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Black Friday is on the horizon, and you don’t need to brave the crowds or wintry weather for this deal. 

For a limited time, get a $6 credit redeemable for a Google Play movie rental with every purchase of a Chromecast from +Google Play,, and +Best Buy. Once your new #Chromecast is set up, share what movie is #NowCasting on your TV. 
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Jerry Ham
Crap! I bought three Chromecasts last week for Christmas presents. I guess I should have waited a week...
I am heading reports that Google play movies is not working with the chromecast currently, is this a server issue +Google Chrome?
Crap, I can't buy any because I live in Australia lol.
Please, take my £££'s, oh - Chromecast is not available in your country.
I bought my last Week and I using it now here in Brazil! It's very cool...
$6.Dollars Credit Redeemable 4 GooglePlayMovie.
Google Play Movies? What ist this? Ahhh... you are talking about this ominous service which is not available in Switzerland? Ha! Act global before posting on a global social network...
Common Google, why don't you hire me to sell your stuffs in Australia. This is why Apple still dominate global market for their control, locked and way too expensive craps.
I just bought one through Amazon about 2 weeks ago. I want the Google Play credit!
+Victor Gracia doesn't hurt to ask, now does it? They list other retail partners, so worth a shot. 
I was one of the lucky ones that got a Chromecast when Amazon "accidentally" shipped them internationally. I use it almost everyday. It's the only way I watch TV.
uk pre-christmas at least? or should I import already?
I just bought four as gifts last week, as well. I don't guess there's any chance this is retro. At least I'll get it for the next two.
Let me guess the credit is only good for US residence only  right??
I love how users make comments looking for a response, but +Google Chrome just ignores people. So few companies who post on social network sites interact with their consumers/customers, sad.
Play store said...not in your country...
You like to tease me? works...
Greg M
Non event for Canucks
How about if if buy a chromecast here and then get the credit in the uk ? Still works ?
Who gives a shit about black Friday
Start selling them natively in Sweden and I'll buy one
I think I'll just rent the non-compressed Bluray version for $1.50. 
Great .......yes   superman  yg dicari2  tk ketemui.
Like 6$ is going to get me to buy one. But it is a nice offer. Thank you Google.
Mica G
Great, gonna buy it !....oooops, I live in Spain !
I have never had issues with mine. People complain about more apps, however from day one, Google said the SDK would be released at a later time. Rumor has it that the SDK will be released as early as Dec. I love my Chromecast! People need to research before they complain about more apps. Though I agree it needs more apps, I understand why there isn't. People are way too critical today. Relax people. Its coming. Google it!
Chromecast... for Canada???  PLEASE!!  :'-(
Chromecast for Canada or NO CHROMECAST ... the 49th parallel is imaginary
I wish it would work for live events on YouTube. Major disappointment there.
Google Chromecast is still not available in France, and i'm really waiting for it ...
Ciekawe kiedy będzie w Polsce, chętnie bym przetestował.
daddy bought that
Man of Steel availeble on thepiratebay olso................... hahahahahahahah fonsy
its bad that Chromecast is still criticizing some Countries. 
A la altura de landeta por ruta 13 que pueblos hay bajando por camino de tierra 
Sorry, I gave Chromecast a try and was terrible.  My unit was 4 feet from the wireless router and the video quality was SD at best.  I could wireless stream on my Note 2 in HD from Netflix.  Its just to limited now.
Its ok ...but I wish I can STREAM MY OWN VIDEOS from the "MY VIDEO APP" on my Samsung galaxy 3 8.0 (tablet)
Where do I find one... at...
quiero comprar una tableta de galaxia
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