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On average, it takes you 20+ steps to purchase something online, and only 3% of shoppers complete a purchase on a mobile device. Say goodbye to filling out forms: announcing the new requestAutocomplete API turns those 20+ steps into just 3 steps, making shopping easier.

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That is why I usually stick to Amazon, very simple even on mobile.
what you guys are doing is fantastic! 
 szeretném beállitani a bsplayer toolbart a I want to set BSPlayer Toolbar in Google Chrome but you do not know that you could be megkösszönném anyone help thanks in advance for your help       chrome-be de nem tudom hogy kell ha tudna valaki segiteni megkösszönném elöre is kössz help 
No. Won't keep that information stored in my browser.
You know what would make filling out forms a lot easier?  Not having all of the information get erased because you accidentally hit backspace outside of a text field.  Please.  Please.  Please make this shortcut setting an option.
I think it is not possible to make purchases online. While it is said that the world, through the net is like a village where everyone are neighbors . So , the populations  of underdeveloped countries are not counted in this technological rule, since the populations of these countries do not have credit card ... It is clear that banks are not yet ready to open accounts for people who are  homebodies and did almost nothing. That way, I understand that the net is a tool designed only for the populations of industrialized countries. I think it's the truth. An African does not buy anything through the net as he has no card. So, the big IT companies have to search  a  system of opening accounts for populations of African countries, South and Latin Americans and Asians. How these disinherited people have to enjoy the benefits of the internet. Really , they will participate as'' universal people or citizens of the world instead to be cooped up in their country without knowing anything about the world
Somebody is playing your hands , and that can"t be possible .
El motivo de por qué no cuaja el diseño de las aplicaciones de los iOS 7 con sus ícones .
It is a reality, Africa is far from being considered in the context of universal technology. Every African , he is in the truth, that foraging. So technology is the preserve of industrialized countries. And then it says: Poverty breeds the impuissance.En more precise, it is shouted from the rooftops of the world: The poverty is the ignorance.
This is a beneficial option ... The forms are gone. Thank God. But the question is that people of underdeveloped countries , can't buy something online. These people do have not  a credit card even less a choice to make a purchase online. These new options following Autocomplete API request, do not serve the ore interests of the users of the underdeveloped countries. Instead, they are there to navigate virtually - The virtuality  on interent is always appreciated - No improvement for africains ...
lam im
غوغل كروم .جيذ جدا و يبدو انه يلاقي منافسة كبيرة من المحركات الاخرئ ..و علئ القائمين عليه ان يستتمرو المزيد من الجهذ و الوقت لاعطاء محرك غوغل دفعة غير مسبوقة في عالم الشبكة العنكبوثية ..و رغم كل المافسة التي يلقاها غوغل كروم بالخصوص فهو يبقئ دائما في الطليعة ...
حقيقة ادهشني'قوقل.كروم'بخدماته.الجمة'يستحق.الأشادة.به.ممتاز
Paker S
اعشق غوغل لا أجد له منافس
David B
It was really a pain having to retype all the info all over again esp. when you shop online frequently. +Shirley Harper 
Anything to save time is cool with me
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