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Logo construction with Legos. Lego a logo. How much does that pay an hour? ◔_◔
Happy birthday Chrome! Show us the lego Chrome logo. Also like to see the Chrome logo placed at the wheels of the streetview and self driving Google cars.
Sean S
Start a hangout and let us watch.
Come on!! Build like a man! Throw away the directions!!!
Try to make chrome car with chrome disks
I love Chrome, but that lego thing is a really dumb waste of time.
I've been putting Chrome on all of my relatives computers.
lol whenever i go somewhere i always download chrome :P
chromes by far the best browser, i know firefox and opera r decent, but they r no match for chrome
It was hard for me to drop Firefox with its master password, but I fully jumped in about a year ago and haven't looked back since.
It looks like they printed out a full size template (1:1 scale) to make it easier to build.
Hey, wonder if Lagoland would jump on this.
Hey but do not take to burning man. Toxic smoke!
yeah id love to work for google after collage 
I keep looking for that Engineer - Lego Assembler position to open but it never gets posted.
30+ years experience in Lego architecture. Let me know if you need still need a hand... Happy Birthday
I want to work at Google... Need any Technology Project Managers for physical IT infrastructure projects?
Happy Birthday Chrome!!! I love google in what they've done In just 4-years!!! Just comes to show you that they are willing to innovate and provide a brighter future... 
Happy BD Chrome! Keep up with the best browser!
Happy Birthday. The best browser ever and forever
"Happy birthday google chrome".

"Long live."
This is why i want to work at google.
saya sebagai fans google situs saya tertarik dengan perayaan ulang tahun tsb. kapan merambah kunjungan google ke peloksok daerah. khususnya kami kami dari kampung saya bandungbarat lembang  jabar. makasih 
The blue box is suppose to be in the middle!!
su rajh
yes you are my friend 03076727769
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