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Too many tabs in one window?

If you’re using a Windows computer, you can easily group your tabs into new windows: press Shift, click on the tabs you want to include in a new window, and then pull them past the omnibox. Learn other tips for arranging your tabs here:

You can easily rearrange the tabs at the top of your browser window. To reorder your tabs, click a tab and drag it to a different position along the top of the browser window. To move a
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Widescreen => vertical tabs (tree). Most efficient.
Useful tips.., especially for pin tab..
The problem with multiple Chrome windows is that, when shockwave crashes again(!), or something else freezes Chrome, I have to restart. I have Chrome set to reopen tabs, but it will only reopen tabs in the last window that was open. For that reason, I have about 30 tabs open in this window instead of using a new window.
" I Limit My Tabs [ Generally ] To Six or Seven ...
Why would I open tabs in groups? Isn't one window enough? 10 - 12 tabs can be fit in one window, sometimes I go crazy and open 25+... But I'm usually done with them in one-two days... :)
Anyway to do it on mac? Would be super useful
Why can't they just copy Firefox tab groups. Would be perfect browser with this one extra feature!
Im all for having a vertical tabs list down the left side of the screen. I typically have so many tabs open, there's nothing left but a close button. In fact, the only reason I know the keyboard shortcuts to switch tabs is because I got annoyed with closing the tab that I was trying to switch to.
Why does this say "If you're using a Windows computer"? Works here on Linux too.
if u didnt know this than you dont no google.
like seriously who wouldnt no tht
would be cool to have the possibility of rows of tabs like it is possible with firefox. that would be really awesome.
I discussed this post with 1 person in a hangout.
There are two things on my Chrome wishlist:

1.) Better plugins (Chrome's Adblock extensions don't block all the ads - in particular, ads embedded in Livestream 'videos' - I suspect this is actually a limitation (security feature?) of Chrome's plugin system)
2.) Tab Grouping/Organizing. Something I use in Firefox more often than I thought I would.

Edit: And a third:

Own proxy system. I do NOT want to change my entire system proxy every time I use a proxy. This in itself is the one reason I do not use Chrome for... Certain things. I'll leave it at that. And so, I mostly use Chrome for testing web layouts and so forth nowadays.
I'd really, really love a Tab Stacking feature like Opera has, though. Multiple windows annoy the heck out of me, and having several tabs in a different Chrome window doesn't fix it. But Stacking is just so delicious... I nearly switched to Opera for that - as well as the lovely themes.
I was wondering how can I group tags
This solves all my problems
Tried to work this way a while back, but inferior to vertical tabs.
Google Chrome is the best and it will be in the future.
Easy to use and very simple to understand.
plz make like a google crome sofwere for symbian mobiles 
Why did you say, Windows only ? It is also working for Ubuntu 11.04.
+Otto Hunt I think when Chrome restarts, if you go to the new tab page, in the bottom right hand corner there will be a "Recently Closed" menu. On that menu there should be items for "12 tabs" or "8 tabs", which correspond to the other windows that were closed.
+Colin Griffith "Chrome's Adblock extensions don't block all the ads" Wow man. Really? Should Chrome read your mind and determine what is offensive too? The problem isn't bad extensions, it's that you're asking for something unrealistic and I'm amazed that anyone would publicly whine about THAT in particular. If it weren't for ads, you'd have to pay for about 90% more of the free services on the web. INCLUDING this one (uhh, Google is AD DRIVEN you know?)
+Google Chrome it's not Shift rather Ctrl to select, with Shift you can select the tabs which are consecutive.
+Michael-Rainabba Richardson I use Google Chrome Portable 15.0.874.121, which is the last stable version (there are later dev builds) with side tabs built in. Just make sure you disable the built-in flash plugin and use the system version to reduce the already huge security hazard. Until they bring side tabs back or come up with a satisfactory replacement I'm not updating. Also, we don't have to like ads, we're entitled to complain about them. But when it comes down to it we just have to deal with them in the end.
You can easily rearrange the tabs at the top of your browser window.
This is one more reason why I love Chrome! It's just so simple and if you think you can grab a tab and remove it, group it, add it, open it, close it, or whatever, then you cab do it:)
Yep, Windows and Linux. Sorry Mac owners, but you probably couldn't comprehend this feature anyway.
why did they change +1 button color??
Sven S.
since the last update of my chrome browser -18 beta I have a lot of problems runing web sites,freezing....and so on,as IE is working well,guys fix in time the problem
My dual 24" monitors shouldnt ever have too many tabs, but I've done it many times. Thanks for the Chrome hints.
Great Browser...Go ahead, make it your default. :)
+Google Chrome I'm sorry to say that, but your google+ page isn't as good as it should be. You always forget linux users, you often post outdated things and so on.. You should really consider improving the quality and accuracy of your posts.
+Michael-Rainabba Richardson, I was 'whining' about it because my main browser, Firefox, has an extension that DOES block all the ads - including the ones in LiveStream. So I know it is TECHNICALLY possible - but I have a feeling it is linked to the fact that Chrome does not have it's own network stack that it cannot filter web traffic in as much detail. As I said, a technical limit to Chrome, which I would like to see removed.

The only thing I don't like about the ads on LiveStream, is that they will suddenly and unavoidably interrupt what it is you are watching (we're talking embedded ads), making me miss a large chunk - and when you're watching something that's by definition live, you cannot rewind.

I have no problems with text ads (such as the ones Google puts up everywhere), and even ad banners don't bother me much. But when the ads start to literally interfere with my browsing of the Internet, that is when I want them blocked.

And as such, I'm sticking with Firefox, because it does not have that limitation.
i want Google Chrome browser to my Sony Ericsson Arc S.
Dont like firefox. :)
I used to use Chrome desperately before giving up due to missing Addons or that. Just having a sandbox technique unlike Ff and more speed, Chrome/Chromium's no better than Ff.

Besides, Opera is a little better than IE: incompatible, "no Addons", the adblock's disabilities are a laugh.
+1 to Chris Qian's idea. It'd need to be in Chromium too, so I just hope Chrome pushes the changes to Chromium.
Thank evil ke Google and I have tried the program and it is beautiful and thank you
Nice little feature and moving forward to fully developing Chrome as an operating system
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