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Your night, curled up on the sofa, just got a little bit better. Starting today, +Crackle and +Rdio  work with #Chromecast , so you can watch Crackle’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee on your TV or fill your living room with music using Rdio.

As always, you can stay up to date about apps that work with Chromecast in your country at
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+Google Chrome Any news on when you will release an update that will allow me to use my slingbox app on chromecast?
What are you talking about? My night is not curled up on the sofa. :-|
Thanks for the info. Now how about working with +Google Play to centralize all the Chromecast compatible apps in some category or directory. I didn't spend money on two Chromecasts just to be forced to hunt for compatible apps. You sell the product so please committ all the way. which includes some type of category or directory on Google search or Google Play. 
Gracias pero prefiero sporify, thank you but i like better spotify.
Shame as crackle uk closes down tomorrow
I don't use chromecast but it's always good news to hear that it's getting more features. 
But not in the UK after April 1st
Hey folks, this is not an announcement of a new 'feature' or app that Chromecast is suddenly supporting. It's the other way around.

Google released the software development kit (SDK) for Chromecast a few weeks ago. It's up to the app developers to update their own apps to then support using Chromecast. Google is only announcing that the developers for Rdio and Crackle have done exactly that!

So if you want your favourite app to support Chromecast you should try messaging the respective app developers to do so. 
I love google, but they are years behind the curve with this technology.  Roku is lightyears ahead of the game, doesn't require you to "cast" from a dedicated device, and only cost $15 more.
That was quick just yesterday I was thinking when are they going to get crackle. 
wish we could get itv in the States!
Or, or, could download it instead of paying for that crap or having to watch targeted adverts. 
+Mike Barnhouse you dont cast from a dedicated device, you cast from most any device. Phone, tablet, or computer. If anything roku requires you to have the roku remote. Can you control your roku from any device? 
We tried Sony, the Cube but found the Roku 3 to do the best. It is amazing the amount of MTB film and video content available. You could fill a day and barely scratch the surface. Great for how to video (bleed brakes etc). and documentaries. A whole network for GoPro and you. 
+John Nichols  I use  Spotify on my Chromebook... few technical glitches but worth it 
+Bryan Hicks Yeah, I do the same thing if I'm really hankering for it. It's just a lot more convenient if I can use my phone and not pull another device out. 
Add extension to Chrome ios browser please
Though I am the oldest, (71 years) I am the newest in Chrome. Just signed up for Chrome just now. 
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