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Starting today and rolling out over the next few weeks, Google Now notifications will be available to Chrome users on their desktop or laptop computers. To enable this feature, simply sign in to Chrome with the same Google Account you’re using for Google Now on Android or iOS.

Head over to the Help Center to learn more: 
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Okay, I want to see those in G+ in a column just like that,
It doesn't tell you, either here or in the Help article, how to see your notifications.  Seems like that would be the first thing you would say.  I happen to know from hearing it on a podcast, but if you are using Windows, how many people are going to go look in their sys tray pop-up and know to click on a tiny bell icon?
In proportion to me Motorola user new services and thanks I have iOS chrome and Androids any new look... be! I hope others have why not... just mark what new programs you have moto on line...
Will Google Now also be rolling out to the stable channel of chromebooks within the next few weeks as well?
Is the package tracker avaliable for ebay? 
+Claudia Scilingo With a few thousand people in my circles, almost none of whom I know personally, I have five or six useless cards every day.
Nice! But why Windows screenshot? Please use Chrome OS or Linux for your screenshots!
finally i made my google...thanks google..
Was surprised when this popped up on my computer this morning. Great feature, really enjoying it.
+Martin Webb Because Windows is bad, dangerous and expensive peace of software. And because Linux is foundation for almost all of Google's products and services.
You don't see Microsoft showing it's Bing service on Chromebook. Not to mention Microsoft's "Scroogled" campaign!
Finally! I also want my SMS and calls in there ;)
+Darko Vrsic They're using the most common platform their products are used on.
I wish I could use it.  Even on my Android tablet.

But alas, Google can't fix Finance, and because of the integration I cannot use Google Now (unless I want an unending string of stock price updates).  It's a shame really.
But still no Windows HiDPI support (I don't mean the one hidden in the registry...)?? srsly...
Awesome service this #googlenow just need to get some flights to make it look as though I use it to its full potential.

Can i pick someone's brain about integrating with Google now service? B-) 
+Google Chrome The notification center icon does not appear in the status bar of many #linux  distributions, including +elementary os, because chrome uses the old method of showing status bar indicators. This prevents them from showing up at all in distros without a fallback, and also affects chrome extensions like hangouts. PLEASE fix this.
+Joe Phelps This doesn't prevent them, to show people beter alternatives! And to tell that it works best on their platfoms.
+Michael Bradt +Joe Phelps The trouble is: Google already has access to all my data, I'm not going to let third parties handle my SMS or Mail. At the moment, I use kdeconnect, which looks promising. Also, it didn't look like PushBullet was available for anything else than Windows. (And I use only Linux, BSD).
مصفح ممتازجدآ واتمنا ان يدعم جميع اﻻجهزه 
Wendy W
Thanks, Google!
Will this be available to users who use the Metro interface in Windows 8?
Not sure what planet  this new gizmo is located.
gmail account wont open i don't know why in several computer with several accounts
Working on my Chromebook and under my Windows installation. Not working under Linux. No surprise there... :-/
Shame some organisations (including educational of all places) disable automatic sign-in.  You'd think they'd think differently in this day and age.
how about making the desktop app actually work first, i see nothing but the weather in it (no mail notifications , calendar ,g+ ,gdrive or any other selected sources, nothing works )
Awesome. When this function will be available for Windows OS?
I'd use this at work but I don't want to sign in with my personal account and see my work Googles at home :/
Sean G
+Google Chrome why is there an Internet Explorer icon below? Shame on you...
I had this working for a while with Canary. For about the past month though, the notification icon "lights" up and hovering over it indicates there are notifications (it even gives me a number), but as soon as I click on the icon it just goes back to being darkened and doesn't show anything.
+Viktor Wahlberg I'm using the Chrome Unstable on Ubuntu and it's already working fine, it'll come to stable soon, I think.
Awesome, finally the integration between the mobile devices and desktop browser (or ChromeOS) experience is starting to come together. I'm just hoping it's truly cross platform (i.e., Linux) capable. Not holding my breath, but just hoping we have a polished deployment of a new feature. 
And again no Linux client. +Google likes to profit from Linux but don't likes to give something back. For a +Google Drive client Linux community waits for years now. On the same time +Android, Google Chrome OS and much more builds on Linux and the Open Source Community. What likes +Google to hear about itself? Don't be evil! Really?
+Chris Weis Click the hamburger menu on the stock update card and tell it to stop showing stock updates.
Cannot see it here in the UK. Have it enabled in chrome flags as well. Is it US only?
What about A nexus 7 tablet???????
Wendy W
So, the cards will just start to appear without having to do anything other then be signed into chrome?  Do you have to be in Chrome  Windows 8 mode?
But still no 64-bit browser for osX? When will we get that?
Went into flags and enabled it,  restarted browser and we are a go
Now its going to be hollott better thanks.
Already using it via the developer version of Chrome.
Sean G
+Wolfgang Granon if it's for android ... can't you just pull it out of source code? I hacked one for mine...
Just need to get Gmail and Calendar notifications to appear without having their tabs open, and be able to view older notifications without having them auto-clear instantly, and you will have one hell of a notification system with Chrome!
Mark M
Does this !ran I can walk by my PC and say "OK Google"?
I've been waiting for this! But just out of curiosity, can this be turned off if I need to?

