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Today’s update to Chrome for +Android includes several bug fixes and security improvements to the sandbox technology.

You can read more on the Chrome Blog:
Security is one of the core principles of Chrome, and as mobile usage proliferates, we’re committed to providing users a safe browsing experience regardless of the device they're on. With today's Chro...
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Chong Liu
Full Screen please....That's the only feature missing....
Jon Calanio
Better news than that other announcement.
Oh man, the internet is going to have one hell of a week of Apple bashing for today's embarrassing release. Is it wrong that I look forward to it?
+Johannes Straubinger The funny thing is that we all mock it, yet you know the Apple cult will be lined up for miles to buy one as soon as it hits the stores. I might go sell hot dogs.
Thanks for the splendid browser. However, it would be even more awesome if we can have the "Inverted web page rendering" feature that is available in the stock Android browser (at least from ICS onwards). Is this feature on the radar? Can we expect to have this in the near future? Thanks.
+Google Chrome Is Google Chrome for Android (4.0.4 HTC jewel) known to drain batteries by constantly syncing in the background? I thought android os syncs bookmarks not the app itself.
+Google Chrome i rather have performance increase.. some pages are still laggy even i m using galaxy nexus with jelly bean =="
This version fixes the soft keyboard not showing up on unofficial ROMs.  Most excellent!  It now works in CM10 on my Epic 4G.
Scrolling still feels very laggy and choppy compared to the stock JB browser. How has Google not noticed this?
+Randy Kysar It does sync passwords, BUT ONLY IF your desktop Chrome is logged with the same Google account.
Thank you! For desktop Chrome on Win-Vista-32, please try going to Google+ and see if it is extremely sluggish which is what I'm seeing. Sadly, I have to use IE for G+ on my laptop. This may just be specific to my laptop, however, since Firefox is sluggish for G+ as well. Thanks again.
+Aja Hemphill not on vanilla [smartphone*] JB... On Galaxy Nexus, it won't even come pre-installed...

* It is the stock option on Nexus 7.
The first thing Chrome has done after the update was crash. Now it works okay, but it always makes me sad. Desktop Linux version is getting worse from one update to another, hope Android version is gonna be better. Someday...
+Ângelo Suzuki it is the default browser on JB moving forward (Nexus7 is a good example). The Galaxy Nexus came with "Browser" because of ICS, Google just didn't remove it. I guarantee we won't see it on the next Nexus phone and that Chrome will be the only browser stock.
Just updated mine. Won't use anything else now!!!
+Aja Hemphill Yea I am on a Galaxy Nexus with CM10, which comes with the JB browser. I agree that Chrome will be the only browser starting with the next Nexus phone, but Google really needs to iron out the scrolling performance before that. It is pitiful compared to the JB browser.
+Google Chrome question: since chrome can sync between the pc and the android device does this mean the webapps from the chrome store that I have on the pc version of chrome are also usable on android when using the chrome android app?
David H
Can you guys fix the bookmark sync duplicate issue. My bookmarks keep getting duplicated every so often, and it keeps duplicating again and again. I have to remove bookmark syncing because of this.
Still so buggy on Asus Prime =( Scrolling is still choppy, rendering is slooow, have to see white screen for long time. Browsing The Verge site is the pain... Even opening new emty Tab is slow! Standard browser is much better (but sync not works on it from June), even Firefox better and more fluid on tablets. Situation has not changed since the first release. What's happend, Chrome team?!
Really needs a setting to always request the desktop site or force to desktop site, then I could get rid of Skyfire.
+Stephen Foust-Christensen It does for me. (rooted d4 with messagease keyboard) However, bookmarks loads inconsistently-more often than not I get nothing in chrome://newtab/
Have no space for update Chrome Broswer in my Sony Arc S, is not time to get it to memorycard soon?
+Google Chrome is it too much to ask to get the share option on the desktop version of chrome? I love this feature on mobile chrome and so many times I wished I could use it in the desktop version. Instead I have to copy the link and then go to whatever I want to share it with and then paste and send. not a big deal but annoying nevertheless - particularly when I know how easy it is from mobile chrome. Also if we had the share option on the browser itself it might help remove the obsession people have of having facebook and twitter icons on every dam thing I come across. Just put it in the browser, let the user decide which thing they want to share from and get rid of all those annoying icons on every website. Ideally we could also customize the order of which the share options appear as well. Thanks.
+Kenneth Labenski thanks. You're right it probably will do it but would be better to have it built in and not have to agree to the security thing on shareaholic. I closed facebook also hence why I'm sick of all the facebook icons.
#GoogleChrome  has crashed for me several times since the latest update.

Faulting application name: chrome.exe, version: 21.0.1180.89, time stamp: 0x503ebf10
Faulting module name: chrome.dll, version: 21.0.1180.89, time stamp: 0x503ebeca
Exception code: 0xc0000005
Fault offset: 0x00009c0d
Faulting process id: 0x1370
Faulting application start time: 0x01cd9125277c7d56
Faulting application path: C:\Users\myusername\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe
Faulting module path: C:\Users\myusername\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application\21.0.1180.89\chrome.dll
Report Id: 4933e19c-fd66-11e1-b17b-005056c00008
It's a shame that chrome doesn't have full screen when even Safari for iphone got it yesterday! I'm stuck with Dolphin Browser until you add full screen for chrome. How hard can it be!?
Google chrome for my Samsung Rugby smartphone?
google chrome for my Nokia 2730 classic? Ken Adnams 
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