Today’s updates to Google Cloud Print include several new features, such as the ability to print to any FedEx Office location in the US and send PDF documents directly to your Android 4.0, ICS phones and tablets that have Chrome for Android Beta installed. Head over to the Chrome Blog to read about these updates, and more:

You can learn more about Google Cloud Print by visiting:
Have you ever needed to print something out in a pinch? Well, so have we, which is why we've been working hard to bring Google Cloud Print to even more places, making it easier to print when and w...
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Can it "print" a PDF to your Google Docs?
Great updates. I use Google Print quite a bit already
When will I be able to connect to any printer that is on my Wi-Fi connection? I have a Dell printer connected to Wi-Fi...
Was wondering why my phone was in the google print view.
Please release gDrive tomorrow, that would be awesome
Ok, how to print FROM Android devices then?
Cloud Printing to Android device is very useful! I already tried and it's amazing! Thank you +Google Chrome !
Great! Love the FedEx Office bit!
Just printed to my Galaxy Nexus! This is freaking awesome.
Chrome keeps re-adding the same printers. I want to manually control which printers the GCP connector exposes and when. Please add a UI for this.
AWESOME!!! That is why I stick with my android!
可以將台灣的 7-11 列印加入 cloud print 嗎?
I'm also facing the same problem in my linux box
I like how you guys keep improving things to keep up! Great Job!
Depuis que j'ai Google chrome, tout le système bloque.
Ex.: je veux présenter un copier/coller et je n'y arrive plus.
Qu'est-ce qu'il faut faire pour arrêter ce bloquage ?
Multi lang for extensions for Sweden should writes for se and not sv. If you use Swedish 2 countrycode is se and for 3 fifa code is swe. I must call my map for sv for make is for swedish lang.
Hi I'm no longer seeing FexEx printer option in my printers for cloud print. Any help?
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