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When browsing on your phone or tablet, have you ever wanted to share a web page but didn’t feel like copying & pasting the URL?

With Chrome for Mobile, just touch Menu > Share to directly share any web page via email or to your favorite social network -- no more copying a link and pasting it into a different app. You’ve been able to do this on Chrome for Android, and with today’s update you can now do this on Chrome for iPhone and iPad.  

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Good guy Google - does its best to fix a major problem of its competitor's products.
Does this update fix the bug where android devices with a hard keyboard can't use a soft keyboard?
(Is there some trick to opening links from G+ in new tabs? Often while splashing about in my stream, I want to open several links to read later, but they overwrite each other. Am I doing something wrong?)
Is that why there's no "link" option when I post from my phone?? Lame. I'll use it, I guess, but I don't see why we can't do it directly from the Google+ app for Android.

The 'Share Page' feature has been in place on the stock Android browser since I got the G1 way back when... And it has been in 'Dolphin' since its first release too.

Nice that Chrome has it too... But its not a new concept in Android browsers.
This ought to be a native feature in Chrome for the desktop.
When will Chrome for Android (v 21) be available?
they are talking about Chrome for iOS, that's why.
I have been missing this. Great, thank you.
+Tolis Nubis Probably never.. API'S, Hardware Rendering, etc w/ Android 4.x+ - Time to upgrade ;)
Use this all the time for sharing pages to G+ from my phone.
I use it all the time. Chrome on the mobile is great.
Why no share intent to GTalk? Or Messenger?
Great new update!
Is there a replacement for Chrome To Phone? It stopped working a while back.
+Not My Earth (Not My Problem), I use the "+1 Button" Chrome extension to do what you asked.  Just click it from any web site and it will pop up with a bubble to add text to your G+ post.  Just don't click away from it if you don't want to lose what you've written!
Is this possible in the Chrome web browser?
Love love love Chrome on my iPhone!
I share to one of three circles on my Google Plus account. Works great!
Everywhere EXCEPT FOR GTALK!! When are we going to be able to share things to GTalk?? Do you not like GTalk??
Wendy W
BFD. I can do that from the standard web browser on my Nexus.
+Jennifer Archibald in those situations I click on the "open on chrome" button, then I come back to the G+ app and keep browsing and doing the same for other pages. When I'm done, I move to Chrome and read everything I've sent there. Don't even know if what I wrote makes sense but yeah, that's a workaround for the situation you've mentioned.
Just add bookmarkbar visible all the time on ios!
I have my email set up on the gmail app for iPhone! Trying to share a link via email is only possible if you use apples email program! Which i don't. So still cut and paste for me! 
Great stuff +Google Chrome but now you need to work with to include them in your sharing methods!!! 
Edit: After test you should make an update on that new function because we can only share to circles and not specific people on the iOs version :/
+Phil Boden good point; Google should support their own mail application in Chrome. By the way Phil: I can only recommend you (as a "workaround") to configure your email in Mail and disable notifications. That way you get all the functionalities of the app (such as sharing from anywhere in iOS) and don't get bothered with duplicate new mail notifications. Cheers!
+Daniel Sepulveda Stop this. Apple sued Samsung because they deserved it. They don't hate Google, they hate Samsung. Everyone in Apple's place would sue those copycats.
+Paweł Fydrych i hope you are a troll, you know that samsung has iphone like phones before iphone! and what about tablet, how you can make a tablet what not have samekind covers that ipad has? they not copying anything god's sake, they make their own hardware platform what is better than ipad. ps. i own a new ipad and i love it. i hate apple as a company, not by its products.
+Janne Granström I'm not saying they copied the hardware look, Apple went too far in this matter. I'm saying they copied the software look and you can't deny it.
+Paweł Fydrych how you can make ios and android look the same :D, i'm not see any gadgets in ios what android has and i prefer that.
+Paweł Fydrych enough and you say it  _some apps_ :D.i really dont belive that they want to copying anything for some, Samsung don't need to make iphone likes programs on their devices, if some icon resemble to iphone icon what a big deal? Android startpage isnt a icon based like it is on ios,  it is a gadget based and for that they not copying anything.
This sounds like just what I was waiting for but iPhone app version does not seem to have a "share" option in the menu. 
I did update my Chrome iPhone app. I had to delete and reinstall to get the "share" option. Thx!
Instead of "Share" i have "Email".
How do i get share ??
My bad.
Didnt check for updates!:)
works really nice
I´d really like to know how to use Chrome for iOS with Instapaper? When surfing, I often need to go back to pages later, so maybe this can be included as a button?
On iCab for iOS this works great!
So when Chome "shares" with FB it does not always post the title of the article. Some times it just posts the title of the web page provider, e.g the Washington Post. Did anyone else notice this?
ican not go my class room to google chrome ihave hard work  but  ican not go to belack  boerd
Greetings! Am just trying to get to know how this chatroom feels like! Can somebody pls?
Thanks for letting me know the basic
Im trying to get a layout what do i do if any one knows?
What about on the desktop version? Can you do that too with the stock UI or you would you have to download an extension thingy???
I'll believe it when I see it - I have yet to be able to even copy and paste in Chrome and am considering changing browsers.
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