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Q. Chrome for Android is still at v18, while regular Chrome is at v23.
When will Chrome for Android catch up?
A. Soon! We expect an update to Chrome for Android starting with a developer update to happen before the end of the year, and we’re actively working towards aligning releases across all platforms, including Android, starting early next year. 

Thanks to +Antony Williams for the question!
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Chrome for Android is still at v18, while regular Chrome is at v23.
When will Chrome for Android catch up?
Why does my Chrome eat up a lot of my RAM on linux? It gets to the point where the PC sometimes locks up when running something else with Chrome on. I didn't get it once with firefox though...

Is this a known issue?
When will the stable channel of Chrome OS be updated to v23? 
will there ever be a way to connect to a pc from an android phone using the chrome remote desktop?
When can we expect chromebooks to be available in Australia?
With your purchase of Quickoffice earlier this year, would it be fair that you are working on off line document editing functionality for both Android and ChromeOS?  If so, any idea on whether we can expect to see an off-line Doc editor for chrome any time?
Who do we have to pester to get native Google Drive support on linux?
Will ChromeOS be making the move to touchscreen in the near future? 
What is difficult to share your chromebook with Chrome Remote Desktop?
Great idea! My question is around desktop notifications for Chrome apps, which work brilliantly in the browser on Windows and OS X, but don't manage to find their way to the notification area on Chrome OS. Is this expected behaviour on Chromebooks or am I missing a setting?
Andy L
Will the Chromebook ever support DLNA?
+Sindri Avaruus know yes, issue no. It's a feature :=)
Chrome will consume more memory than firefox if you open many tabs, as they run in their own proocess. This however, besides higher security, does, that closing tabs in chrome actually helps, unlike firefox.. So perhaps clean up. The other thing you can do is to see, if anything causes problems (like an extention). Chrome has a build in task manager. Just right click on the title to access job list, and you can see, what consumes memory or cpu... and close that process (without crashing everything else).
My question: I am very, very tired, that one of the most important settings for me (I install on many machines often), is to disable that background processes like extensions may not keep on running after I shut down Chrome. I don't get that it's the default ? And the really annoying thing is that this settings is as one of the few things NOT saved with my settings, so each time I have to disable this horrible idear.. How to fix this ?
Chrome on Android and SwiftKey don't get along. Keeps hanging. Anyone else having the same problem?

Edit: using my Galaxy S2 and HTC Desire, happens with android 2.x, and 4.x; CM and OASP; different custom roms and kernels and stock. I think it has something to do with either one of the apps.

Edit 2: to reproduce, go to, type a search query, hit search and edit the query. 
K Bee
When will Chrome for Android have a full screen mode and a homepage option?
Dear +Google Chrome , I know you are not the right person to answer this but you have access to the team who did the Nexus 4 more harm than good by botching the online orders. All I would like to ask is if at all the initial orders (ordered within minutes of it going live) are shipped? If it is going to be a few weeks wait, they why the h... are we not informed of the same? Peace! #questionoftheweek 
When can we expect to see Chrome on Windows Phone?
When will the butter that we see in Jelly Bean apply to Chrome for Android as well? 
I cant use chrome on my current smartphone because you wont release a version for it and my #nexus4  is in limbo. Please send me my phone so i can use chrome on my phone.
When will it come Chromebooks with really power full hardware?
What is the benefit of chromebook, compared to PC+Chrome?  
+Fredrik Linnander I dare to say never, that would be a waste of hardware for a device that doen't need it.
+chenliang xu the simplicity, nothing else really. If you have a PC you wouln't repleace it with a chromebook :=)
When will Chrome for Android get extension support? I'm really looking forward to having Lastpass available in Chrome on my phone. 
I had an issue on my linux ubuntu 64bit
When I try an hangout I see a black box as a preview of my webcam.
Starting an hangout let other see me but I see only a big black box instead of the faces of my friends ...
#questionoftheweek I'm an Ubuntu 12.04 user, and the new Google Docs collapsed view menu search with alt/ conflicts with the Unity HUD. Is there a fix for this or a way that they will play nice together? 
How backed up is the Amazon store-- will people who ordered last week get Samsung Chromebook wifi in time for Christmas?
Hi, when will the Samsung Chromebook support NaCl?
Bookmarks button for Chrome, please. Or at least make an official extension like you have for Print and Clear History.

