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Need to download something quickly from the web to your desktop or Chromebook? Next time, just hold down Alt (Option on a Mac) while clicking on a link and the file will immediately start downloading to your device.

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Joe Pas
Pretty sure this is the only Chrome shortcut I didn't know. Thanks Google!
Cool, goes directley to the folder you choosed for downloads.
Why is Chrome so great? I don't deserve this.
Ugo Ano
Didn't know this one - great tip!
How about adding the 'open' option which uses a temp dir? Like all major browsers have had for years...
Does this also work in either Firefox or IE?
Although it's annoying when you trying to open something in a new tab and accidentally download the page.
and how you can accidentally press a button and click a mouse button at the same time? XD
+Odice Blackjacker - On my macbook pro, the option and command keys are right next to each other. I use my pinky to hit the command key when I open things in new tabs, and well, sometimes I miss.
Bwahaha, who uses Windows is the real question!

Android, Chrome OS and Ubuntu here....
don't turn this into a flame war, Windows is nice and Mac is (in my opinion) better, but that is completely debatable. some days i get sick of Mac and use Windows, sometimes i use OS X or Ubuntu. it's all personal opinion.
Si, yo no soy elitista, jamás discriminaría a los pobres que no pueden comprar un mac... XDDD
Gabby D
i feel a bit dumb for saying this, but what the heck's a chromebook? am i missing something?
Google's new OS for certain laptops. And yes. You are missing a lot.
You have to add this function to Google Chrome: for web sites like Deviantart or Google Images. Download a image holding down Alt and clicking on the image. Opera have a similar function with the images.
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I dont like how they put the Microsoft instructions fist and then the Mac in parenthesies. I would assume that the majority of Chrome users are on Mac.
ohhhhh this is funtastic fetures in google chroome browser
Is there a way to download files from multiple links at one time?
wats so funny i did i do sumthin funny lol
honestly, this is a feature in all browsers. i dont really understand why people think this is so cool. useful, maybe, but common and irritating also (when you download instead of right-clicking or opening in another tab)
I have been having multiple problems with googlechrome for over two months now with no luck. I want to keep googlechrome because I'm comfortable with it. Any sugestions?
looking for a keyboard shortcut to open a bookmark from my bookmark bar. anybody?
having problems with plug-ins.  I've re-installed all the programs, enabled them but to no avail.  Help??
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