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No longer want to see one of your address bar URL suggestions? Next time, select the suggestion with your arrow keys and press Shift+Delete (Shift+Fn+Delete on a Mac) to remove it from your browsing history, if possible. You can find other omnibox tips here:

This article applies to the Google Chrome browser on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chromebooks When you type in the address bar, Google Chrome can use a prediction service to help you complete the web ad
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Haha!! Awesome thank you!! Very simple way to do an otherwise tiresome task.
Васил Тошков, so sad.
Finally, easy way to remove trash!!
Vasil: maybe recompiling the kernel could solve the problem — SCNR ;)
Works on Ubuntu for me, but I'm running Chrome, not Chromium.
Oh Google Chrome you dirty lil....
Wow... what will you come up with next? Are you working on thought recognition yet?
Ahhh! finally we got that thing! was really in need of it.
Now I just wish I could eliminate ALL predictions/suggestions in the address bar.
+Anna Anna Er... the delete key is already used to delete text ahead of the cursor in the text field. That's kind of what the most intuitive use of the delete key is.
Amazing how Google can implement stuff like this yet still hasn't given us the blindingly obvious ability to access the URL bar without exiting Full-Screen Mode (Like Ctrl-L or a mouse hover does in FF, IE)
Or, another one that is one of my most annoying complaints about chrome. Google has yet, as of the last time I used chrome, to give me the ability to turn off those annoyingly stupid and irritating tooltips on webpages.
Weird, I never have this problem... maybe I should stop using Incognito mode.
Anyone know what happened with my chrome when I go directly to a tld without type index.html and the page is centered, or full width depending on screen size, everything will be mini or moved to the right if it is centered and if I go to index.html then the page properly. It needs a file format for / to make it work.
It would be great to hide websites by keywords (set in options) permanent from predirection.
Once again - Address Bar in fullscreen is a no-brainer. Bring it on Google, you're only 5 years behind everyone else!
Thank goodness I've been trying to figure out how to do that!
Doesn't work for me. Neither this solution, nor manually entering the History in the options menu and deleting entries there.

Using Chrome 19 beta.
Thank you. I really needed it
Thanks for the tip!! I'll try it!
pourquoi je n'est pas la traduction du faite qu'elle est parametré dans mon google chrome
I'm on a Mac using Shift+Fn+Delete and that's not working.
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