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The new Samsung #Chromebook chosen as the “Best Device of 2012” - thanks for the honor, +Fortune Magazine! #foreveryone (via +CNNMoney)
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awesome...! get'n me one soon...!!!
Got mine 2 weeks ago and I love it 
Stopped reading at "Best device of 2012: iPad mini"
Pity we can't buy them in Australia :(
I'll second that... I love mine! 
I really wish they would've kept the design of the Cr-48 and just improved the internals. I like it soo much better. 
My trackpad's right bottom side is super easy to press, to the point where it clicks sometimes when I'm scrolling the mouse around... might need warranty. Device is great but you need some better build quality in it.
Goog is killing it that how it supposed to be .Google is for the people by the people
Mine arrives tomorrow, pre ordered last week, I note that they are available on Play and elsewhere... :-) 
nexus 7 F**KING rocks...., now with 4.2 
WOW!! And I have one...though it's not the "new" Chromebook, it's the 550 - which at the time was the new Chromebook.  Kinda irritated about that, but I love my 550!
Когда говорят о том что кто то выпустил новый браузер, можно смеяться. Это похоже на то что вам дали новую газету объявлений вместо вчерашней и говорят что это газета лучше чем та что была вчера. Но это все та же газета, только с новыми объявлениями.
+Andre Meaux the 550 is faster than the "new" Chromebook.  I have a regular old Series 5 and I'm feeling it's age.  I would love to be able to upgrade to a 550.
the chrome remote desktop doesnt work for my new mac pro(home) from my pc(work). i can get connected but can't remotely control. it works opposite way... can you help?
Mine came yesterday and I love it

Mine came yesterday and I love it

Mine came yesterday and I love it

Maybe two more years for #Chromebook  to evolve then I'd probably get one.

But this is a good recognition. :)
Henry H
now all it needs is a 2560x1440 resolution.
realy the phone is perfact samsung s111
Yea, not sure how the iPad mini is the best device of 2012. It adds nothing new. They say its at an affordable price, but its more expensive than other 10" tablets, let alone smaller ones. So what makes it so great exactly?
Damn I'm late didn't even know it was a chrome book
i dont think that this is supported with screen reader!
Now if only you would ship my pre-ordered 3G model...
what the hell are u talking about
Ordered one from Staples online, delivered the next day
And then the article listed the iPad Mini... 
Bring it to Australia already! Take my money! 
How much will it cost
I have the samsung chromebook..totally awsome.2g ram 16g flash 1080hdmi out, 2.0,3.0 io, 3sec boot, camera,mic,modem. Usd 249$
Fact about rain
In USA after rain water disapper in mins

In INDIA after rain road disapper in 5 mins
I love Google's logo,and it's very nice!
BS the Nexus 7 is way better.
When comes to Europe with national keyboards?
Chromebooks look like fun, and I've never messed with one, but I have a feeling my TF 2000 (with the keyboard) probably outperforms them.... true, that the price is no comparison.
I love mine but wish Google and Netflix would work out the hardware issue so we could stream!
Got mine! Was told a 6 week wait, got it in 5 days :)
Still waiting for my chromebook as well..maybe it will arrive before Christmas
when comes the chromebook to switzerland?
Well deserved! I have a 550 and love it. With that and my Nexus 7, my Windows laptop gets used about 1-2 times a month at most.
Yes, but when can we buy one?! TAKE MY MONEY !! Seriously though... take a cue from Apple and allow people to purchase devices even if they are sold out.... just update the site with a realistic shipping date. I would still buy the device if it said it shipped in 3-5 weeks !! TAKE MY MONEY !!
Err.. I'd say watch out for some insider trading with that whole zuckerberg-wildfire situation there..
ChromeOS is awesome, but the hardware on the Samsung Chromebook is terrible. It is inexcusably bad. Even for $250. I took mine back and got a Nexus 7 and a Bluetooth keyboard.
+Rebokile Mabutho the frame creaks and makes noise when you rest your hands on it, one of my USB ports didn't work, the headphone jack made the sound fuzzy and low quality, and the screen is really flexible and feels like it'll break easily.
google chrome is the very best software available.
Nav H.
A web browser...
Chrome book is awesome so far no more waiting for windows to load
So tell me when is the chromebook going to be available in Australia? Or are we not part of your marketing slogan "for everyone"
We have two in our house. They are great.
I knew chromebooks would become popular someday... 

Creating a petition. Government IT needs Chromebooks and better technology! It may only get about 20 votes, but I will give it a try! It's to create a central IT department for the entire federal government. Let's see what happens!

Sign the petition! I need 25,000 signatures!!!
Just got mine last week.
Very thin, light weight and great battery life.
A back lit keyboard would have really been nice with a toggle on and off to preserve battery life.
Got mine last week and it is fantastic.
Cant wait to get my hand on it 
a que aburrido este día pero a salir a patinar con todas las ganas :)
Waiting for Santa to drop mine off
got mine - arrive on Fri (took 3 days from order)  - instant power on, told me it would take 1 min to update to latest - it actually took about 3 to 4 mins, but once complete I signed on via my account and it was all there - neat ! Love it!
I want to buy the new Chromebooks in GERMANY !!!!
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