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How would you like to help us design our new cover photo for the +Google Chrome page?

With the new layout for Google+ Pages rolling out this week, we decided that it’s a good opportunity to have you (the Chrome community) help us design something new, awesome, and Chrome-y to use on this page. If you have a design or image that you’d like to nominate as our next cover photo, please tag +Google Chrome in the image itself or tag your post with #chromecover for the team to pick it up.

To help you get started, here are some hi-res icons for Chrome (, the Chrome Web Store (, and Chromebooks ( & Please be sure to avoid manipulating the colors or proportions of the Chrome logo.

Be sure to only submit images that you have the rights to use & feel comfortable appearing on this page, and in a photo album. Let your creative juices flow, #chromies!

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less #whitespace or at least something that we can put in there :D
If we can get a job for free, why put our designers to work, right? ;)
How about a black and white photo of a New York street with a single yellow cab? Now that's classy.
Sean S
When's the deadline?
Should we put black bars around it to fill in the space? ;-)
I jest ~looks around nervously~ @¿@
Dear Google , your idea is awesome , but i have to say the problem is we should crop the images to fit the required space , i suggest to make the images autoresize instead.That way you wont loose any pixel of oyur original image.Thank you.
+Joe Vallee LOL... but you're right, the black letterbox/shadow is simply revolting particularly considering all the white space freely available here...> > > > > > > >
Leo T
Is anyone else sick of companies asking for ideas and then keeping YOUR intellectual property for themselves? They are either lazy or getting your good ideas/work for free. Wake up people!
+Leo T Companies implementing the suggestions of its users is the best way to put out products those same users will enjoy. Intellectual property? Get over yourself. By contributing and seeing your contributions put to good work you help yourself and others. Hoarding good ideas and suggestions for the highest profit is greedy and irresponsible.
I did a cover photo for you, look at the message that I sent :D
Greg M
+Ron Scott I am worn out submitting feedback after feedback (with no doubt with a lot of duplicates) re Google+ from day 1 for all I know has gone into the round bin.

Personally I think Google comes up with some wacky layout or change then throws it against the wall aka the end users and see if the change was any good. Does not seem to be much fore thought given to some of things they do.
Leo T
+Ron Scott who said anything about hoarding? And no one said anything about "highest profit". But what is wrong with Google kicking in $5K for the best idea that they implement? Would any user here turn it down? Would the $5K cut into their multi-million dollar profits? I'd be satisfied if they at least donated $5K to the charity of your choice on your behalf if your idea is used. Is that irresponsible? This is just about getting something for your effort or idea, it is NOT unreasonable.

Or perhaps R&D departments should just start working for free? Let's start with the Google engineers... who's first to give up your paycheck?
+Leo T You make a good point. Your contest scenario seems totally plausible. I think I just have a strong bias against the term "intellectual property".
Perhaps the cover should emphasize the simplicity of the Chrome browser while also taking note of the crazy-amazing things that happen, and can happen, on the web. As if the bottom of the browser is the entrance to epic.
Dear Google, put Ice Cream Sandwich on your Chrome browser. The idea of having a web browser that is similar with the way your Android devices works, will push more users towards Android and you will be able to maintain your simplicity. You can merge "Chrome Store" and "Google Play" into one application. There are many other benefits I see for users using Ice Cream Sandwich, (Application being the same, syncing contacts, having a launch bar so all your applications can be hidden in there, etc.).
plz add UAE and Pakistan in phone settings..thanx
Planning like this is what important?
Rather, I want you to enhance the timeline
I have another quiestion about Google+ pages , so i want to be able to post automaticly articles from my blog to my blog page on Google + but i dont know how , any idea?
You should put in the settings that Steam does choose to pre test the beta versions automatically and check it out to install the latest stable version and click in order to test the beta will install the latest beta version. instend need downloads a beta manuell.
i am commenting on things random hahahahahahahahaha
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