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You can find Chrome for Android Beta here:
Excited that the team just released a new update to Chrome for Android Beta that includes some new (much-requested) features. We've also expanded availability to 31 new languages and in all countries where +Google Play is available. Let us know what you think:
Since we launched Chrome for Android Beta in February, we've been listening closely to all of your feedback (thank you!). It's great to hear how so many of you love having the Chrome experienc...
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Guys, facebook does not work well on ics nexus s. It keeps moving up :/
"This app is incompatible with all of your devices." says the site... if only ICS was available on any of my devices.
FUCK ICS, less 3% ecosystem
Not for my Phone !! This app is incompatible with your Verizon HTC ADR6300. I want this NOW !!
The weird this, the Phone says, update avvailable, but when I try to upgrade it says, Application already installed.. ? Samsung Nexus 4.0.2
I really like Chrome for Android, but it just takes too much space on my Desire. I guess it wasn't really meant for this one lol. Will definitely install when I get my new device next month !
LAME!!!!!!! +Google Chrome you STILL don't include App Description and Release Notes as part of the Chrome APP!!! What the HELL?? I have to navigate to a WEBSITE to look at what's new in the update???
How do you expect third party devs to follow your app development guidelines when you yourselves don't do so!
So laggy on Transformer Prime.Tabs on top often go to black, omnibox not hided while scrolling. Heavy pages like The Verge articles are displayed very slow. Close button on the tab so small. Stock browser much more faster and useful on tablets than Chrome...
Love Chrome! Much faster speed!
Too bad it's ICS or Galaxy Nexus only. :(
+Matt Dowd Ah thanks
OK we will wait now adobe to support chrome for android
I think soon
+Ahmed Alkmash no ICS is the last mobile OS to support flash. That's why Android Chrome supports html5 instead
Great! Please hurry up on other releases (or give me updates on my droid 3 :) ) -J
I have only one feature request: make it not slow on the supposed fastest Android tablet to date. Ironically, Google services in particular like Gmail are practically unusable.
I love that mobile chrome. Tab management is awesome and html5test can be proud of your job.
i wish it was availabl on my galaxsy s2
Yeah, for all the masses that actually have ICS phones. What is that, like 3 people? Liking Dolphin Browser so much not sure if it's worth the wait...
I'd really like to see this on Gingerbread.
Seem snappier. Too bad Adobe won't build a version of Flash for it. Then I could replace the Android Browser completely.
FAIL: This app is incompatible with your Sprint Samsung SPH-D710.

Last time I checked, the Galaxy S II was kinda sorta popular...
any idea how soon we'll have source code for chromium for android?
+Adriel Michaud flash was just for Android in general. It was Google's choice for it to not support flash. And Chrome is set to replace the stock browser as the default, which will probably happen in Jellybean, and Jellybean won't support flash.
What's up with the android Chrome sucking at adobe flash? I have to copy/paste links into my "Browser" app to play some things
I'm honestly surprised that Chrome for Android Beta isn't supported on Honeycomb. The reason I say this is a majority of Android-powered tablets run some version of Honeycomb. Does anyone know if the Beta is currently using ICS-exclusive API's? Because, as a programmer, that's the only thing right now that could really limit Chrome for Android Beta's compatibility.
+Matt Dowd I'm getting "Your device isn't compatible with this version" when I click on the link upstairs. I found a fix that involves changing the build id on CM9, but I shouldn't have to do this.
+Matt Dowd It was working before, now it tells me it can't be installed after they update the app.
i want to get the chrome for Android,but it can not work ~~
Doesn't work in Explay Informer 701 (ICS 4.0.3)
"Error - insufficient storage available" updating from 0.16.4301.233 on Nexus S with OTA ICS 4.0.4
EDIT: Discovered there was only 116MB of internal storage available. Clearing Chrome's 102MB cache resolved the issue. Yikes!
Loving Chrome for Android. Suggestion for a future feature, enable scrolling using the volume bar. I live in a cold climate and this would mean I can read a page without freezing my fingers to scroll.

Keep up the good work
Chrome needs a way to quickly hide and show the tabs,omni bar and bookmarks bar so that i can use the real estate for viewing web content. I don't like full screen mode is not good as it even the windows task bar. These three could float-in like the exit full screen short cut
I agree and would love to see the return of the menu appearing when you hover over the Google icon; I guess Google want all services appearing at the top of the page to insure people explore them.
+Edwin Castillo don't know what to tell you then, because it works perfectly on both of the Cyanogenmod 9 ROMs made for my Iconia a500
the app is not suit for China Mobile HTC Wildfire ~!~
can u make it available for samsung galaxy ace???
Dolphin browser HD is a great browser,so many great design on it.
this product changed my mind of Chinese products +Ashwin Chakicherla
critical functionality required to run chrome is missing either your chrome installation is incomplete or not compatible with this version of android
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