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Have you ever started typing a URL or search term in your omnibox and realized that you’d rather open that page in a new tab? Just press Alt + Enter after typing your URL or term and voila, a new tab is born.

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This is really useful! More chrometips please.
Oooh! That's very cool. Thanks for that. I love Chrome
well... you can do the same thing with Shift in Opera...
And it works while clicking on a link too ;)
Thank you, this is going to make life more easy!
Using shift to click on a link opens a new window, least in chrome. ctrl+clicking would be a new tab
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Alt + Enter works in IE, Firefox & Chrome for anyone else wondering. I didn't know. Hazaa
My Chrome experience has become so much more awesome over the last few days thanks to tips shared here.
It'll be a lot better if I can use this shortcut in every search form, not only in the omnibar.
How do you delete a single omnibox search term from history? I frequent and it always loads up in error. Grrr!
after install google chrome my default search engine is

but i then move the default to

using this parameter:

then the omnibox no longer give me fast search like using

i noticed the parameter used in is different than my custom parameter, here is parameter:
That is too cool! When deeply embedded in whatever I'm researching, I've done that and gotten frustrated .. Thank you >*bow*<
That's much easier than my process of Ctrl + A, Ctrl + X, Ctrl + T, and Ctrl + V!
Oh my, I didn't know this. Awesome!
+Paul Kowal and I are on the same page! I'm so used to doing that, that it might actually take longer to think to use Alt + Enter.
That's why Chrome rocks. (Well, one of may reasons, of course)
Opening a new tab is definitely better than opening a new window. Multiple browser windows open suck!
In Opera you can press Shift+Enter to open in a new tab. ^_^
what about pressing CTRL + T to open new tab in Chrome and FireFox. Also, CTRL + W Close table in FireFox only ^&^
Or you could just highlight it and drag it out beside the last tab. :I
Click to copy the url, click (+) new tab and Paste & Go (Firefox)
+Google Chrome using chrome since 4 years but didn't knew that. This shows you should have one central place where all chrome tips and shortcuts are mentioned which would help use use chrome more effectively. Sometimes we need certain feature which is already present in the chrome but just bcoz chrome has no way to get that feature noticed by its users it remains hidden until you post it like above.
Ctrl+1 through Ctrl+8 : Switches to the tab at the specified position number on the tab strip.
i use a lot of tabs so that has got to be the most useful shortcut for me.
+Andrea Doimo unfortunately Ctrl+Enter is not working. In the Opera browser I can press Shift+Enter in every form and it opens a new tab but not in the Chrome.
So, does Chrome have the same safety capacities as IE or Firefox? I'm told by my more technologically savvy com padres that I shouldn't download Chrome. I did once. It seemed to take over my computer. It had this weird mind-of-its-own way about it.
+Kelline Pickett your friends aren't as tech savvy as you think (or they claim) then. Chrome is no more vulnerable than firefox, and a lot less than IE.
i totally agree. firefox is not as simple as chrome. IE is not as efficient as chrome. Opera is not as beautiful as chrome. safari is not as powerful as chrome. and rockmelt is just too annoying.
Thanks for this tip!
Orrrrr just middle click one of the search suggestions ;P
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