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Plaaaaay Ball! #NowCasting live with Major League Baseball

The 2014 Major League Baseball season is off to a big start, and now you can make all those hits, homers, steals and K’s even bigger with Chromecast. Starting today, you can cast live MLB games straight to your TV with a touch of the cast button.

The MLB At Bat app can be found in the Play Store ( and Apple Store (, with Chromecast support rolling out today (MLB.TV Premium subscription required. Peanuts and Cracker Jack sold separately.) As always, you can explore apps that work with Chromecast at 
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Nice! Hey, +NHL: How about getting on board this train? 
This actually has me contemplating subscribing. For the $14.99 option, can I stream all live games throughout the season? (Edit: never you mind. Missed the MLB.TV subscription required note)
I would happily pay to subscribe to this for the NHL (in Canada)
Yes!!!! Now maybe I can watch blacked out Dodger games! Maybe a simple IP or DNS change so it streams the games. 
Hey nice all networks get on boars with #Chromecast cable will be dead soon and everything will be bases on internet streaming. 
Wow - if I had time to watch a baseball game, this would be a no-brainer.  

Maybe after the kids are a bit older...

Well done +MLB and +Google Chrome!
Fantastic news, was talking about this earlier today and wishing it was available on the CC, fantastic work +Google Chrome and +MLB 
This is awesome! I've been holding out as far as subscribing to At Bat because I didn't want to watch it on a computer or tablet, much less a phone. But I decided to sub this season because I have a Chromecast & figured I'd just cast the tab to the screen, but this is way better =D
Note the disclaimer from the picture: "Watch live out-of-market baseball with MLB.TV Premium". Translation: you can pay $130 a year to watch baseball, but probably not the team you want to watch.
Now they need to get rid of the blackouts and this might become useful.
Was going to subscribe this season because I was just gonna cast the tab from my chromebook but this is even better=D
Like others have said, remove blackout restrictions and this would actually be helpful. +Paul Dodd
my question is this...

suppose I have the Gameday Audio subscription, but not premium. will the gameday audio/gameday  portions work with the Chromecast?

and will the Condensed Game feature (which comes with Gameday Audio) work?
All the games except the ones you want to see!
Omg yes Chromecast. This is especially helpful since apparently starting this year At Bat won't let you do video out via MHL or SlimPort.
NFL on YouTube, NHL Gamecenter with Chromecast support must be next!!!! Hmm.. How about this year's World Cup? Feed me more!!!! 
MLB... Minus the blackouts would be nice. 
this would be better if you didn't need the subscription, but this just might put me over the edge to buy one. but what about the MILB app +Google Chrome ?
Finally! I have been hoping for this! 
Can someone try it with the free game of the day that is on right now with only the At Bat subscription. I'm not at home with a chromecast.
so in other words if you have Cable and pay for the MLB package which costs 300.00 a season so mean to tell me my husbands gonna flip out for all that money and my cable isnt cheap from jump street it's about 325.00 a month every month and the fights they even made the price of that go up I mean 70.00 dollars a fight????? Wtf!!!! please get back b4 I call comcast n order the MLB package they should have an NFL package they said there getin there gettin so far no NFL package!
Good to know. Hopefully they keep coming out with more content.

+Tim Klein I was just throwing it out there on my previous post. Give us the chance to Chromecast more and more live sports, that's all. 
+Julio Lagara Damn, I was hoping I missed it. Really want nfl game pass to be compatible this year. Sick of unreliable crappy streams from other websites.
+Tim Klein Well YouTube did meet with the NFL back in August, 2013. Nobody knows what was discussed. Could become feasible later this year. Who knows. 
The blackout policy on MLBTV is crazy.  Can't count how many times I've tuned into a game 500 miles from my location to find I'm in a blackout zone.
Yeah, this would be great news if didn't live in a blackout zone for the only team I wanted to watch.
Too bad mlbtv doesnt work on any of my android devices.
Very exciting. But why do you have a cheater on the screen?!?!?!
seria bueno que el chrome estubiera para el movil samsung galaxy Y (GT-S5360L)
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Can we get the feature to open the Chrome browser where we left off but only the active tab loading and the rest not loading until we switch to them?  Firefox has this feature and it's very nice.  Helps start up times which is what Chrome likes to focus on.
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