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While reading online, have you ever seen a word or phrase that you wanted to learn more about? Next time, just highlight the term(s) and then drag it to your tabstrip to the right or left of your current tab -- a new tab will open with search results for the highlighted text. 

You can find other tab tricks like this here: #chrometip
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Amazing. Now this is cool trick that I wasn't aware off! Jeez.. Thanks
If you're a developer, did you know your site can have stuff dragged into it from other tabs?
Why not highlight it and rightclic and 'search google for...'??
That's great but I always just highlight it, right click and select "google search" same result easier to do.
Thanks for sharing. Didn't know about this tip.
Although i've subscribed on Chrome blog.
Would be good to be able to drag word into some bookmark like 'Google Translate' and get new tab with 'Google Translate' and this word in it.
ps: Also working in the same way 'Wikipedia' bookmark would be good.

now can we get the same feature in books,magazines, and currents? (mobile)
Brilliant, and one reason it pains me to use any browser but Chrome
Actually, right-clicking after highlighting usually gives an option to "Search Google for...(highlighted text here)",  Also, using the Chrome extension "Fastest Chrome" (, when I highlight something I get a small graphic where I can click on any of several search engines (customizable -- includes Google, DuckDuckGo, Surf Canyon, Wikipedia, Twitter, YouTube, and others) to further research the text/topic.  It sure comes in handy. 
+Dmitry Zuenko  Yeah, all the extensions "access" different things...this one's not as bad as some.  Some say they can access "All data on your computer"!  

And, truth be told, most smartphones and tablets using "Apps" face similar access issues (, so I think most folks must be alright with some of that, y'know?  

I'm not real "keen" on it, but I think it's one of those things that we just have to watch for.  Thanks.  
+Charlie Hare This is the problem of Chrome Web Store. Many little extensions have access to not little things. For my opinion if people will keep use this apps then developers won't change anything.
I simply offered an alternative, if the task was in the additional search engines.
Thanks for answer and article =)
I've got various browsers installed for testing web pages... so, I'm not sure if there's a conflict somewhere, BUT if I happen to drag a word to the new-tab in Chrome, rather than searching Google, its Searching and giving me YAHOO results??  If I manually type a search in the Omnibar, the results are Google... so what's up with that one!!
Interesting tip. But original ``double click to highlight and selecting google search'' is more efficient due to shorter movement of mouse and eyes.
Very convenient considering i use chrome 
...why is Chrome not the #1 browser yet? hahaha
+Jesse Niebolt because many people (including me) don't trust google. Also, it supports different things (yes, technically more overall, but still different things) than other browsers. In addition, Chrome is less secure in some ways than other browsers. It allows anyone to easily mess up your printer, because it includes Cloud Print, and it has other security issues. It may have been the first bug fixed, but in the recent browser hacking competition, Chrome was the first browser to be exploited. And it was easy.

Also, people are stupid and they don't like change. Maybe that account for a significant amount of it.

Been doing this for years. Still a good tip.
How Ah
why I can'tinstall the chrome from ie8??
Yay! You could also just right click and search for google. Equally fast!
how do we do something like that on a smartphone?
I use the Google Dictionary extension. It is very convenient. Just double clicking to select a word brings up a tooltip with the meaning and a link to a search page for the word.
brilliant!good to learn that
in firefox it is like u highlight reading they bring you to
These tricks are very useful, made my life easier!!!!
Thank you Chrome team for coming up with the little things that just make a difference between a good and a great browser.
that's amazing! but just a alternate of RIGHT-CLICK-MENU > SEARCH-BY ,and i think right-click menu is more convenient
apple's one just lest you tap with 3 fingers, it's a lot easier.
+Sombody Sobody are you really sure that 3 fingers tap is easier than drag and drop? If i use mouse or touch screen i really don't think so...maybe i can be agree only for tauch pad use (but not all laptop have 3 fingers reconition)...
Great tip. But i usually use the Google Dictionary extension. It's faster :)
It would be great if you drag it to the right you could see the dictionary search, and to left you see the web search for instance 
Yes, we know this :)

More easy would be to highlight word > right click > search with google for '<word>'

This would even work on other browsers also like IE , firefox.
Por cosas como estas es que Google me encanta cada día mas xD
More simply, select (highlight) the words or phrase you wish to search on, right click and left click on SEARCH. No dragging required!
Kannte ich noch nicht...very nice!
Sometimes, it is hard to remember so many funny tricks. It is easier to do a voice search on the phone.
Used to do this on Win 7, but it doesn't work for me on a Mac. Is it me?
+Petr Faitl : I'm using Chrome on Archlinux and this features work well on my computer... Are you using the lastest stable release?
the zoom tool should operate on each tab independently...
i will always use google chrome
Very helpful and not to mention AWESOME!!!
It would be nice if you add define before the word e.g. "define instantiation"
I use Google Dictionary extension for this: one dblclick and I've got the definition :)
am also use that google extension
I discovered this feature by accident a while back and I like it!
Wow this feature is awesome...I am sure others will follow suit...
dont't forget ^^ center button of mouse on tab for close it ;) 
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