Also why the need to have two Chrome Web Store "web apps"/link on the apps page?
we need chrome browser to have the full & complete support of the same 3D transforms for -webkit  in CSS3 that APPLE  has. Please.. we have waited long enough. Same code for apple needs to behave the same in chrome.
When will we be able to sync sync settings and extension settings?
As a continue of +Fredrik Linnander question. Why does chromebooks focus only on cost? I don't care to pay more, but I want to get a device powered by a quad-core ARM-based or Intel i5/i7 processors and 4GB/8GB of RAM. Then it is possible to open too many tabs and have an experience like current PCs.
I would be very interested in themes, apps, and extensions in Chrome for Android. Basically Chrome Web Store.
Would sure like remote desktop for Chrome on tabs and phones....
Chrome v23 is not working perfectly with some flash players and some javascript on various pages. Previous version worked perfectly. When all those bugs will be fixed?
Why are there no quick controls in Chrome for Android? Will they ever be implemented?
There is a flag named "Enable experimental form filling" in Canary Build. What will be new with this experimental form filling?
Who can we spam about #driveforlinux ?  Seriously.  You use the work of the Linux Community in Chrome OS and Android; you owe it to them to provide support for Linux.
What are the plans for sync data with this Canary Build flag: "Enable sync keystore encryption"?
Ryan Ng
How many times a week are there updates for Chrome?
Why chromebooks are not available worldwide?

Will there be a version of the Chromium OS/Chromium ready to install and with automatic updates?

Does the Chrome Web Store will have a way to run applications on Chromebooks/Ubuntu that were made for Windows PC?
Why is it so hard to find the new $250 Samsung Chromebook? Did you deliberately limit supplies so that potential customers would be driven to the obviously inferior $200 Acer Chromebook?
Which plug-ins will allow me to share my photos directly from my file manager? (In chrome OS obviously) #questionoftheweek  
+Rick Martinez The star at the far right of the omnibox (address bar) in chrome is the bookmark button
Will a new Chromebox that runs on ARM be available in the future?
Привет от България,
Харесва ми,изключително удобно и лесно се работи...Само искам да споделя за Диск-5 ГБ не са ли малко място за съхранение..Другото,което ме затруднява са малкото цветове при отбелязване на различните направления във входяща поща.
Благодаря ви и успех.....
Are the new Chromebooks coming to Canada? Is ChromeOS going to support miracast like Android 4.2 does?
Will chrome support the NextWeb? Is the NextWeb already here?
So Chrome for Windows RT is impossible currently? It seems like the Google Search app for WinRT has a browser built-in. How did they skirt MS's rules about alternative browsers? 
When will Chrome for Android catch up with Chrome for windows? It should be better on my Nexus 10 than my Mac, and its not even close. And what about plugins?
When will the new Samsung Chromebooks have the "resets when restarting" issue be resolved? 
If you are running ie8 on laptop install chrome frame..awesome
How is the support for Netflix on ARM Chromebooks coming?  Is that a Netflix project, a Google project, or both?
Can I suggest the configuration of next Chromebook?
display: 2560x1600 AMOLED
cpu: quad-core Cortex A15
ram: 4GB
ssd: at least 64GB
cellular: multi-band 4G LTE

and, of course, as thin as possible.
Okay well now that dreamland has come to town how about something a little more feasible like a chrome dock for the Nexus 10 which already has a great screen and may allow for some new and interesting things to come around, started thinking about it honestly after I somehow had a flashback about the IBM/Lenovo concept laptop from way back in the day with the removable screen that ran Android.


-in the beach, no 3G, 70% of g. services are full is he doing with the tablet!!! OH, I SEE...PLAYING THE PIANO....WTF!!!

-Google devices (nexus and chromebooks) should be FULL AVAILABLE OUTSIDE THE US, UK AND CANADA.



-peoples profiles in g+ should have also the chance to be +1'd AND ALSO the accumulation of +1 received in his comments, so you know "how well" that person is ranked within his comments in g+...those BOTH rankings should appear when you hover over a persons profile anywhere within g+ (so its easier). thanks.



-i need a feature to see all the comments i ve made "stacked one on another" (also with the post that i ve commented on, not to lose the trail), because actually, when i want to remember what and where i ve commented, there s simply nowhere to go and see. Thanks.

-also needed a way to order the comments in any post by the amount of +1s received (to save time...).

-to make a post but avoiding the people who i have shared it with, to +1, see nor communicate with each other, because sometimes i post to clients, but i dont want them to communicate by themselves and put me "out of the way" in the business.

-we need nested circles and nested photo albums!!! or some other hierarchy system, it s beginning to be messy. PLEASE, thanks.

-public hangouts should return to the "hangouts icon", if not, nobody knows where to find them, yes yes I KNOW, but not my 60 years old grandma!!! it s about the so called "user experience", and you ve just ruined it. Thanks.





