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Take a break from work and check out the new collection of games in the Chrome Web Store, which features a variety of different role-playing, puzzle, strategy, and adventure games. Some classics you may recognize -- such as SparkChess ( -- and others are brand new additions, like Lara Croft:

Check it out and let us know your favorites:
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forced "social" setting on single-player games kind of makes this crap a non-starter for me.
Oops, this is chrome, not g+
So it is the lack of well-designed bookmarks and the inability to remove tabs that makes it a non-starter
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When launched from Chrome on Linux, the game tells me my browser is not supported and I should use Chrome (instead of my Chrome) :)
+Frantisek Fuka When launched from Chromium OS running on Xubuntu the game tells the same thing. That's kinda weird :x
Just for fits and shiggles I tried to launch it in Firefox.  If it doesn't run in chrome (due to lack of chrome) perhaps. . .
Anyhow, no dice ; )

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i think you need to add the game first in the chrome store to start it running
I will be giving my 'Inner Geek' a good cuddling over at the Chrome Store very soon I assure you.
i already play the game after add it to chrome applications and authorize it, then launch it from the same chrome applications shortcuts
But locations lock... Block...

And.. on the steam... =(
Why are these just in the chrome store and not under games? all the games seem to be disappearing here.
Lara Croft looks awesome! The Chrome Web Store is really quite nice, but ...

I get grumpy when there are featured games that I can't play in Chrome *because they need to be installed*. Please get rid of games like Need4Speed that are really just inks to .exes. My Chromebook can't play them at all. My Ubuntu system can't play them at all. Heck, even my gf's Win7 gaming system can't play them after the game is "installed" in Chrome. She still has to download and install them manually. Clicking on the apps in the Chrome Apps launcher *never* launches these games. Ever. No matter what you do or what system you use.

It's embarrassing for you. Chromebook users are pissed.
well i have google chrome version 23 and add the lara croft game from the chrome store then click on the icon and start playing the game i have no errors from this
+Gabriel Garcia Croft looks awesome. Some of the other games, though, like the mentioned Need4Speed, aren't Chrome games at all and need to be removed.

EDIT: It turns out I can't play Lara Croft on Ubuntu, either. Level 1 just redirects me silently to the Chrome Store with no error at all.
If this is how the Chrome Web Store is, it needs to have device compatibility filters the way the Play Store does.
i think more fixes need to be done in that way so everyone can get more information on wich applications are compatible at the time of installing, the chrome store seems to be a little abandon with these issues
Like everybody else, fails on my chromebook 550c.
"take a break from work" but not while at work. the SysAdmins watching the network will flag you in a heartbeat :)
Where's the Linux support?
I really don't know why Square Enix is refusing to support Linux.
not supported on Linux? shame on you to advertise this crap!
This is great. Can I still play these games on my nexus 7.
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