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Tired of the same old profile image on your #chromebook? Spice it up with a new one! You can pull in your image from Google+, take a fresh photo with your webcam, or upload an image directly from the file manager.

To start changing your profile image, go to: Wrench > Settings > Personal Stuff > Account > Change Picture.

If you’re on Dev or Beta, you can find this under Settings & Help > Users, then click on your profile image.
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Alas, its time to buy a new chromebook. got by on the CR-48 for a bit too long
my CR-48 is still kickin' strong and I use it everyday. It's kind of crazy that, besides my phone, the most used piece of technology I have is my free CR-48. Thanks Google!
I registered to test the chrome book and never got one... boo!!!
As ChromeOS converges with Android to produce a tablet form of Chromebook, I'll think about putting away my CR-48.
Chromebook...sigh! I just bought an Acer Netbook...
I've installed Linux on my (free) CR-48, but I am always tempted to put ChromeOS back on it.
I doubt it because you see them when logging onto your Chromebook. You can't log onto the browser so I wouldn't think so.
Really? I didn't think that feature was there.

I'm not sure really as I tend to use my Chromebook most often.
To clarify:
I'm talking about the icon you can use when you sign in to chrome (if you happen to have multiple users). Currently, the icons are pretty corny and could use an update...
Basically, we want the same thing. But it's currently only available to Chromebook owners.
Which is cool, because I figured that out myself XD
Is it possible to save the old photo in case you want it for old times' sake?
Those last two comments are absolutely senseless and really don't tell anything. No offense to Behrooz Arya and Mia Rodne
"Critical functionality to run Chrome is missing" - Chrome for Android isn't working for me any more. Argh.
And that is why Apple is better than Android
+Wolf Bruce
Please, don't criticize people for senseless comments when you're running amok making them yourselves.

You have some flaws here.

1) Samsung is almost completely unconnected with Chrome OS. Other than the fact that they distribute laptops running it, they have almost nothing to do with it.

2) If you knew any better, you'd realize that many of the components in Apple computers are manufactured by Samsung.

3) Next time, keep it relevant.
But Samsung makes Droid phones and Droid technology. And, even though many of the parts of Apple computers are manufactured by Samsung, the software was created by Apple. So this is relevant. Apple phones are better than Samsung phones. Next time, read the comment before mine.
Whoa, whoa - hold up, did you just say Samsung makes Droid phones? Samsung does NOT make the Droid derivative of Android, Samsung makes Nexus Android phones, which come with a close-to-stock version of Google's Android OS. Furthermore, Samsung not only has few ties to Chrome OS, but very few ties to Android's development as well.

Whether Apple's products are better or not are a matter of personal preference, anyways. Apple's products are great, I agree, because they allow for a kitchen-appliance, commoner style of usage. But Android phones allow for power usage. People always compare the two, but they are really very different from one another, and each one is aimed at a different kind of consumer.

So, next time you feel the urge to have a useless argument, make sure you actually understand the topic, first.
I was talking about the Samsung version of the Droid phones. You are blowing this way out of proportion. The only reason I am still arguing with you is because you are continuing this conversation. If you stop, Neither of us are really getting anywhere with this. Its just taking away time from both of our days and there is really no use for it. I said something and then you started this argument. From the impression I'm getting, you are just trying to show off. And if you want to show off then I will do the same.
No, not really showing off. I'm actually preventing false information from being spread here.

P.S.: Only Motorola produces Droid phones.
All I said was that Apple was better than Android and you said I was spreading false information. I am saying that Apple phones have a larger profit than Droid phones. That's all. And then you say I'm spreading false information? Check your facts dude
You didn't say that at all. In fact, you didn't even MENTION sales, which, by the way, happen to be about equal for both iPhones and Android phones. You've been giving opinionated "information" and lies this whole time in order to try and prove a point that's just not there. So, please, before you embarrass yourself even more, just leave now.
I didn't say anything about sales, but I was trying to imply that. I was saying that Apple is better than Android because Apple had more sales. Which they do. About equal is much different from the same. Apple has more sales than Android, plain and simple.
1 in 3 families owns one or more Apple devices. Android can't do better than that because they sell only phones. Apple sells computers, phones, and music systems, AND tablets. That is from January. And you can't trust just one website. Apple has outsold Android products. Over the entire course of Apple and the entire course of Android, Apple products have outsold Android products. Apple has been around for 36 years and was one of the first computer companies. Android only came out after Apple. In the time before Android, Apple had a head start in technology.
You can't compare Apple as a whole to Android, as you've apparently been doing this whole conversation.

Just an F.Y.I. : My primary phone is an iPhone 4S, and I own a MacBook, so I'm not an Android fan boy. I just think it's wrong for people like you to run around criticizing everything.
Why can't I compare Apple to Android?
Because, it's like comparing sales of everything Sony's video game department has ever had, and the Wii's sales. They don't compare, even though the Wii is the best selling video game console of this generation.
Life isn't fair. Live with it.
No, that has nothing to do with this argument. By automatically resorting to tactics involving admittance to cheating, you've basically set your self up for loss by default.

Life is fair when you know what your doing. Deal with it.
You are treating this argument like it is some sort of strategy game. Life doesn't work that way. You treat it that way. And, honestly, that is a horrible way to handle life.
You said that if you know what you are doing, life is fair. Well, Abraham Lincoln knew what he was doing by freeing the slaves. And how did that end up?
Just stop. You lost, and I will no longer respond.

Have a nice day! :)
Okay. I'll stop. And since you are the one who told me to stop, you pretty much surrendered. So that means I win. But hey, you wanted to stop. So this will be my last comment directed to you.
i think you are a very rude person no one shoule talk to people like that dont you no god see you and what you eyes
Wolf Bruce, please stop acting like a kid if you are not one. Move on...
As am I. Presumably, I'm older than you.
Yeah. I'm not gonna tell you how old I am though. I am somewhere from the age of 12-15. That's all I'm saying.
I'd imagine it's somewhere in the lower range.
Yeah. Kind of mid actually. Hey was that an insult?
is there an add on available to save images from multiple tabs in chrome
When will we be able to use our own photos for wallpaper?
Might have missed this but can you change the profile picture for the Chrome browser? (not the OS)
What is wrench setting and how do I get to it
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