-when i press "compose", now it s ok, it starts in the recipients field, but when i press reply, in an extension called "checker plus for gmail", it starts in the recipients, but it should start in the message field (because we already know who sended us the mail...). Can you do something about?. thanks.



-when i search for a specific word in the search bar of g. drive, it should show me NOT ONLY the documents that has that word, but also the PHRASE in the document that has it, because it might be in different contexts in different documents, also if i have a spreadsheet, presentation, form or drawing with that phrase.
THE SAME goes for gmail, calendar, g+ and the rest of g. services. Thanks.

-we need the CTRL key to select more than one line in docs or cells in spreadsheets!.

-we need to download documents in .doc also (not only in .docx or spreadsheets in .xls, not only .xlsx, PUT IT LIKE BEFORE, NOT EVERYBODY HAS THE LATEST MICROSOFT OFFICE TO OPEN THIS!!).

-we need full offline g. drive, with spreadsheets, presentations, drawings, forms, etc, TOO!. thanks.

-Folder sharing? Password for Docs and Folder?



-the new interface is a ghost, the letters are TOO SMALL, i cant read a seems like an asian website, all cluttered, A DISASTER.

from watch later list:

-i cant erase videos randomly nor reaccomodate them according to what i want to see first.


1) when i hover over a title in my "subscription stream" i want THE FULL TITLE to appear, now i just can read a part of it, so i have to open fully to see the real one.

2) there should be a feature to AUTOMATICALLY ERASE the videos of my "watch later" list, as i see them, so i dont need to do it manually 1 by 1.

3) feature to MANUALLY ERASE videos of "watch later" list, from a video to all of the past videos since the beginning of the list.

4) there was a feature some time ago that when i pressed "play all" in my "watch later" list, i could see 
EXACTLY where i left before, but now when i press "play all" it starts again at the beginning!!.

5) the view of my subscriptions doesnt remember my settings, so i need to select "show uploads only" and "everything" each time i enter in youtube, IT S TIRING!!!

6) we need the google bar at the top (as in any other g. service), to have fast access to other g. services...

7) when i press the button to transcript a video, the transcription text should appear next to the video, NOT WAY UNDER!!! because in the actual case i should decide whether to see the video or the transcript!!! i cant see both at the same time!! thanks.



-we need THE REAL CHROME on Android, not that THING without bookmarks bar nor extensions nor flash nor profiles nor anything!!!




-EVERY google service needs an offline feature (translator, youtube full watch later list, g+, drive for spreadsheets, drawings, forms, etc, g. music full collection, g. reader, g. play, etc TOO!!!!!). Maps with FULL OFFLINE TURN BY TURN NAVIGATION AND FULL OFFLINE SEARCH!!! COUNTRY WIDE DOWNLOADABLE MAPS ( continent wide better)!!! COME ON 2012 ALREADY!! i ve been using this with garmin since 2001 !!! nokia since 2007!!!!
Windows phone translator is also OFFLINE WITH PICTURE TRANSLATION RECOGNITION!!. thanks.



-no 3G nor decent full 1080p hd back and front cameras nor microsd xc nor removable battery nor usb otg (out of the box) nor LTE full bands worldwide, NO BUY, wake up 2012 already!!! are we going backwards as regards to technology? what do i do if i go camping to the woods for 1 month??!!!! also you re making here a BIG business for the telecommunications companies (always data transfering)!!! and for the phone manufacturers (you cant buy a new battery after 2 years when your phone battery go wasted)!!! not to mention the landfills full of discarded phones JUST BECAUSE I CANT POP IN A NEW BATTERY EASILY!!!

-we also need an ANDROID UPDATE TIMELINE MANDATORY FOR ALL THE COMPANIES MAKING ANDROID, THE CUSTOMER WANTS TO KNOW HOW MUCH TIME HIS DEVICE WILL BE SUPPORTED (for some people, spending u$s 1000 in a phone that you need to discard every 6 months is a TON of money). Most of the time phones are ALREADY OUTDATED EVEN BEFORE BUYING THEM!!!! IS THIS A JOKE!!!!

-what about the user google???!! what about the environment!!! what about the so called "user experience"?? double standards?? mmm i see....



-THE NUMBER OF UNREAD ITEMS SHOULD BE AT THE BEGINNING OF THE TAB, as in any other google service (not at the end), so when you have many tabs stacked one over the other, you can easily recognize it. Thanks.



