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You can now search your contacts right from your #Chromebook’s launcher, just like you’re used to searching for your websites and apps. Press the search button on your keyboard, and type the name of anyone in your Google contacts to email or start a hangout directly. Just restart your Chromebook to update and get this new feature.
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Awesome! Now how about making Contacts a stand-alone app instead of embedding it within Gmail?
For some reason that's never worked for me. Only two of my contacts will show up and I can't tell what's different about them.
Why can't we connect it with our contacts on our phones so we can text from our chromebooks?
Awesome awesome 🙌🙌
This is great. Onwards and upwards to great things...

Call someone from chrome
See a popup card of their contact details
Send SMS/linked to phone via hangouts
J'ai bien fait d'acheter aujourd'hui le Hp11 sur playStore
Anyone know why not all my gmail contacts show up?
Footnote - I have no search button on my keyboard.  Not sure I have any Google contacts and no Idea where or what a Chromebook is located.  I'll keep looking as I have been for the past 4 months.  
Didn't work on Samsung after latest update said feature was added....opened a ticket
nice! please add the option to call that contact too!
+Craig Froehle they sort of already did, but it isn't well advertised. I'm not sure why they're maintaining it in two different places now. There must be some long-term plan. I wouldn't be surprised if the whole contacts things was re-designed to employ the increasingly common card UI theme.
+Aaron Jaeger That's helpful! Now, if they could just add a link in my little app launcher grid thingie, that'd be great. But, yes, you're right...I've hoped Google would redesign Contacts to be more powerful and robust for a long time now. It has so much potential and is so important (at least to me), but seems to be largely ignored.
Might be time to get myself a CB.
I just tried this using the Google app launcher for Mac and Windows and it works there as well.
I have requested this feature long time ago, thanks 
My Chromebook is one of the best 250.00 I have spent in a while!
I tested this feature right now on my Chromebook, it seems it works partially correct as announced. In the search results, I can see only one match, not all searches work, and there is no feature to open the contact, and I cannot start Google Hangout from search result.
This won't work on my Samsung XE303C12-H01 in Germany. Actual on Stable Channel 33*****
Is this barely working for anyone else? Only a few of my contacts (stored in Google Contacts, or anywhere else for that matter) will appear when I search for them?
+Thomas Beling Unfortunately it was reported through the 'Report an Issue' link in the 'settings' area, so I don't get a ticket # generated :(
+Jacob Burrell Yep, thanks. I'd like that to appear in my apps launcher drop-down (like Calendar, Gmail, etc. do). In fact, I'd like more customization over what appears in that app launcher drop-down, but that's a different issue.
Works well on my Samsung Series 3.
+Simon Harvey why? Here are only two contacts that I can search for. All other 80 contacts won't be found!
ma vale anche per il pc? perchè io sinceramente non ho capito bene di che si tratta.. qualche illuminazione?
At last, I've been waiting for this since I first got my Chromebook! Thank you! 
Love this!  Now, please add a Contact info icon there as well - it would be more used than the email or Hangouts function, personally!
Too bad the paths to communication are so convoluted.  I started G+ over three months ago and glad to get hints from people on how to share.  Seems computers are like people.  Neither  see things in the same way.
I abstain for now Google learning curve is vertical for me and I am not fond of heights
No idea what Google voice is.
That is nice. When are we going to be able to search files in drive through there? 
Out of luck for me I guess.  I find no search button on my keyboard.  Maybe in another three months I will figure out what the funny icons next to Google Chrome's photos mean. 
+Gary Whalen The search key (magnifying glass symbol) is located above the left shift key on standard Chromebook keyboards.
Thanks, however the only key above my left shift key is Caps Lock- no magnifying glass symbol. How much more expensive is another keyboard?  Already I spend over $70 per month on "Free Internet" 
+Gabriel Walsh, interested in finding out about Google App Launcher for MacBook - could you share a link where to get this from, please? Thanks!
E una passa tempo piacevole conoscere altre idea e fatti de giorno conoscere nuove techonologie moderne
It doesn't work with Window 8 Chrome yet ?
No thanks a magazine article said it costs a lot and batteries do not run it well   
how 2 dwnload crmegoogle for my device nokia c-600
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Do u have to find download on the the computer to get the chrome app for to find work on the phone
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