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Today we launched HTML5 video playback for streaming content from +Netflix for the ARM-based Samsung Chromebook, so you can now enjoy your favorite Netflix shows & movies. 

To learn more about the Samsung Chromebook, head to 
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Is there any way to have this work in any linux distro?
Just tried it on my ARM Chromebook and it works perfectly. Time for some popcorn and House of Cards.
+Kevin Partner Can't because I got rid of it a while ago. Silly piece of hardware that made no sense to me as much as I tried. If my interpretation of this post was right, then it only strengthens my perspective since as a browser, it should have been capable of streaming Netflix already.
+Michael-Rainabba Richardson Correct, previously on the Samsung ARM Chromebook, when you tried to play a movie, you would get a message saying that they were working on a solution.  It worked fine on other Chromebooks, but there was apparently some kind of issue with the DRM and the ARM processor.  
+Michael-Rainabba Richardson A little unfair considering Netflix uses Silverlight on Windows to enforce DRM. Hardly something you can expect every browser to support. On Intel-based Chromebooks a special native NACI plugin was used for the DRM which wasn't built for ARM, hence support wasn't available. Now they have decided to use HTML5 for this which means it's a better fit for all browsers. I expect the delay here was a behind the scenes push to get rid of requiring any plugin at all. Whether Netflix will allow HTML5 video for other browsers/OS combinations remains to be seen. While I'm annoyed it took so long I think a HTML5 solution is better all round.
I just took a look at the source, it seems that it uses html5 video. But it also for some reason needs a special DRM plugin to be enabled.
+Robert Caldecott Unfair? I think not. I'm not the one marketing the ChromeBook as a "Laptop for everyone that's only $250". I'm only looking to hold it to the standard Google set it to be judged by.  Even more so with the ChromeBook Pixel which costs as much as a MBP Retina 13" but is utterly crippled in comparison, in virtually EVERY way.
Won't work for me, keep getting an Unexpected error C7357 code.
Does this mean silverlight is no longer a retirement? Should be able to use Netflix on other Linux machines as well then, right?
The picture quality is poor even on the pixel, is there no HD option on a chromebook? Seems a waste of the lush screen.
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+Daniel Smith Most likely won't work. The key here is that there's a DRM plugin being included. This is something that is most likely out of Netflix's hands, as most, if not all, of their contracts would not be signed unless DRM was required. So until content makers feel that there's a secure enough DRM component that will work under Linux w/o being compromised, we won't see streaming on Linux
+Daniel Smith The plugin is probably not a regular "browser plugin" like the extensions you can download from the Chrome Web Store, but rather .dll/.so type files. So they need to be written for the specific arch and OS and possibly even distro when it comes to Linux
+Justin Welenofsky And reverse engineering it would compromise the whole project and then mean they'd probably disable the streaming until they change keys or whatnot. After all, if it gets reverse engineered to be able to play it, at that point you just save the video and audio that should be displayed to a file instead, and now you have people saving content from Netflix. Which is the whole reason they have DRM in the first place: To prevent this.
when will it be possible to buy the chromebook in Czech rep.?
+David Burdon I must ask, why did you buy the Pixel? Considering how much more you'd get with a MacBook Pro Retina 13" for the same price (or had you even realized that?), I don't see the logic. For the record, I'm NOT an Apple fanboy (quite the contrary, but I can't deny what the MBP has to offer), I'm a huge Google supporter, and I'm asking sincerely.
+Jouva Moufette You're probably right that there's some kind of shadey DRM plugin for Chrome in action here. Kind of defeats the point of Google calling it "HTML5 video playback" though...
The DRM plugin is actually included in the latest unstable 64bit release of chrome for linux
OK, but more importantly, does that mean that Netflix can now run on raspberry pi?
OK.. This is a big step in making it a full laptop replacement for me..
I'm chatting with Netflix online support about the C7357 error right now ... will report back shortly with what I learn.
UPDATE: The online chat person needed to dig into this "new" error code. I am expecting a callback later this afternoon/evening.
UPDATE2: Just figured out this is due to "click-to-play" being enabled for plug-ins, despite having [*.] added to my allowed exceptions list. Digging through dev tools now to find out what else needs to be added ...
Injoy everyone it should be sweet I Cant wait to see the S-4 from samsung
i wreckon a xbmc plugin is the way forward ;)
netflix online support, lol good luck with that
Nice to know that SilverLight is not needed... Haha
Je regrette de ne pas comprendre votre langue 'et de ne pouvoire vous repondre 
Registered for +Netflix And couldn't play on Linux. Canceled my subscription before they charged, I will not sign up again and be charged to test.
Netflix support on the world's FIRST practical "zero maintenance" computer!!! Simply Amazing!!! :)
Fanless, HDMI, USB 3.0, and 6.5 hrs battery life? Awsome! 
On a unrelated note, that is a terrible cover photo.
I still like Google Chrome though.
Does this mean I can use Netflix on Ubuntu with chromium? If so I will be very pleased.
Its about time that bullshit is up! 
Same issue here with Error C7357 with click-to-play plugins enabled and  netflix whitelisted.
Works fine with click-to-play disabled...
How bout a version of Chrome that, ohh, I dunno, works on my iPad instead of crashing after 2 seconds every time? That would be cool!
Cool. Bring the plugin to all versions of chrome on all platforms please and get rid of the dependence on silverlight
Doesn't seem to work while my chromebook is offline and turned off...
What is google chromebooks best feature when google services are unavailable or no internet like a long haul flight or most travelling vehicles or inaccessibility
C Lord
Chromebook in Canada in twenty years?
Oh wow. Netflix works on a web browser now ?
Based on Intel estimates 1 PetaByte of data is generated every 11 sec.
I have done a little research on chrome"after I finest with my research :will I benefit from it.
All the more reason to get a Chromebook!
+Paul George I am also getting this error.  But I disabled click to play in settings and it will work after that.
Mine just came in the mail today.  Great timing!
I wonder if there is a way to do this on Ubuntu 12.04
Thank you Google and Netflix :-) 
Google Chrome won't open my gmail, outlook, and many Google search pages. Anyone know why? 
How about packaging all of that into a nice little ppa, or even appending it in a new chromium build, you know for the rest of us.
it really cool for high speed internet
Make the HTML5 on YouTube. It would be much better.
Now to load up those binaries for Chromium OS on the Raspberry Pi and see if I get lucky. All I want is Netflix for xbmc.
I read this and it pissed me off.. I happened to be working on a project with several Raspberry Pi's atm and i did a quick check by changing  the user agent string in chromium on a raspberry pi to...

Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; CrOS i686 9.10.0; en-US) AppleWebKit/532.5 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/ Safari/532.5 

Then loaded nextfix (a bit slow on a 700mhz cpu) the returning error was...

Netflix Video Player Unavailable Error Code: 3 Our apologies - we cannot find the Netflix Video Player on your Chromebook. Please ensure you are not in a Guest Session, your device is not set to Developer Mode, and the Netflix plugin is enabled. If you have enabled Plug-in "Click to Play" in Content Settings, be sure to allow an exception for If this problem persists, please update your Chromebook from the "About Chrome OS" menu.

The majority of the comments here are either YIPPY NETFIX ON MY BROWSER COMPUTER! or discuss what is already well know... The MPAA has ass raped netflix users with dumbs ass DRM. As others have pointed out DRM dose not work (sim city cough cough) Camstasia for winblow$, Screenflow or QUICKTIME for OSX and Kazam for Debian will all record the screen and audio thus making it trivial to rip. The PPA mentioned for Ubuntu in the thread is nothing more than wine thus creating unnessery overhead on the computer...

CrOS is a bastardized version of linux (dosent even have a decent screen recorder) so wile +Google Chrome Developers  +Google Developers  and +Netflix  spent time developing this for there "custom linux" because they tout "open source" they actually close source it by making something that is possible on any os unavailable... open source yea right. Folks need to kno the difference between "open" and "open core"  but I digress.

This MPAA and DRM shit is just out of control and all these companies submitting suck ass to!
There are probabily some binaries that need to be loaded or maybe some way to fake out the plugin to think it's on a Chromebook.
I really wish the chromebook could play minecraft. If it could, I would get one yesterday!
Emily K
Google is really brining it on in UK now. Google play gift cards and now this, yes!!
finally, I've been waiting to watch netflix for so long on my samsung chromebook
How about you turn it on in Chrome so I can stream Netflix on Linux finally?
Awesome. This makes the Chromebook almost perfect !
still not working, c7357 error on samsung arm series 3
i have enabled all plugins for netfilx and widevine cdm and it still wont let me use netflix, i dont know what to do? any suggestions
Can anyone explain things in laymans terms?  I am not a computer techi I just want to know how to speed up my videos on netflix, amazon and hulu.  They run fine for maybe the first 10 minutes or so then stop every 3-5 minutes to buffer.  The whole reason I bought the Samsung chrome was to watch videos.  Very frustrated.
This has been a long time coming. Thanks Netflix!!! And Microsoft has a great big failure to add it its list.
I would like buying your computer but i haven't corresponding money compared with the distant of country I live in.
The Netflix toolbar at the bottom of the screen in player mode doesn't work on my Chromebook, is this a known problem? I am trying to turn on subtitles, is there a keyboard shortcut for this?
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