-The picture looks kind of wierd in the part that it bends...i dont know, it doesn t seem very natural (real world is not bended for the human eye, it s straight), i guess the algorithm that pastes the different tiles should be tweaked somehow. Dont get me wrong, the feature is awesome, just a suggestion. Thanks.
When will Chrome unprefix CSS gradients, transitions, animations and transforms? IE10 and FF16 have done so... This would allow us devs to drop a lot of lines from our CSS.
Recently my windows OS on my desktop became corrupt and crashed.

I would like to install Chromium OS, wondering if I can get a link where I can download everything to an external harddrive so I can plug, load and play. Thanks

-as it is for docs now, we need a menu to standarize every new spreadsheet: "file" menu, "spreadsheet setup - save as default".

-create and edit PDF online and offline.
#questionoftheweek Would like to know what the Chrome OS team thinks of Firefox OS and if there will be worked on making Apps for either browser/OS run on either browser/OS.

And yeah, when is offline sheets and presentations coming?

Rather weird, when I stream from the ARM Chromebook to my TV it sometimes works fine, even great, and sometimes it laggs horribly ... and one time the colour red was substituted by white (fitted in that particular movie though ^^). So, are you guys working on improving video capability on Chromebooks? Further, dual-monitor capability would be nice, is there anything in the tube?
just wondering if chrome will ever support standard features such as a proper bookmarks list, and the ability to turn off tabs to save space?
+Melissa Daniels Yeah I have Picasa downloaded but I still can't clink on the share button when I view my pictures :/
Can I ever expect connection to Bluetooth speakers from my chromebook? After all, it is advertised as a Bluetooth device and the speakers are not the best. #questionoftheweek  
+John VanRoekel Not sure if this answers your question but if you'd like to save space in the browser you can pin tabs to make them significantly smaller. Hope this was helpful!
+EZE V man what a b*$#h maybe you should go work @ google or put down the mouse and step away from any computer
When will eBay let me sell things on my chrome book?
Gary B
After recent Chrome updates, my Video/Chat and Hangouts no longer function; either won't install the extension or, if it does, it won't run.  Was working on G+ for many months.

 Have quit using Chrome and back on Firefox now where it works; also works on IE9.  Forum posts exist for this or related problem for more than 2 years it appears.  I have read many posts with some suggested fixes that don't work and Google's canned response doesn't address the problem adequately.  Will this be fixed ?
Добрый день Гугле, странное дело но меня не впечатляет ваш браузер. Да и другие тоже. Все похоже на обычную электронную газету. Но что больше всего неприятно что никто не хочет знать а какой же браузер нужен мне как пользователю. Вы говорите что здесь все как дома. Но ничего похожего на мой дом здесь нет. А я хочу быть в интернете как у себя дома и еще иметь свой виртуальный офис машину и прочие вещи в все как реальности но даже лучше. 
Неужели вам неинтересно знать каким видят интернет будущего его пользователи?
Will chrome for android ever get a save to pdf option?? It is indispensable for saving journal articles and references for later reading. Without that option I will stay with Firefox for mobile browsing.
Amith F
On the Acer C7- Can you explain some of the use cases  of the Hard drive? Some Tips and Tricks. Can we save to or access files on the drive over the Home network or remotely/wirelessly? The Hard drive seems pointless other than to slow down the C7.  Surely there must be a good reason to have it there.
Will the chromebook become detachable from the keyboard and then become touchscreen so it comprises a straight simple tablet feature as well as a "laptop" feature?
will we get chrome beta, chrome dev and chrome canary on android?

