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Bookmarks got you in a bind? Try these handy shortcuts to help you manage your bookmarks...Chrome fast!

Ctrl+D / Cmd +D: Bookmark the page you’re on
Ctrl+Shift+D / Cmd+Shift+D: Bookmarks all of the tabs you currently have open
Ctrl+Shift+B / Cmd+Shift+B: Hide or show the bookmarks bar within Chrome
Ctrl+Shift+O / Cmd+Option+B: Launch the bookmarks manager

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I knew all of them except for the the first 2. The second I do it by right clicking a tab, there's an option to bookmark all tabs.
But... when will Chrome bookmarks and Google Bookmarks ever be one in the same??
Shortcuts is not friendly to new users
Hard to remember them for new users
You need a UI Designer!!
Didn't know about Ctrl+Shift+D. That's super helpful.
+William Teder Did you think Without BookMark in UI is easy to use for noob?Oh,pig is flying.
There's boomarks in the ui, click the star in the address bar. Open a new tab and see the pretty bookmarks.
Needed a refreshment of those shortcuts. Thanx!
Hey guys! We all are waiting for bookmark tagging in Chrome!:-)
Is there a way to arrange the bookmarks in +Google Chrome alphabetical order, as it is currently by popularity... especially on my +Android devices
Interesting Google
Actually, Bookmarks managing is very poor. Can't understand why it hasnt been improved already.
Bookmark Manager drag and drop has been fixed on Chrome 19.
+Matthias Heindl People put up with the constant freezing, errors, viruses and cost of Windows?
+Dan Bugglin When you have a thousand bookmarks in a hundred folders, the built-in Bookmark manager just sucks. -And if you cancel a folder, there's no Ctrl + Z
how to remove bookmark shortcut key??
siempre ayudan estos atajos para quienes (como yo) no dependemos del ratón
Yeah you know why is that. Because, you just post and you already gave yourself a 1+. lol
Hops this release a Google Chrome Mail, some exempel Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail clients and save all email account if man format one PC computer some bokmarks for Chrome browser :)
its save all my password and usename to so was some i never format my pc i like this :) save alot of my time and Google Chrome downloads and active all plugins i hade install before i format my computer to. was very nice.
thanks,it's really useful!! :D
Thank you, Google Chrome!
Can I just say I didn't realise till Saturday that my chrome bookmarks sync with the 4.0.4 stock browser and retain the folder structure too. Cheers Chrome!
Great, but when is Google finally going to add functionality between Chrome bookmarks and Google bookmarks??!
+jody Read that's something like what I'm looking for! Can you explain? Stock browser?
Bookmarks in CHrome suck. Delicious addon in Firefox was AMAZING prior to it being purchased in 2012(2011?) - now it sucks. It was the only good, fast bookmarking tool using tags. God. Please someone at Google solve this!! 
I just wan't to be able to drag a bookmark into a folder, have the folder open so I can continue dragging it to where I want it to be. At least on *nix and for what I understand, MacOS .. not being able to do a simple task such as dropping a bookmark into a desired folder or position within a folder without going threw ten steps is kinda silly for 2013.
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