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Any soccer fans out there?

With the European Soccer Championship around the corner, enthusiasts might want to check out the new Soccer collection in the Chrome Web Store for a selection of more than dozen apps & extensions that help you stay up-to-date on all the soccer news & highlights out there.

You can find the Soccer collection here:
Growing up, I remember running every week to my hometown's newspaper kiosk to buy the latest copy of my favorite sports newspaper. This was the only way to keep up with the latest soccer (in Europ...
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European Soccer Championship? Even capitalised as if it were an official name. Let me guess, it's organised by UESA? ;-)
the "real football" is called soccer in the "old america" ;)
i don't think you can hear even a single vuvuzela during this european championship! :)
love soccer! its a great team sport.
S Goku
Is there an app to let me stream the match while at work? That would be awesome :-)
Can't believe that some are making a fuss about appellations. Soccer or Football, it's still the same thing. I'm a purist football fan and I don't mind at all to hear it called soccer. 

Anyway. I started using UEFA EURO 2012 ™ by Carlsberg a couple of weeks ago, but I just discovered the 365 Scores. Way better.
I immediately thought of you +Ben Chorlton.
If you want to bring in semantics and history +Emerson Marchbank-Smith , the Oceanic countries use the word Soccer (not that anyone cares...), and both Australian Rules Football, and Rugby Football are older than Soccer.

The game(s) played pre-codification (1863) bore little resemblance to modern Soccer.
Soccer? OMG. The rest of the world is bigger than the U.S.A.
Shut up about the "it's soccer" stuff people can call it what they want to
Thanks. I'll tell my football enthusiastic colleagues.
People, the European Champions League (is how it's called in Europe) is the most prestigious tournament in Europe and the World if I may, the copa america or the african league is not as mediatized as this one. It s a pivotal point for many players in their career and it means prestige for the winning team for decades to come.
Cool story. </sarcasm>

Edited that for ya..
Soccer is the American way to say football... Right?
Soccer v football - surely we should organise a riot to settle the argument.
Ah you mean football?? A sport that actually involves feet and a ball.
If football is called soccer in USA, perhaps rest of the world should call american football, soccer :) Just to confuse them. 
"Any soccer fans out there?" - Americans, ignorant as ever.
Americans. United States of America. It's a country. Stop acting like a dumbass.
Football you use your foot, American sawka is where you use your hands? I'm lost on this one :/
The word soccer actually did come from England... learn something new everyday :)
+Brian Anderson Dude? Relax. I was commenting on how they worded "Any soccer fans out there?" They make it sound like soccer fans are hard to come by. It's the #1 sport in the world--that was the ignorance. And as much as I appreciate your explanation... I don't give a damn what it's called.
I dunno, I'm not sure how you can call a game football when you can score a goal off your head....
I think the Europeans are uneasy about their impending irrelevance in the world. This is kind of like a list-ditch colonisation or something....
No +hartage mcmahon , I'm a troll ;-p

+Ant Worth - what? Because Americans call soccer soccer, the rest of the world thinks they're stupid because they don't use a search engine?
Soccer as a name was invented (by contraction) by the English to provide a proper noun to identify a set of rules whereby people aren't allowed to pick the ball up with their hands. Football is a slang term used to refer to the game correctly known as Soccer.

Football is also a slang contraction used to describe American Football, Australian Rules Football (contracted further to footy) and Gaelic Football, and a slang term to describe Rugby League and Rugby Union.

Each one of those +1s represents an insecure European who doesn't understand either history or linguistics.
I am sure that s word comes from "association football"
Good point +hartage mcmahon - edited my post.

The fallacy stands though, as does the invention of the proper noun.

I suppose technically all versions of football around the world (with the exception of Aussie Rules) were borne out of the uncoded game of football, and all have equal claim to that term.

Also (just coz I like to troll).. there is a subtle difference between soccer (as the world plays it, which at it's best can be beautiful and at it's worst can be dull) and European football (which seems to involve a bunch of people falling down when someone looks at them...)
Google it dude. . .lol
Soccer is getting bigger each year in the US. Look at how much tv time it is finally getting. We don't have to watch every game on spanish TV!!
+Brian Anderson I didn't know that. . His stats look good but the premier league is a step up, if we get him and he scores a lot of goals he would be much loved here.
+Jose Maria Miculax +Brian Anderson is correct.

"America" is a slang term for the USA.
"North America" is the correct term for the continent containing the USA and Canada and Central America.
"South America" is the correct term for the continent south of North America.
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The google chrome is amazing browser in many computers.
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