And will we get chrome extensions and apps on android
Where on earth is the "bookmarks bar" in Chrome for Android!! this is simply NOT THE REAL CHROME! also extensions and apps NEEDED!
Will Google Chrome support flash(Pepper) on Android as it supports everywhere else(Ubuntu)? 
I suggest you use Samsung's 4+4 A15/A7 chip for next year's Chromebook, along with a battery that makes it last 10 hours. You could've had twice the buzz about it than you did just with the $250 price, if it also had a 10h battery life. So try to fix this for next year. 
+Adam Taylor , I know it is annoying but have you seen prefix-free. It is a brilliant JavaScript script that means that you don't need to put the prefixes in.
Why is the performance of Chrome for Android so bad compared to other Android Browsers such as the previous stock browser?
First off I am a huge android fan but after using the Surface web browser it is clear that Google has a lot of catching up to do on Chrome for Android.  Chrome on desktop is wonderful, not so much on Android.  It is very laggy, no flash, and for people that do not know about Dolphin browser it makes the new nexus 10 look like a sub par device.  On the other hand (I cannot believe I am saying this) IE10 for Surface is everything I ever wanted from a mobile browser.  It has flash, its very quick, has intuitive controls such as swipe left and right to go back and forward on the web.  Basically it feels like a full desktop browser on a tablet which has been the holy grail for a while now.
It would also be great if Chrome for Android wasn't terrible.
Will chrome on android support WebGL?
Will Chrome catch up with the Android Stock Browser or Firefox or Boat or Dolphin or any of the other browsers in terms of speed and smoothness with this? It's rather embarrassing seeing Chrome stutter its way through reviews, giving a bad impression of Android and itself when other teams show it is perfectly possible to have a feature-rich browser that competes with Safari speed-wise and in smoothness.
I use the excellent "KeePass" password manager on my laptop, to store complex passwords in an encrypted state there. (And I keep the encrypted password file on Google Drive, so it moves from my laptop to my desktop without me having to think hard.) But then I bought a ChromeBox (where KeePass doesn't run), so I'm kind of at a loss on how to do effective password management in some kind of secure way. So here's my question: Is there a place where secure password practices in Google products are discussed? 
Ofc, this still leaves the issue of screen space and performance untouched. The very same mobile I can install Chrome for Android on comes with the stock ICS Browser which a) can auto-hide the URL bar which is a lot of extra screen estate and b) runs much better and with less CPU usage.

In other words, all I'd need as my Chrome for Android is ICS Stock Browser with the ability to do a fully encrypted google account sync. There's nothing else to improve, really.
Please add quick controls from the stock browser to chrome
Its not that it needs to catch up. It needs to stop being so worthless. Can't understand how the iOS app was so much better than the android one.

For shame!!
Jason S
Chrome and Android is from the same company, how can Chrome be so far behind on Android. Currently I am using Firefox on my S3.
+Jonathan Hodgson I really don't want to have to run more plugins or preprocessors. I would much rather the browser manufacturer put the work in, especially in an area with so much cross-browser agreement.
Will the update to Chrome include the level of V8 optimizations other OEMS have done for their own devices?
I might be dreaming but I'm still hopeful that Android chrome will be able to support flash.
+EZE V there is a way in capturing Photosphere. Let the phone be your pivot point instead of the person taking the shot. There's a video in YouTube on how to take Photosphere pics, Google it
What about Phone 2 Chrome?

We have Chrome 2 Phone, but the other way would be great. 
Better support for web apps, is the feature I want the most.
Maybe something along the lines of "apple-mobile-web-app-capable" and and support for webkit notifications.
Over 50% of #Android  users are still on or stuck on 2.3 Gingerbread.
I say stuck on because despite carrier and OEM promises those updates are just not coming and likely never to come.

Why hasn't this been back ported yet? and I'm I the only one that finds the fact that we don't have add on yet to be pathetic?  
Chrome on android is garbage, but on ios it's amazing. Version numbers aren't the only problem with the android version.
+John SC chrome on iOS is an iOS webview with some chrome bookmark syncing and other features tacked on. You don't get the chromified WebKit, and you don't get the improved JavaScript engine. Chrome on Android is leaps and bounds better than the old native browser, although it does still lag behind iOS in a few features.

Personally, I'm looking forward to some stable, usable chromium releases for android, and the ability to use chrome (or maybe even other engines) for the webview component.
The android version is nowhere near as smooth nor as quick in my experience. I've yet to find a really good browser on any mobile platform. Chrome needs a huge improvement.
+John SC  try dolphin. I've found that to work nicely and they have a few cool add-ons   
When is Chrome for Android going to have a PDF plugin?  I can't pull up PDF docs embedded within websites.  Don't get me wrong, I'm an Android fanboy, but even Apple iOS's Safari can view embedded PDFs in the webpage.
I didn't allow for embedded pdfs within the webpage.  It would just leave a blank area where the pdf should be.

I didn't see any plugins other than a webpage to PDF creator.
I really hope this boost performance in huge way. I love my nexus 10, but chrome is embarrassingly slow right now.
It kills me that android app store is dead but there is an abundance of great free games on the chrome store. Why can't I use chrome for android to access them.
I don't get why chrome runs so poorly on my nexus 10 ' but dolphin browser is smooth as silk? Will you be working to fix this' issues like slow response lagg and white boxes?
It's 2013 now. Can't wait for the major update you mentioned...
really are you sure????????????...................
With the release of chrome beta for android yesterday you can all install chrome on your android devices that is on the same beta channel (version 25) as the desktop version beta channel. Until the mobile stable version gets updated to match the desktop stable channel, this is the best you can do. It is pretty good.
Sim isto é REAL! - Bom e muito mais.
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