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You can find out more about the new +Acer Chromebook here:
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When I bought my Samsung Series 3 Chromebook from Best Buy yesterday the store clerk tried to sell me anti-virus software with it.  Even after I told him this runs ChromeOS and wouldn't even run anti-virus software he exclaimed that I get 6 months free.
+Zackary McNamara I agree, especially since it's a cloud machine. I know wifi and cell modems use alot of juice but for a webtop machine that isn't too good when I could just as easily get a netbook and toss another flavor of +Linux on it and have it perform better.  Still for the price, atleast these +ChromeBooks are getting into the price range they are supposed to be vs the $450+ range.
Too many horrible experiences with Acer hardware quality. No thanks.
Get that Samsung shit back in stock, ASAP! Also, keep up the awesome work! 
Sean S
Can I store photos on the Chromebook's hard drive?  Say I go on a trip and need to unload photos from my SD card to free up room on the SD card, can I transfer files from the card to the Chromebook's hard drive?
So I get the impression Acer & Samsung are holding back and gimping these machines to reduce the impact on their own machines. Like I wish the screen resolution was more impressive. 
+Sean S, from what I know, I believe that it has a linux OS background.  So, yes.
+Eric Schultz Better screen means bigger price and battery drain. This is a Chromebook: it is, by definition, the bare minimum. Celebrate what it is because if it were anything more, what makes it awesome would be gone.
I ordered my Acer Chromebook last night (13 Nov) from Google Play at a total cost of $213.97. Hopefully, I will have it this weekend. I’ve had a Samsung Chromebook 550 for a few months and it’s my primary home computer. It replaced my Apple notebook, so its only real job now is for iTunes and iPhoto for my iPhone (when that contract is up, goodby Apple). I have Chrome on the Apple and on my Windows 7 Home Premium desktop (it’s primary job is to be my PVR) and I love the way Chrome can sync all the Google services together between each computer.

My only real concern is how well can you navigate around a 320GB hard drive? When I’m working with one of my external hard drives, I would rather use the Windows Explorer on my desktop than that very basic file manager that comes with ChromeOS.

Has anyone written a review about how well this Acer Chromebook works in the real world?
+Randy Bishop when I ordered my series 3 from Best buy, the website tried to sell me anti virus software 
Ah. I think the Chromebox pulled a Nexus Q before the Q even happened.
I like what I see. I ordered two today...
You have an "interesting concept" of exchange rates!
+Google+ Help sorry about that . . . Trying to be a little too cute on my end.

However, I do have question re G+. Is the +Google+ #Hangout scheduling feature available on Tablets - - where it interfaces with the native Calendar Client? How about my #Chromebook ARM . . . Can I expect to be able schedule a #Hangout through #Chrome OS and have #Calendar do the appointment logistics?

If so, please point me in the right direction. 
Everyone seems to keep mentioning the battery life of a chromebook. Well the 550 I have state that the battery will last about 6 hours which I've gotten 8 hours so I will add 2 more hours on the Acer as well since it dose not run any programs on these chromebooks to drain any power. 
+Randy Bishop That's classic that Best buy is trying to sell the anti-virus for it!

The blame is on the other OS makers who can't make their OS secure and these sales guys are trained to sell anti-virus, firewall and etc..  
Anyone head when New Zealand will have the chrome book available? It is the best now and can only get better in the future!
I'm looking at all the comments, but should I get this? Cuz I want a net book that I can bring around with me to surf the net and stuff, should I get this or some cheap net book instead? 
+Anand Kukreja I would recommend the Samsung Series 3 Chromebook for $249 instead.  The extra $50 is worth it.
It is very disappointed that you do not sell these devices worldwide
The above link ships. Also Best Buy can order them.  Google it [sale] and you will find them.
The same for Google Music, Books, etc.. we want this in Europe!!
Ohh..I was asking if you knew when we will be able to purchase Chromebooks in New Zealand? - thanks, David.
Compared to the Samsung Chromebook Arm, the Acer includes a HDD, a fan, har shorter battery life, is bigger and heavier. With its Intel processor it looks more like a Netbook with Chrome OS.
??? Only 3.5h battery life?. Is this a joke? 
Zak Oz
Netbook? I have the Samsung 5 Chromebook w/ video-out; this thing is a Beast compared to a POS Netbook. Netbooks are toys circa 2008. When your Netbook grows up and moves out of it's parents basement, it want s to be a Chromebook.  #chromies  
Leo T
I'm glad they're sticking it to the Euronerds for $30 bucks more!  
I like the specs on Acer better than the Samsung. Can you download iTunes on a Chomebook? I still like to use my iPod.
Hm.... Seems Legit, but why did google make the specs worse? I mean the battery life is only 3 hours, and i only has 2 gigabytes of ram..
+David Thompson I don't know the reason why exactly, but maybe the operating system doesn't really need all that power. I must do a hands on first.
+Ruben Santana How do you like it? It looks bulky and funky. Do you like it? Can you post some pictures? I was debating waiting on the Samsung to come back in stock.
£75 more expensive in the UK? No thanks. That's a very expensive mains lead you are supplying.
Something strange about the keyboard shortcuts map.   On the Acer version if you hit Control+Alt+/  it shows you the keyboard map for the Samsung Chromebook.

Also, I wonder if they were planning but then dropped having a backlight keyboard.   On the keyboard map alt+Bight down is for Decrease Key Brightness but it doesn't seem to affect anything.
Also, did you see, Update 11/16: The latest update for the new +Acer C7 Chromebook enhances the battery life to 4 hours. You’ll automatically get this update when you open your Chromebook. 
Why can't Acet make their laptop as nice as the Acer's clunky looking. If it looked better I would buy it
終於!台灣之光阿!acer i love you!!!
Mine has failed within a week of purchase. Screen frozen, neither mouse nor keys nor trackpad responding. Even the power on/off switch doesn't work, so I can't turn the darn thing off. When I registered for Acer support, neither the S/N nor SNID were recognised. This chromebook was shipped from Acer by Amazon direct, so one presumes it should be a pukka item. I've never had such a bad experience with a computer; this is a rubbish product in my experience.
Sounds like you have a bad experience with it, but I predict that it will take overly long, but they will fix the defect.
+Annie Thompson  Hold down the power button for like 30 seconds. It should then power off. Also, in the future, you may want to just buy directly from Google Play store. This way you can get Google to replace it if you have a problem. 
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