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Announcing new features for Google Cloud Print: as part of yesterday’s Stable release, anyone using Chrome can now print any webpage to Google Cloud Print.

More on this and other Google Cloud Print announcements in today’s blog post:
Google Cloud Print picks up steam. Wednesday, December 14, 2011 | 1:08 PM. Last April, we announced our plans for Google Cloud Print (GCP), the service that powers printing on Chromebooks as well as a...
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Look forward to trying this out!!!!!
I love Cloud Print! It's a lifesaver when my wife is doing something on her Chromebook and needs to print something to our home computer.
Thanks to Google Cloud Print, my PC is pretty much relegated to the role of print server :-)
LOVE this feature. I use the Android app to print stuff to the office printer. It works really well.
it's a good service indeed... the problem is that we should "need to print" a lot less! :)
Ladies and Gentlemen - we have a winner!
google chrome my best choice for ever..long live google and network
my advance words of wishes to all the google people..on the eve of christmas and new year2012..
When do you guys plan on bringing intergrated cloud print to +Android ? Seems ice cream sandwich would of had it baked in.
I tried cloud printing from hexxeh's Chromium OS and it workd fine!
The printer I used was connected to my desktop PC running Windows XP. Printer is Canon ip4500.
thank you thank you thank you. i've been waiting for this for so long
im enjoying the new google chrome features, but i have a little problem, if anyone could help me. I want the new Google Search Extension that appears when you create a new account, but i dont wanna create a new account because i would lose all the stuff i already have organised in mine account, is there somewhere in the chrome web store that i can download that extension? i´ve searched for it but came back with no results
Fábio Trilho>I cannot understand what you are saying. If you are looking for the serch window fo extension, you can see it from Tool>Extension. Probably, the bottom of the screem has the link to the list of extensions and the screen has the search box.
the thing is, with the new google update 16, google has users, and when you create a new user he gets 3 apps, youtube, gmail and web search, and i want that last app, the web search, ive searched in chrome web store and couldnt find it
Signing in Chrome should using user's google profile photo, not a cartoon avatar.
Can anybody explain the difference between having my printer connected to my pc wirelessly or printing through google cloud print? What is the difference and what are the benefits?
+Ilan Goldman Simple... you can cloud print to your printer at home when you're sitting in a coffee shop 100 miles away. Or perhaps a more useful example: cloud print a document to a printer at work when you're at home in the evening, and pick it up in the morning when you get there.
Although this is very nice and cool feature, I really believe that today we can have the paperless age. With a combination of adobe pdf, cloud, tablets, and local storage paper/printers as become an expense we can all live without.
+Torrey Hoffman Thank you for explaining it in such a bright way. Was playing with it today and found it absolutely genius! Especially the print from home to work part and the other way around. Cheers!
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