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Edit: Wow! Glad that so many people liked the Incognito shades. We've run out of them for now, but we hope you have a fun & safe Halloween!

Halloween’s just around the corner, but with these Incognito sunglasses, you can stay stealthy all year-round. 

Get a free pair for yourself by filling out your information here (while supplies last): Be kind to your #chromies - one per person please. 

Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + N has never looked so good. #funfriday
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I don't need a mask for halloween... u_u')
Halloween: Those glasses, a trench coat, and a bag of porn.
holy crap, did you only have one pair? already out it says
I didn't get a confirmation so I may have submitted twice...
<3 (just need one)
It says you are already out...  You just posted this post and you are already out????
Gone in 7 minutes?
I would like a pair...
"Sorry, we're all out of Incognito glasses...."
Glad to know I made it in. Wasn't sure if there would be an "out of stock" page or not.
hmm, I got the form when I first visited, but when I submitted, said out, not sure if I got in time?
Shouldn't have taken the time to double check my dorm's address! :(
I didnt see the out of glasses message when I signed up to I hope I made it.
You have no way of knowing how many people filled out the request for them that will not post anything here. At the time I put my request in, there were no replies at all and then look how far down the reply ladder I ended up!
I hope yall got some more after halloween.
I filled out the info, but then after hitting submit, I got just a white page. I have no idea if I got em or not. Was there any confirmation page or something?
Apparently I haven't been paying attention to the stream and missed out. b00 on me
Well then I have no idea if I got them or not.
+Joshua Woodward They must have had like 50 pair.  Because I saw the post in under 10 mins and was already told they were out.  :-)
I really want one. +1 if you think they should give some more stuff away.
Those are awesome! I want one.
Google should have a -1 button. Lol.
They posted it on Facebook and that's where the real grabs came from. Too bad they didn't have a separate supply for loyal Google Plus'ers :)
They need to have two different batches. One for Facebook, and one for Google Plus. At least we'd have a better chance of getting 'em.
Tell me when you have more! ... please.
Ada M
What are these? X-ray specs?
I wouldn't want anyone knowing I wear these ... If you know what I mean. ;)
i clicked on the link, it says you are out of incognito glasses, =(
Ryan Ng
Ha ha. Glasses with Incognito icon on top. I really need a pair.
Next time can you post about them before they are all gone? Like at the start of the giveaway may be? Kthxbye.
I'm sure they'll be on eBay for $200 soon :-) 
aww damn.. i could have used a pair of those for Halloween  :(
I also need some new shades to protect my eyes against the shining african sun.
nerd glasses love em
Nooo... There all gone, They were for tweaks birthday. Come on big G, help out a Captain in in need. Please...
if you are really a google chrome i say stay in my google + the rest is bothering mixed news i can look up when interested Happy Halloween! oh ment to say just a few interesting studies in this account I keep spaming
my friend is goin' 2 dress like a nerd and she NEEDS 2 get those glasses
Aw man I was on a plane and missed out :[
+google chrome WHAT YOUR OUT I WANTED A PAIR! :( maybe you can do it again? Hinting around! :)
is google+  getting more now!
wat u had 2 put them on hold!
I was 11 mins late earlier and they'd all gone. :(
April fools! Oh. Wait...
Darn! All out! THOSE. WOULD. BE. EPIC! 
maaaaannn how did I miss out on this?
dude i want a browser called mario chrome
me 2 it sucks being the one who missed it
I never get free cool stuff,  I'm always in the last to know group.
How can i order them?
I wish i knew about them would be great to have them on molokai
Please add me to the waiting list if y'all decide to make more. Very cool promo. Happy Halloween, Google Chrome team!
Darn it, I missed this promo!
I don't get it. They just look to me like cheap sunglasses that you can get at any gas station. Am I missing something here?
Yes, yes you are missing something here. You get it or you don't and you just don't get it.
Can't Re-install something U already have...i want one, too...
Nice... Can't wait for the new google glasses.. 
Unfortunately they were gone before I could get there! :-(
I want one!
Where can I get them!?
Did they all get claimed in the first 42 seconds?
Come on fellas, make some more!
What!!! I would of bought these right away if I knew!!
LOL incognito browsers is ok but incognito glasses !?? i think Google might be running out of ideas ...
Ryan Ng
Next time I need a pair before they sold out :(
Can you get some more incognito shades? Please ... 
I think I gonna cutout a incognito sticker and stick it to my shades. Need a pair.
like to have glasses/dont know how i ended up here?
It says they are out of ingognito glasses and I don't think it's fun to post it when they are out
You snooze you lose! That's what happened to me:(
This may not eny sence but I have just got rownd to using it :-)
Eneyway why rian why durs you last name say DICK!!!!!!
Thanks to google auto fill i got in fast. it linked to a blank page with just your name and address. looked like a spam page in a way. its funny just as I logged in and they posted it.
Who broke the sound barrier
whats so cool about them? there just glasses
I have added now me for best & knowledgeble information by googlechrome.
I'm really bummed I missed out on this. :( oh well, it's a really cool thing of Google to do. Thanks guys! 
Aaarhhh... wish I would've seen this sooner. ...
its smokinly hot.....oh.yeah gve it a shot.....
Aww, man... I missed this. That's okay. I still have my Chrome finger sweatbands. =)
Anuj K.
Epic....I will go buy these on ebay...they are awesome 
"Sorry, we're all out of Incognito glasses" haizz.. 
Shu Jin
i love this glasses <3
Let's see how much they go for on eBay, I'm guessing $100.
I also need a pair of it.....!!!!!!
N. N8v
Dam out of sun glasses would have liked to get a pair too
I think that it goes to the $200..!!!!
wahhh. didn't pop up 'til too late. Anyone wishing to donate their gently used shades so I can look cool should send me a note. xoxo
Very Interesting photo! Thanks for sharing! ; 0
So if I wear these, I can look at naked women and no-one will ever know?

Damn, I should've signed up for a pair...
Could I be so lucky ??????
i want some of u to joint with me as a pair
Darn just saw this! Guess I'll just have to make my own now. :P
Too late for me... but the idea was nice :)
THEY KILLIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Ohh shit.. Free Ray Bans!!!!
"Sorry, we're all out of Incognito glasses"

hiii dattu...n dinesh....
Got message "We're all out of Incognito glasses". Bummer.
Can we kill iPhones by watching people with this?
Aww missed them. Budget Google Glass(es). 
So nice - I Love it..
I don't even care if I have to pay; I want some.
If more come available then i would love to have one!
Good business this sunglasses I'll make some now looking for my paint brush 
Estaa friuu na namacha hoje!!dammmm
Yup, got mine today as well, and I had totally forgotten about it, heh :)
My Incognito glasses were also delivered today. Thanks Google. ;)
Got mine today! In Norway! Had no idea you sent to other countries. Made my day:) Thanks! 
Got mine today! April 8, 2013, Mexico! thanks a lot!!!!!
I just got mine today :D completely forgot and I had no clue where they came from until I saw incognito guy :D
Someone Broke into my car last weak and STOLE MY INCOGNITO SUNGLASSES!!!  What the heck man, really....
+Brad Traina  You made my day!! But sorry for the glasses being stolen... some people are jerks
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