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Want to get under the hood of your Chrome? We've simplified the Settings page as part of last week’s release so you can manage all your Chrome settings from one place. To access it, click on the Wrench menu then Settings. #chrometip

Check it out and let us know what you think!
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Add "Google Web Store" in the left menu, under the "Settings"
lol that's why i thought start up settings were lost
Desde la actualización a la 19 cuando abres el navegador no se te va a la página de inicio si no a de "Nueva Pestaña"...
The localisation boys went a bit mental changing "under the hood" into "under the bonnet". No one has ever asked anyone what they have "under the bonnet" of their car, ever.
I've never understood why the print option should under the wrench icon - it's not a setting but an action
I'd like for the spell check to have a "blacklist", as I often see definitely misspelled words "approved" (no red underline). I do not know how your danish-language dictionary has been created, but it has many errors, and missing common words.
Took me a second or two to adjust, but overall looks good.

Although, where can I find the settings to enable tab sync?
Me too.Greate a new tab,you'll find the other devices button,at the right bottom of the tab +Derek Whitten
It's working right now
Just open a new tab,you'll see the other devices button at the right bottom of the tab,not opening the setting : ) +Derek Whitten
Are you update you chrome ? Only chrome 19 has this feature,which released last week :) +Derek Whitten
yes,it is. +Dean Bergin
you should update your chrome,and open a new tab,you'll find the other devices button,at the right bottom of the tab
I do still prefer the more organized settings, but I'll get used to the search box
you are right.: )
God,I don't know I'm so lucky
when you open the button,it looks just like the recently closed +Derek Whitten
I thought this was the new settings page for a while. Maybe it was just a flag I had enabled or something. I will note that I often have time signing into Chrome for the sync settings. I will type in my credentials, and then a blue spinning circle will appear and sit there for hours until I kill it. This has happened in multiple versions of chrome running on different operating systems and appears to happen at random.
Greg M
I spent 3 days trying to figure out why session cookies for Gmail, Yahoo email etc were not being cleared in current Chrome release. Discovered that if one has "Continue Where I Left Off" enabled then Chrome will not delete session cookies when Chrome is closed. This leaves you logged into Gmail, Yahoo etc. so that anyone starting up your browser can access your email etc. There should at least be a warning for the "Continue Where I Left Off" alerting people of this.

[See my post of June 2nd regarding some bad news about this change]
Hey, that would be nice if we could set most visited sites, organize an pin them as we want. Such as in the older Chrome versions.
I like the old history page,the new one is hard to found the history on the specified date.
I could really use a better way to handle JavaScript and cookie exceptions. Ideally, a way to set JavaScript and cookie permissions for the current session only. Incognito mode works like that, but in regular mode the drop-down from the URL bar only offers permanent changes. Which is why I now have 22 pages of cookie exceptions since I last went through and cleaned them out.
I like the new settings page overall, because it is just one page. The only criticism is the "Show advanced settings..." link at the bottom wasn't very obvious.
Greg M
+Shawn Kovalchick Read my post in this thread about Chrome's option to re-open the tabs you had open when you closed Chrome, but also be aware of what I consider a problem with it.
I do already have that enabled, and it is OK for me since I keep my HD encrypted requiring a password to access. My problem is that Chrome has stopped maintaining my tabs and the recently closed list seems to have gone away.
If I'm not mistaking, all of your Chrome data is already encrypted on your HD. Guess 2 levels of encryption doesn't hurt though (except for performance)
+Kyle Polansky , +Greg M 's point was that if you choose the setting to "Continue where I left off," reopening Chrome will keep your session data from the previous session, keeping you logged in to sites you might not want to remain logged in to.
I like the new chrome UI in settings. #Chrome #Browser #Google #chromeupdate
I've been using it ever since it had to be activated from chrome://flags ...
The new settings window rocks!
Don't like it, the previous version was much more clean and user friendly. This version has no structure at all just a frickin list.
I like getting rid of the seemingly mostly arbitrary categories, but would like to see the instant search box more prominently located.
i dont like is worse than the older version
+Google Chrome I am having problems with my omnibox. The default seeting has been automatically set to Thailand (where I am) but I was to set it to Instead I am being sent to a 'Google custom search page' which doesn't give me the additional search options down the LH side.
I use the omnibox a thousand times a day and this is sending me insane. Can you or anyone else help me out. Please
Once upon a time ; there used to be a browser known as Internet Explorer -- shiver
+Sam Daitzman No I wasn't talking about the cloud print. The regular print menu option is for some reason under the wrench symbol, which users find confusing
I was simply given at a gmail login SOMEONE ELSE'S FULL ACCOUNT ACCESS a few minutes ago, while being signed in into my own account !!!! PLEASE LOOK INTO IT ! THIS IS NOT A JOKE !
Jiri H
The best WWW browser for Linux & Win for everyday use & web development!!
+Google Daily How was that supposed to help ? Is this how a BUG, a very serious bug is treated nowadays ?
When I try to open the calendar in Google Chrome. It goes into a loop of redirects and errors... MacOS Chrome. Works with Firefox.