Edit: Oops. My bad. Yes, you can. You just have to read that Help Centre link up the top. :P
Excelente!!!! ojala agreguen más categorías, la tarjeta de los vuelos es super útil.
J Karle
Works like a charm!
whoa... interesting.  may have to give this a tumble.  
is this available in china mainland?
Will this appear on Chrome running on Linux systems too? I'm asking because the help linked page mentions Windows and mac explicitly but not any other OS like BSD, Linux, Unix etc.
Awesome! Research topics in the same browser as I search for something? Cool! 
Thanks again Google now I can get the info I need on my computer too. 
Really looking forward to it after having it on Nexus 5
M. Co.
Wow too cool!!!! Gonna love this feature!!!
مش شغال عندى اعمل ايه
I still wish Google+ can recognize that my YouTube and Google+ are the same Gmail account therefore one in the same. I had to set up a 2nd YouTube for Google+ With separate settings videos contacts etc its confusing. I have different avatars just to know with one I'm logged I n as.
What about beta users will the cards work the same as they always did ??
Now if they would just fix the cashe issue chrome has it would be nice
+Caleb Martin No, you've had "Notifications" for a while now, but not "Google Now Notifications".  Unless of course you were on a beta-branch of Chrome.
Are there plans to also give it to users without a smartphone, or paranoid users who don't want their phones to be tracked? I understand some cards technically need to have a coupled smartphone, but not all do (for example appointments should only require a google calendar account, and birthday a gmail account).
Hopefully this will work on #chromebook too? As I use mine all the time as well as my android phone,
Nice job Google.Chrome keeps getting better and better 😁
Nah! Who wants another narrow ticker of someone else's news? Desktop still King!
Fast google chrome internet......<3
Any way to force Chrome to update to get this?  Chrome reports that I am "up to date", yet I don't have it....
where is my Google now??? waiting since long for PC!
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I'm starving for new technology. Its hard to move forward using yesterdays hardware. I put my faith strongly into Google's product lines in the belief of better handling with smooth design and compatability with other manufactures.
+Tiggles Worth It's native to Android. Basically, it learns what your interests are, whether they're sports teams, the weather, or certain destinations on Google Maps and it starts pulling together a page of "cards" showing data you are interested in. Probably not too useful for the Chrome-only user, but if you also use a modern version of android, it is a beautiful feature.
Please stop swearing people do not need this on Facebook. 
+Tiggles Worth dude it's cause Google now is a mobile app... they are just now bringing it over to desktop for people who were already using it...
And he told you to stop swearing cause you are making yourself seem like a Jack ass...
+Nick Iacullo I guess people who don't have a smartphone have good reasons for that: either they don't want one or they don't feel the need to have one. Not much can be done in the former case, but in the latter, giving them a taste of the kind of service they could expect on a smartphone could be a good idea. Your web-browser knows your location, it has access to your mail, calendar, etc just like your mobile. Assuming you use the same google profile at home and at work, it can even somewhat know your habbits. Sure, it won't give you instant information such as "get out of that bus now, there's traffic jam ahead" (does it do that on a mobile?). But info such as "you have a flight in 2h, you should leave now" or "this is XXX's birthday, leave a note" is perfectly available and useful on a desktop.

