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The latest Chrome Beta release -- rolling out today -- introduces a few improvements to help ensure that all users can have smooth and seamless experiences on the web, especially while using the more modern (and graphics-intensive) applications out there.

If you’d like to dig a bit more into the nuts, bolts, and GPU-accelerated-details of this release, you can find out more on the Chromium Blog:
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What version is this ? I am already at 19.0.1036.0 canary ;)
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Wow.. so excited
Anyone else having a problem where now relaunching Chrome brings you to back to the last page you were on instead of your selected "home page?"
+Alan Cohen Wench > Options > Basics, " On startup".. this is where you make your choice!
And my home page is set to "Use the new tab page." This is how it has always been for me. Weird!
+Janet Logan did that. No change. Does "open the home page" setting work for you?
I am aware that this is not a place for feedbacks, but I feel obligated to say this: I am using a Nvidia-Optimus-based system and when I turn "Override software rendering list", "GPU compositing on all pages" and "GPU Accelerated Painting" via about:flags, this version of Chrome goes totally insane. The pages won't load properly and lots of crashes occur. I hope that you will overlook this problem with -- I believe -- Optimus systems.
+Alan Cohen I don't use that setting. I use the one you are defaulting to. I could check it after I get home tonight, but that's going to after 10pm CT.
and the + on the new tab button is gone? True or am I imagining that?
Thanks +Janet Logan, it started just after updating to the beta.
+Cyrill KALITA, could you try testing "Open the home page" setting for me on Chrome for Windows please?
+Alan Cohen Just did. Works fine4. I've noticed that i had two "windows" with multiple tabs open.

So when I closed them all - Chrome started to open from home page.
Ok. Must be just me then. Strange.
Fixed it. Even though I was closing Chrome, I had the Gmail offline app running in the background. Once I closed that from the system tray, now Chrome is properly opening to the home page.

Thanks +Cyrill KALITA and +Janet Logan!
+Glenn Andrews what benefit is there to the canary channel, other than seeing improvements a day or two earlier? I'm in the developer channel, which updates every two to three days. Canary is nightly. However, canary doesn't save settings and synch with android's chrome browser that came out, right?
+Alan Wolfe and +Cyrill KALITA, yes, the + on the new tab button is gone. If it's going to be gone, there should at least be a tool tip that says what that button does. I think it's a bad implementation the way it is currently.
Thanks for making me smile every time me using Chrome!
+Johnny Ray Cole, The G+ people have been playing around with everything again changing the UI / Toolbar again. They just introduced the latest version of it this afternoon. Many people already don't like it. It incorporated both the old and the previous one where the Google+ Logo was the drop menu.
For the issue of the address bar, I suggest learning from the built-in browser of Galaxy Nexus, i.e. only appears when we scroll down the page.
+Kevin Wong - if you are talking about Chrome for Android Beta, I agree 100%. I would add that they should also adopt the ICS theme in it (like the Android browser for ICS does), as the current them on Chrome Android Beta makes it look like an IOS application.
It makes MapsGL very usable on my crappy dell laptop with integrated Intel graphics. Nice one!
looks great! just noticed the "+" symbol is no longer part of the "new tab" button, I like the clean button :)
Can we please get google chrome for cell phones as the norm instead of just the regular google search.
You guys took out all the spaces in the names of my bookmarks in the bookmark bar, I used to have just the icons spread across and it looked nice and was much better to use. Now the icons are all clustered together. Boo for taking away something. But still, you guys are doing great.
+Gabriel Walsh Exactly. BTW I feel weird to see my desktop after replaced the built-in browser with's just too colourful for ICS. There's not going to have a change though.
Full true color management..
expecting a better download manager next time. and the download pane remains there across all tabs rather than belonging to one particular tab.
Some plugins's stopped working with Google Chrome 18 beta :(
I have big issue with lost bookmarks I restart my computer and all my bookmarks on chrome are gone I have looked at the bookmark.bak but the problem is chrome don't keep the old version so any help appreciated very frustrating. 
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