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Have you ever wanted to +1 and share the webpage you were currently on?

Google+ has come to Chrome by way of two new extensions: a +1 button with a sharebox, and a notification counter that lets you to act on notifications without navigating away. Try them out and let us know what you think:
Share your favorite web pages, and get Google+ notifications from anywhere on the web.
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why TWO different extensions? can't we have just ONE?
Great extension, it should be by default in Google Chrome ;)
Anything yet for Internet Explorer, now hear me out, at school we are limited to IE, and we can't install Chrome, so any options yet?
I agree, default in chrome :) Just like the Dictionary extension should be default.. :)
That's not a new extension. It's what I'm already using. But I love it.
Been using these for awhile now. Both are full of win.
+Matt Hamlin I heard the IE toolbar will have the +1 functionality to share. Cannot personally confirm though as I refuse to launch IE! lol
they need to fix how this works...+1 is public, and share can be limited...
Keep on working that way !
+Google Chrome Why dont have an official Google+ app in Chrome Web Store in that list?
Great, but do we web developers need to put two +1-buttons on our websites? One button for Google+, and one button for +1 on Google Search?
Seriously +Google Chrome I need a Place to vent about how BAD the IMAGE SEARCH on Google Works!!!!! CHANGE IT BACCCCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#Feedback about the button extension:
The official (and only) Google way to share on G+ from a Chrome extension is by pressingg the +1 button via the +1 extension. This is problematic because +1'ed URLs are public. So even if you plan to share a webpage only with a specific circle, the +1'ed URL will be viewable by anyone, unless you totally turn off the display of the +1 tab from your profile. Personally, I don't want to remove the +1 tab from my profile but I don't want all the URLs of my private posts to be "leaked" in this tab...
It should not be default in Chrome, or it will receive hate from Germany's mad data privacy lawyers.
+Matt Hamlin The just released IE toolbar has the +1 button and the notifications. If you can install this at school then you'll get the same features.
Pages yesterday and this now :) Way to improve things. Thanks.
This Google +1 Button I dont know why But it can't work
#Feedback Can we get a version that doesn't show the +1 count on the page? (And thus doesn't need to send every URL we visit to Google).
notification addon is good, but chrome have pin tabs, so counting notifications on favicon is quite better (like experimental counting on gmail)
Don't like the idea of having two extensions for one service. Too many buttons in my extension list as it is. They're both really useful, but for now I think I'll stick with just the notification one - seeing as it blends in with Chrome naturally. No interest in using the +1 extension again. The functionality could be better, and it just sticks out worse than some of the other ones I already need to use. 
the +1 extension doesn't work for me, and never has.. :( When I click it, absolutely nothing happens.
It doesn't work. Nothing happens. Frustrating.
I have both since 1 week and its very nice and helpful. The Google Mail Checker is also a nice addon.
Why two different add ons?
And I would also like the ability to compile a status from the add-on...
I like it but I would request that it adds the ability to also add location information.
There was a plugin that did the exact same thing as the 1+ button and I used it regularly. Glad we could finally get the official one.
It'd be great to have the option to share something privately to a select circle without having to publicly +1 the page.
+Lois Feltus Do you mean unknown people are responding to your posts? If so, you wanna make sure you're not posting publicly.
Guys, please merge these two extensions into one. So that i could see amount of notifications and share pages from one icon, it's so obvious. And really, why should i at first +1 page i liked and only after that be able to share it? Really inconvenient.
Take a look at Surplus
The way it's implemented is the best one. If only surplus worked more stable.
Done. Now let's see how much less work I get done, as my eye keeps flicking up to the right to check that red box....
The best extension for G+ for sure is G+me.
+Mario Durand S. These extensions allow you to view your notifications (and +1 a page) from any page, whether you're using Gmail or not. If you're using a Google product, eg Gmail, sure, you'll see the notification in the top black bar. If not, you can still see it in the Chrome bar.
Cool! I've to grab this......
Please let us able to share without +1 a page.
+Jérémy Lafontaine Thanks a lot! I am using Surplus but somewhat I still like Google to do the extension right and best in class... :P
All this versions of Chrome and next the synchronize of bookmarks don't work..this is key feature for a browser!
That is very nice to created by Google Chrome....
I like it...
A share box extension like the one on google pages that pops up on the right top would be nice
good job..! perfect... melate cacahuate..!
This really is old news 4 most of us...Google+ is great, but the news about Mr. Steve Jobs has been around for awhile. Sorry but I just read the article pertaining to Mr. Jobs, may he rest in peace, and I assumed that it went along with the article about Google+, very bad assumption on my part, very sorry. Although Google + is a real step in the right direction.
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