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What does your Chrome look like?

The Chrome Web Store has hundreds of Chrome themes that you can choose from, but if you want to add a personal touch to your Chrome you can use the new My Chrome Theme app to quickly design and share custom Chrome themes with your own images. Themes that you create will appear in the home screen of the app so that you can easily install, share, and browse past themes that you’ve made.

Share your favorite creation in the comments below and we’ll try to feature some on our page next week! #funfriday
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Just created one for meself!! hohoho lovin it
It would be nice if one could edit the one you made after submitting it.
It handles photographs pretty horrible. I uploaded an image the size it came out of the camera and the perspective is skewed. Is there an ideal dimension for pictures that are uploaded?
I get this if I have an installed theme, I make another one, and try to install that one. It starts to download the install file and I get that after I OK the download.
+MrBrownThumb if you continue through the wizard the image comes out OK at teh end. I thought the same thing and it worked after i submitted it. it's just in the wizard that the preview looks messed up.
Thanks for the tip, +Marc Dufour . I'll give it a try until I hear about an optimal size for images.
Ya, When I chose Full screen it looked bad because I was using a large image. Fit to screen worked better for me. Tell it to preference to the bottom and it won't cut off at the bottom.
I don't like themes, so mine is plain vanilla (Chrome 18 beta on Ubuntu 11.10 x64)
Want some purple colour for the tabs and such.
Three reds, three yellows and two greens on the palette? That's just inefficient!
I'll probably forever stick to Greyscale
Can a computer technician in person, on the phone or online help you with that? Just a thought.
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The first thing I noticed was my freedom of widgets. The Google Home Page gave me news outlets I disagree with politically, so I deleted them and replaced them with news outlets I agree with.

Second, I dearly love my puppies theme.
Why is this hot? Why is it showing up in my stream? -1
coolness I like decorating things
+Doug Wilson -1 for your comment. Clearly, it is "hot" because many, many people enjoy easy customization and sharing of their results. Not sure how that isn't obvious to the extent that it would warrant your disapproval..
any way to enable Window Aero?
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lots of people work at apple store since After 10 years with Steve jobs want to college he s study macbooks just come out june 19 2005.
an hua
i want more choice
Why spend so much time on themes when you need to fix the android client - and make it right!
I've been waiting for something like this for a long time! Cant wait to use it.
Just tried it. It's cool. Thanks so much.
Can you color the font? I made a dead space theme and would like cyan font :3 someone pm me if I just missed it
My chrome looks so basic - themes are distracting and slow.
I've always been underwhelmed with chrome's ability to be themed. Should be as thorough as FF theming.
I like Chrome. It's really fast.
When it comes to themes.... firefox is still the king! ... i love google chrome but every themes sucks.... the default chrome theme is the best.
hi all friends whats today plan
Chrome is by far the best browser there is.
I installed Chrome recently, i find it loads web pages slower than Firefox.
Google Chrome - очень испортился, стал грузный и медленный!, а пинг в нем вырос почти в два раза. И Я , Перешел на Мозилу!!! Ура- товарищи!!!!- ура! 
It was time already, good job.
I will give GoogIe a piece of my mind!!! I don't like the google chrome browser, i think it's very intrusive and believe has corrupted my hardware and drives. At first it corrupts my windows media player, my .NET4 Framework, my computer hard drives, ATI RADEON, and it attempt to change my firefox. They are very hard to get at Google with issues of customer support you send a lot of emails when you need assistance. DOCSTOC, BLOGGER AND ADSENSE PROBLEMS you get no support. GOOGLE is just a stupid robot e.g (your documents have triggered our spam filter) and more smart guys will create more smart robots than google. I guess if i can create a blog and let people posts their comments about their problems with Google, GOOGLE will sandbox it in no time. IT IS THE WHITE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM.
tainted there much Rego??? buuurrrn.
tried this but cannot subsequently install my own theme - I just keep getting a file like "Unconfirmed 40909.crdownload" being downloaded.
I guess I don't understand the point in themes for Chrome. I use Chrome in full screen mode, and as a result I don't see any chrome at all.
que buena aplicación, eso le faltaba a google... un toque de personalización los cambios efectuados últimamente en google son muy atractivos no cabe ni la menor duda que son un coloso de Internet
Just throwing this idea out there for anyone to create it. But each time I open my Chrome browser, I wish I could create folders like Ice Cream on Android to my most visited home screen. Eg. Social, Email, Blogs, Google Apps. I hate being limited to my eight most visited sites.
hey google team, thank you for the infor mation
Google, I really wish you'd allow for REAL custom themes, like Firefox does. I really want an aero-glass transparent theme for Chrome but I can't because it isn't supported and you refuse to support it. Please, allow for more custom themes.
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