I read that google now was supposed to be a showcase of what google's information collection could do for us. Google collects information from everybody, no matter if they use a desktop and/or a mobile... Why should the service be restricted to mobile owners then?
+Tiggles Worth at least you can admit it...
+Thibaut Verron I'm not disagreeing that it would be a good idea. I too actually think it would be great and I know they have the ability to, and probably will implement it in the future. I was just explaining to +Tiggles Worth that there is a reason it's like that, and it's not just cause Google assumes everyone has a smartphone. 
Ah, I would but I messed up my android email with too many bookmarks and plugins. I made another and it works fine. That is the one I use. Let my reset one email and port over information to the other and I'm good. 
+Tiggles Worth As a temporary solution, you can install android-x86 on any x86 computer (or even run it "live" from an USB key) and activate google now from there.
I have it on my desktop chrome now, but reminders are NOT working on desktop Chrome Google Now when created on iOS.
Surprised that I got it on a Windows based laptop almost immediately but still doesn't work on my Chromebook :-/
It would be nice to be able to change the notification position (top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right) and/or which monitor to display it on.
can users in china use it?
Oh I can't wait I'm excited
lol, notice the internet explorer in the taskbar, shouldnt they have removed that?
صور لاجمل الكاتويات مع الفواكه
its working on the new chrome 34, but only if I enable it in the flags. i thought i simply sign in to Chrome?
Chrome OS and Chrome on Win
No Google Now for me yet, even when enabled in the flags: chrome://flags/#enable-google-now
Had icons hidden so didn't see it it today. 
still no Google now! Is this real or fake?
No it there, working for me Don Crowley
Hi Andrew, how do you get it to work? I see no options
finicky..but... i tricked it into working with a full uninstall / re install of Chrome. Sadly, the A's are losing.
Why does the Google Now weather notification tell me the temperature in °F?!? I'm not in any of the few countries on Earth that still use that obsolete scale; moreover Google Now correctly uses °C both on my device and in my browser!  Could that bug please be fixed?
Is it me or the notifications seems to be broken with the newest Chrome release? I don't receive them anymore... Anyone else?
I'm a bit confused by this 'new' addition as I DO NOT own a smartphone, never used one, yet I have Google Now Notifications appearing on my Chromebook. Either I don't understand how this works, OR as I do KNOW to be TRUE: someone, quite possible a 'hacker' or 'other entity' has been able to push into my system (through my network or a virus) and discovered my Account Password/login and is using their Android Device as if it were me. THIS IS a serious problem either Google Knew would happen so easily or 'they just didn't think it through' w/ their 'genius' minds. My opinion: Just another way for anyone to hack into your device and 'monitor' every thought, action, feeling, document, file, download, etc...change codes w/ open source at will, the list goes on. I have been experiencing these issues since I 'received' some sort of malware on my PC which then transferred to my Chromebook through the Syncing Process from my original Google Account. When my Chromebook is 'acting' as I am a developer yet I AM NOT and code is literally being changed as I WATCH IT HAPPEN on the screen..something is not right. If anyone can shed some light on how Google Now could be on my device WITHOUT me first having a cell phone/smartphone in use, I'd appreciate it. Thanks! Onelove. 
Google now was on my chromebook, I somehow dismissed it. Now there is no number next to the time. I can't find any info on turning it back on. Any help?
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Almost two year later and nothing...
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