Is there a fix for this?
Yes,it is .I agree
Don't blame me on that .I'm not working for Google.You can report the bug to Google
I was just trying to help

+Attila - Csaba Szabo
+Google Daily Neah, I wasn't trying to blame it on you, I'm just angry because I am a programmer myself and makes me wonder why those on the team hide from their users... especially when people's data could be at risk. If I would have hidden from the companies for which I have written software in the last 10 years only, I would have either starved or been sued to death, or both :) Thanks anyway and sorry for the misunderstanding
We need a master password for password protection.. this is a huge security issue for chrome.
The beauty of this is that I didn't noticed, it just was silently and effortless installed without me having to do anything. the magic of +Google Chrome.
+Shawn Kovalchick I agree, the new behavior of keeping session cookies open is a problem for me. I prefered it when it would reopen all the tabs i left open, but had to login again. Maintaining the session open seems like a security problem for people that work on multiple computers. I like to just close chrome and know all my sessions have been closed.
en la versión de puede establecer una pagina de inicio para el botón de home
How about if you make flash craps that are not even in the current tab not consume 100% cpu via chrome flash process? This happens so often I have a hard time believing you never experience this as developers.
I don't like it. I like it the way it was before. I still am not finding it.
just where the heck is it now i have plus...
hello sir can you help me because i revoked google chrome by mistake and now my chrome sign in is not working please help me thanks
my email add is

It would be really nice to just pick a format and stick with it i have had to do so much rescying beause of this, I personally like the old chrome with google+~Jen
Greg M
It seems that Google will not be changing the recently modified behavior of Chrome's "Continue Where I Left Off" option. Using this option will cause session-only cookies to be preserved so that the next time when one starts up the browser you will still be logged into all your websites. This includes even those web sites you specifically indicated not to keep you logged in like Gmail etc.

If you are logged into your bank and simply shutdown Chrome then anyone could start Chrome up and still be logged into your bank. I tried it and after several minutes of being shutdown, when Chrome was started up I was still logged into the bank's website.

See post by regarding how Chromium implements RFC 6265 this behavior will remain.

Sorry Google but changing the behavior of an option in Chrome when it affects a user's privacy and security and not alerting the end user of this change is a gross error on Google's part.

I feel so strongly regarding this that I will uninstalling Chrome from all of our computers here and going back to Firefox. At least they treat  session cookies properly and delete them when the browser is closed down by the end user!
kudos Greg! Experiencing same issue here along with all of the wonderful updating and syncing improperly (chrome on one device, wont install + says not compatible) yet on another unit exact same model they have + and cannot have chrome.... FAIL.
Greg M
I removed Chrome off the 5 computers here as well as deleting the UserData folder and have reverted back to Firefox, which up until 2 months ago I was using every day. Google lately seems to have been releasing applications which either have problems in GUI or security.

In the case of the "Continue Where I Left Off" option, Google made a unilateral decision to change the way session-only cookies are treated without even informing the end user. The end user's privacy and security can be affected and they deserve to be made aware of the decision made behind the scenes.

I personally do not trust Chrome any longer as I have no idea what else Google has or will be changing in the browser which will have such an adverse effect on the end user.

Oct 3/12
  Now Google has deprecated the commandline option that allowed one to force Chrome to remove session cookies. Seems to me that instead of protecting their end user they are doing a 180 on them. Thankfully I do not use Chrome any more. Firefox is working fine and allows me more configuration and fleibility through its extensions etc than Chrome ever did.
New droid autosynced plus phew now for apps.
Found it os sys in pc corrupt will fix soon need apps pt on merge which white and black screened this is new phone same model....
Ok so corrupted laptops two droids lets rethink this pretty sure i wont get new phone via air free again soon.
Let you know what I think?

I think Chrome is one of the buggiest browsers around. I just wish that by "getting under the hood" one could actually FIX the darn thing.

Right now my gripe is the wildly inconsistent spell check. Mostly, it never shows misspellings. But sometimes you get the red underline. Mouse over the misspelled word you recognize but Chrome failed to -- and you usually get a pop up with the correct spelling and some other options.

But why doesn't it ALWAYS underline misspelled words instead of almost never? 

Let me know where 'under the hood' you can fix THAT, if you please, and I will be at least momentarily delighted. (And then we can start on the myriad of other stuff after that moment of celebration.)
I cannot save my settings! Every time I open Google Chrome none of my settings that I changed have been saved. It's getting very frustrating!
I don't know if anyone reads this... but I am tired of the pop ups.  I never used to get them with explorer, but since I started using Chrome I get them on Chrome AND on explorer.  I can't seem to fix this.  I am sooo bummed because I am a huge google fan.  I was a google girl before "google" was a verb.  I have been using Chrome since it came out and blaming the glitches on user error.  I'm beginning to thing it's not me... it's you.  You're losing me.
No one from GOOGLE reads this. You can almost bet on it. For years I have marveled at Google's seemingly endless capacity to put up incorrect or out of date info on their products and then not update it.

And woe be to users who complain about some of the bugs that have been in some of these products for years.

I'm a former G-fanboi. I own a Google Nexus. Android phones. 

But the company is just CLUELESS and getting cluelesser every day.
iam gril thats me in the pic iam not that fucking ugly 
doesnt help all i want to do is check my ssl certs it may be easy for some of you but not when you dont know what you dare click it used to be so easy now i cant find it 
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