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The Chrome & Apps #io12 #keynote with +Sundar Pichai is starting soon! We’ll be live-editing this post with updates & announcements as they happen, and you can follow along with the live-stream at:

10:11am PT: Reflections on the incredible growth of the open web: 2.3B users & projected to have over 20B network connections by 2016 (>2.5 per person!)

10:12am PT: At I/O last year, 160M people were using Chrome. Today, over 310M people are using Chrome

10:13am PT: Chrome in a day: 60B typed words (or 100,000 books), 1 TB of files downloaded, and 13 years saved thanks to page pre-rendering

10:13am PT: 'users aren’t tied to one device’ - on building a consistent seamless Chrome experience for your web

10:15am PT: Welcome +Brian Rakowski, inventor of Incognito Mode, to demo Chrome features across devices

10:20am PT: Demo: syncing bookmarks, open tabs & history across laptop, Chromebook, phone & tablet

10:23am PT: You asked, we listened....Introducing Chrome for iPhone & iPad, bringing your web to iOS 4.3 and higher devices

10:25am PT: The web has changed since 2004: static websites replaced with dynamic, rich web apps like +Gmail thanks to AJAX & more. 425M people now using Gmail

10:25am PT: We didn’t stop with Gmail; also launched other web apps like Calendar, Docs, and Google Drive to help you live in the cloud. We call this ‘going Google’ 

10:25am PT: On consumerization of business -- “it's the same person using the device at home & at work” 

10:27am PT: Over 5M businesses have #gonegoogle

10:29am PT: Launched Google Drive 10 weeks ago; 10M+ users have signed up 

10:30am PT: Welcome +Clay Bavor, PM Director of Google Apps, to demo Google Drive across devices

10:31am PT: Excited to announce Google Drive on iOS & Chrome OS

10:35am PT: Demoing Offline Google Docs w/ full editing capabilities, available today

10:41am PT: Chrome OS: new devices are 3x faster with app-centric UI

10:41am PT: Chromebooks are the (always) new computer with updates every 6 weeks 

10:42am PT: Chromebooks coming to 100 +Best Buy stores across the US -- find one near you:

10:43am PT: Welcome +Urs Hölzle, SVP of Technical Infrastructure, to talk about Google’s infrastructure & computing products

10:47am PT: A new, flexible solution for developers: Google Compute Engine brings the power of Google’s infrastructure to your apps where & when you need it

10:55am PT: In addition to infrastructure, the entire web platform has evolved drastically; check out Evolution of the Web visualization here:

10:57am PT: Games push the web platform forward. Demo: Bulletstorm, console-quality game delivered via the Gaikai platform 

10:58am PT: Lots of console games also moving to the web -- Bastion, From Dust, and more

10:59am PT: Fun stat - over 140M people have played +Angry Birds in Chrome 

11:04am PT: Welcome +Cirque du Soleil to demo an immersive web experience called #MoviKantiRevo -- more info at:

11:09am PT: “Can’t wait to see what you do you next” -- reflections on the journey that we’ve taken so far together - video:

11:16am PT: Hope you enjoyed our coverage of the Chrome & Apps #io12 #keynote -- you can read more on the Chrome Blog:
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Google I/O Live stream is down? Getting 500 server error #io12
There were already some updates in the playstore, yesterday. The update for youtube is just amazin'. Let's see what happens next!
Finally page has loaded. But nothing live right now.
It'll be hard to top yesterday..
I got a 500 error. Must be a lot of people wanting to see Day 2 after the awesome goodness of Day 1's keynote.
I guess it over crowded! Failing to load for me too!
The live stream is not working or very slow :| Let's hope it'll get better soon ;)
it was up and choppy then it went down again :(
It seemed to start off slow for me yesterday during the beginning.
live stream was perfect yesterday, today so choppy
"13 years saved thanks to page pre-rendering [per day]" In other words it's saving a life every week!
Wait, so Chrome is now available on the iPhone, but not on 99% of Android phones?
Why is Chrome available now for iOS, but not on Android pre-ICS? #IO12  
i missed it, anyone know where I can watch it saved?
This live editing is one of the best ideas ever.... Especially for those of us @ work
I think the server is down. Page showing error..
What is the timer-like thing counting up for??!!??
An app running on 600k cores!!!!!!!
Its one of the best browser so far ..........!
why Google Chrome no Access the webcam and no MPEG-4 support???
Thanks for the Chrome on my iPhone. I started to believe that you will never do this. Thanks Google
How can show the bookmarks bar on chrome for iPad?
Any Idea when Chrome will be available for Galaxy Note ( AT&T )
Eu queria ter ido só para ganhar o Chorme Book :/
Is there any possibility to run a flash on iOS's Chrome?
Chrome for Samsung Galaxy Note ( AT&T) is not working and is amazing... I guess it just needed the ICE CREAM Sandwich update.
I believe its the best thing what happened to me
Cuantas horas de diferencia hay de Venezuela a España
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