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Save yourself a mouse click -- leap to your omnibox by pressing Ctrl+L (Cmd+L on Mac) so you can immediately start typing.

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Alt-D is "add bookmark", not the address bar.
Sean S
When are you going to select a cover photo for the #chromecover ?
Is it too late to submit a design? Thinking about submitting a design today or tommrrow.
Works on Chrome Beta for Android too (using my Prime's dock keyboard ;)).
ctrl-L is a bit awkward. F6 is better.
I don't have F6 on my Prime keyboard though ... so this is really useful. :)
Sean S
+Ted LeBlond ,
I think it is the address bar. I too kept wondering what an omnibox was.
Omni bar is the address bar... and CTRL-L and F6 both work.
+Ted LeBlond it's a shiny name for address bar.

Also, ALT+D still works. Talk about a remnant from the days of yore (Windows 95, if not 3.1 in Internet Explorer)
also, caps lock is just one keystroke, so even easier
It is a shiny name for the address bar since the address bar stopped just being for addresses.
+Ted LeBlond If it doesn't work, I don't know what to tell you but it's not Google's fault since it works for everyone else.
+Ted LeBlond, the omnibox is the bar at the top where you enter a URL or a search term. CTRL+L or COMMAND+L changes the focus to the omnibox, so you can start typing in the box when the focus was in a different location. Try it out by starting to write a comment, then hold control (or, on a Mac, command) and then L and continue typing; note that the next text is typed in the omnibox.
If you don't know what an Omnibox is, how do you know it didn't work? (warning: IQ estimate lowered by 30% for all caps)
epic fail your comment._
+Kiriaki Tsafou Couldn't have said it better. It seems to me that Google's only been failing upwards lately.
Alt+D for me, gets to the address bar in every browser I ever have to touch in windows.
+Vash Crowley you are thinking of Ctrl+D
Dear Google Chrome please make the omnibox search for google chrome bookmarks too, today it only result few bookmarks not all bookmark.

i have to set the search engine chrome://bookmarks/?#q=%s to search on my bookmark. it would be more cool for omnibox can search bookmark too whenever we type something on it.

today omnibox:
1. go to address
2. search the default search engine
3. search bookmark but return only few

i hope next omnibox can:
3. search bookmark and return entire bookmark like it is in chrome://bookmarks/?#q=%s
OT: Double-tap to zoom on Mac OS, please guys! It's the only reason I stick sometimes with Safari (and I actually don't like this at all!)
Learning shortcuts for Chrome is actually worth doing. +1
Also the slash key takes you to the search bar on most Google pages (search, plus, gmail). CTRL+PGUP/PGDN rules for me though. Also CTRL+W to close a tab, then CTRL +SHIFT+W to reopen it... boom!
I use Alt + d instead , you can easily do it with one hand while another hand using the mouse, you have to use both hands to ctrl + L, not to mention you need to look for F6 everytime so you don't press refresh....
Yeah, I always use Alt+D.
How can you get in the omnibox with a command when in full screen mode (F11)?
great tips!
Congratulation from firefox: we support that from the very beginning
How did I not KNOW THIS!! Thanks x10!
CMD+L? You sure? Isn't that for selecting the URL bar/Omnibox? Edit: I misread it as "inbox". haha my bad
+Vash Crowley , it's probably because SHIFT+CTRL+L does nothing.

I don't usually read through these long comment threads but I'm glad I did.

Also if we're taking votes, mine is for F6.. I actually had no idea about ALT+D
That is amazing. one step closer to working without a mouse
ctrl+k to start a google search
Beats me, I got it too. Because we commented on the chrome post?
Save yourself a keystroke.... Press F13
Save yourself a keystroke.... Press Alt+F4
Thanks for the tip! Love Chrome by the way!
Works great, as long as the active tab doesn't have an SSL warning. Yay, self-signed certs.
It's not just on Google Chrome, it's for computers in general. :)
Most of the time once one browser implements a shortcut, all the other popular browsers implement it as well. At least for people like me with not the best eyesight in the world that lose track of the mouse cursor a lot, this is a big help. Now if we just had shortcuts to tab through all the open tabs.....that'd solve so many of my problems.
Or don't bother and move your finger slightly down on the mouse...
or just press Alt+Q (Cmd+Q on Mac) so you can immediately start working
Doesn't alt+d do this as well?
This is new to me... great shortcut :)
How about Alt+D, At least you can do it with one left hand not like the Ctrl+L u need both fingers from both hands :D.. and Scarlett it's not about laziness! only software engineers can understand what does that mean when you're running on keyboard and doing codes or surfing between 10's of tabs..
it's not working on my firefox

Alt+D works in Chrome and Firefox too, if you'd prefer a left handed option (Ctrl+L works in Chrome and Firefox for me).
How about some other little tricks"windows key+d" send u to desktop."windows+L" locks up pc. "windows+e" launch windows explorer. Windows+r" gets u the run box. Windows+m minimizes all windows if ur naughty and in danger lol. 
Rob Mac
How come I can't cut & paste in Google+?
+Hakan ÜÇOK You are about to type something into the box anyway so you might as well move your hands to the keyboard straight away rather than navigate the cursor to the bar, then click, then move both hands to the keyboard to start typing.
Win + Right Arrow + Enter (tip: ignore any windows that pops up)
Sean S
Does Chrome have a button to show the drop down box under the omnibox to display recently visited sites like IE9?
как черз режим F11 набирать адрес сайта. F6 и (CTRL+L) не работают?
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