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What would you say is the coolest app or extension you’ve discovered in the Chrome Web Store?

+StumbleUpon is hosting a contest ( over the next two weeks to help see what useful, unusual, and under-the-radar things you can discover in the Chrome Web Store using their extension - who’s up for the challenge?

You can get the Stumbleupon extension here: #funfriday
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Checker Plus for Gmail Is IMHO the best of all the Gmail apps. I also love the Google Voice app, as it lets me text, call and check my messages right from the little icon on the browser.
Probably one of the most popular ones, but AdBlock.
AdBlock without a doubt. I have forgotten how Flash ads look like since I have installed AdBlock
Awesome Tabs...we've created some nice work spaces from it.
Sean S
+RoboForm Password Manager .
Although it would be nice if you would allow RoboForm to install a toolbar at the top of the page. Right now it's at the bottom as well as in the extension button because Chrome doesn't allow toollbars at the top.
Adblock, WOT, and Hover Zoom.
Screen filter, to read on the bed without hurting my eyes
Games, Gmail, G+1.... I lost my most visited sites, now when I open a new tab, it opens with I don't like it.
Too many to mention, but I really find Smooth Gestures a mouse gesture extension very useful.
Google dictionary is one of the best extension i have in my chrome..although i have a lot more extensions installed too.
1. Invisible Hand extension has saved me tons of money when shopping online - it even searches flights beautifully.
2. Google Quick Scroll - simple and time saving
3. Checker Plus - the godfather of all gmail checkers
4. Session Manager - has import export sessions, making it easy to sync across machines using dropbox, ubuntu one or gdive.
5. Better tasks - handles multiple accounts well.
Google Voice - I love txting from my browser.
I used to live by Chrome to phone. Until I loaded Chrome for android. Since it is synced with all my computers and my tablet I no longer have to ever touch chrome to phone.
1. LastPass
2. Adblock Plus
3. Chat for Google
5. Google mail checker
6. Scratchpad
7. Rapportive
8. Screen Capture
+Anthony Curreri No app or extension needed for can just click the google nav bar.

I use Gnome Web browser (epiphany) personally..its faster and lighter.
Mini Notepad for chrome. SUPER simple and SUPER useful.
For anyone in Germany it has to be Proxtube, although Google removed it from the webstore... Watching Youtube Videos that aren't available here without moving a thumb is just awesome!
LastPass, Rapportive and Web Developer are pretty key for me.
hmmm just wondering how i can include some of my fav thet been broken by the plus ui improvement ? ;p(
Shortcut for Google, Session Buddy, Google Dictionary, Google Translate for Google+, WOT
Cool, All Of Them are Awesome!! But I especially like AutoCAD WS a little bit for 3d editing of Google Maps!!
Facebook Disconnect! Seriously, may not be "useful" but is awesome to stop the creeping FaBo does after you leave its site.
G+ and translator
Fullscreen address know, since going to full screen mode in Chrome removes the ability to navigate a page.
Like StumbleUpon. Odd it doesn't have Google login or +1, just facebook.
tabcloud and google voice would be my "can't do without" biggest problem is there are so many I want but it just gets too complicated!
pixlr is another good one for those that need decent quality photo editing
Tasks, by team tasks, is easily the best mobile client for Google Tasks. It is done in the new ICS theme and looks and works like a native Google app. The nice part is that it finally renders Google Talks usable.
" Flash Control " cause it has been a great block unwanted content like animated post with hidden videos so I can even choose the white list & black list for any single site.
Chrome / Chromium for Ubuntu is dead slow. I can't even open webpages.. I am on a FF now though ..
I have tried both Chrome Stable from google and tried Chromium from Ubuntu repository.. Chrome worked fine for me long time too.. I have been using Ubuntu Oneiric till yesterday and have done a fresh installation of Ubuntu Precise Pangolin. I have a 32 bit and I installed a 32 bit Chrome .. tried reinstalling chrome and chromium no results yet.. for now I am sticking with FF. and hey thanks for responding.. :)
AdBlock Plus and Proxy Switchy
I installed Norton 360 v6 a couple days ago, and all of a sudden the text box on my Cbox Chat disappeared and won't come back. Considering I co-own the site and moderate the chat room, that's a big bummer. Currently I have to use Firefox to manage my website, and Chrome for everything else I do. Best app I discovered was LoseIt!, very cool for my weight loss/management goals.
I find it unfair to use adblock, since ads are what makes those sites pay off
Hey +Google Chrome . How come we can't share a page from Chrome on to Google+? The standard android web browser does it.
Move2picasa take all your fb photos, uploads them to Picasa and posts them in private g+ albums that you can then organize
Since everyone already said Adblock plus (great extension btw) I think another great extension if you are in YouTube a lot is "Magic Actions for YouTube"
- For new Tabs: SpeedDial2 <3
- Feedly
- Evernote Web Clipper
moi j aime beaucoup cette images je la trouve jolie continue et lache pas tu es vraiment super ...........
I thought it was just me with the adblock
Problem solved, my most visited sites are back. I love Chrome Store, I added G+1, AOL Mail, more games, dictionaries, news, as extensions, and I like iGoogle.
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