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The big screens in Times Square are now For Everyone. Add a photo of your own here & it might appear on a screen this weekend:

#foreveryone #funfriday 
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Hey, we were on there today! Great display! 
what if we cant see T.S.? is there an archive?
That is so cool, they should keep it that way, so everyone can enjoy it
Coooooool Gooooooogle~
That's everyone's 15minutes.

I wonder what the chances are of being there while your picture is up. An awesome memory it would be though!
just like the launch of windows 8 in times square
Got like 5 in already. :-) <3 Google
What a cool idea, hopefully with lots of filtering.
that looks like my mom in the back round
i'd add a photo but my face is scary enough without seeing it 10 feet wide
countdown to first nudity on screen starts now...
M Mosel
Pretty clever there Google!
How can you find out if your photo went up if your in a different state?
Still need to install a large mirror there!! To look at yourself today!)))
Thank you very much, give us to the new world.I love it.
Thank you very much, give us to the new world.I love it.
Cool work Google,. atleast i got 100.....will catch 500 later
I don't understand the thing mentioned above, is it a browser
OMG! so they don't know they've been uploaded to there?
Wow great Britain does nothing like this ever .....
I made one with : for everyone, in the US and UK only and they said it was inappropriate..
Uploaded on Friday and still waiting :(
الو السلام عليكم
اهلا وسهلا ياابو رياض
amigo la gracia de las ingenes radica en como tu imaginacion propone las tomas de halli se convierten en A R T E ¡¡¡¡¡¡
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