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No connection? Check out the new Offline Apps collection in the Chrome Web Store for an assortment of all the different apps that work offline to help keep #chromies entertained and productive while on the go:

Bonus: if you’re curious whether an app works offline, just look for the grey lightning bolt on its listing.
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Eeeeeeee The last G + for Android is horrible, we want the previous, please :-/
what is “No connection”?
Also note that "offline apps" use less data on 3G/4G connections!
Such a thing must not happen!
That.. that would be like having no air!
Plz make more apps available offline. Thanks.
+Gilles-Philippe Morin you can make that, but you should try to understand how hard it is. To do it, you add a specific string of text to every html/php/asp etc. file, and then you need to build a custom infrastructure to handle all of the requests for manifest files w/ responses customized per user. Also, the language used is completely unsupported in most editors, and it involves a ton of serverside hacking. They could do it, but it would be extremely difficult.
It would be terrific if we could actually filter a search based on this criteria. I would also like to be able to find all apps released by a particular developer (so I can see if there are any Google apps I haven't tried yet).
You can edit .doc files offline via google drive folder? Only native google files cannot be edited (while they, in fact, are not ' files ')
Will need to give more than 30 days of offline email. Any chance this limitation will be removed or increased?
We don't understand each other ;) I don't need Clod Connect to edit docs (I don have nor want ms office ;))
Yeah really wowest services provided to all the world wild population...!
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