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10 new apps are #NowCasting with Chromecast!

Beginning today you can enjoy action sports, news, music videos, and more with the addition of VEVO, Red Bull.TV, Songza, PostTV, Viki, Revision 3, and BeyondPod. And for those many holiday gatherings, you can also cast your personal media straight to your TV using Plex, Avia, or RealPlayer Cloud. There’s no need to huddle around small screens when you can share your own photos and videos using your phone, tablet, or laptop. 

Learn more about the supported apps and stay up to date about what's new at To start casting from these apps, make sure you have the latest versions for +Android or iOS, or use #Chrome to cast from your laptop. 

Happy casting!
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Amazing!!! Plex support made my life a whole lot better :)
So still only allowing whitelisted apps?
Don't use any of these :-( Pocketcast, Google+ and BBC iPlayer are the ones I want.
lets hope support for chromecasting comes to Synology VideoStation ASAP as well
Good step. Hoping that the SDK is released soon so more apps can follow (Spotify, Ziggo TV, Pathé Thuis, Pocket Casts, Google+, Google Drive, Quickoffice, Google Maps, MX player, ...)
I'm not seeing these apps on my Nexus.
Ed Vera
And I just switched from BeyondPod to Stitcher. Oh well, time to switch back. 
A great step forward but it's sad that pocketcasts isn't on the list although they've the integration ready to launch since months. Hopefully the final sdk goes public this year :/
Now for some Live TV app support, and we're golden.
Come again - "RealPlayer Cloud"? RealPlayer?!! I thought that died in the 90s?
All these apps are not available in our country ksa 
I'll be happy, when I can cast my photos from my Google+ photo albums :o)
Hard to find a Chromecast   hate going to Best Buy  so I have been putting off  buying one
I need to watch my G+ Photos... 
In addition to Aereo, I'd like to see WatchESPN. My football watching would be complete! 
+Stuart Cummings Avia supports Photos and Picasa, but it looks like it still takes a few hours for the update. I can't find the cast button yet.
I only have Netflix here in Panama. No HBO Go nor Hulu 
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Mirroring the Moto X like miracast does sure would be a feature that would make me buy a Chromecast.
FINALLY.  I KNEW Chromecast was a good investment!  Already got 3 of 'em.
+Vic Gundotra now if your team adds Google+ Photos sharing vian Chromecast we are golden for this Christmas. 
Plex is fantastic. I no longer need my Google TV now. Now onto getting rid of Cable once and for all. Any chance of getting Sports next. Like that rumor of the NFL license next year would be insane.
Was going to get plex but still need a paid subscription to use it.
Perfect! And just received my Chromecast today. Win!
Non merci car je connais aucune de ces personnes
Waiting on Pocket Casts to be supported - +shiftyjelly FAQ say that they are waiting for permission from Google to ship a version that supports it.
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+Brett Jones I know, I posted the idea. It is the most popular idea Spotify ever had (in terms of votes per month) so hope it will persuade them to implement
Plex Chromecast streaming is useless without a Plexpass. Lame... Looks like my Raspberry Pi xbmc set up is still the way to go... 
I will have to learn to use them all.
When will chromecast come to Photos? 
Now... let us cast the video or picture I just took (and still on my phone) directly to the Chromecast... is that so difficult?
Here's a crazy idea:  How about you allow developers to create programs that let us watch what we want on the hardware we paid you for?  We didn't buy Chromecast to have you tell us what to watch with it.  We bought it to see stuff on a TV.  That is all you need to focus on, letting that happen.  Remove the barriers. 

You crippled Chromecasts after you sold them.  That sucks as bad as when you did similar to your app for ios that allowed working with Word docs and Excel spreadsheets.  After people paid for it, you gutted it, and removed support for certain online file storage services.  

You are getting too much like Apple.  Knock it off.  
The absolute best $70.00 I have ever spent. We got two of these here!
Home an MLB App will exist by next spring
+Mike Kalby how about you return it and plug your computer into your tv? Its a Google device for Google users to stream Google run apps so they can make money, not the developers. Hence its extremely low price point. 
.....  I'm a male hobby cook ,,,,,,  just think what I could prepare with USD 70.- ,,,,,,,,  excluding wine ....... ok ,, my advantage my being in Europe ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Would love for them to stop only allowing whitelisted apps. 
+Arvid Bux Fully agree with the idea of photo sharing. This is a no brainer... what a perfect, collaborative way to share pictures over the holidays. (Drive support in general would be great... and mirroring... awesome).
What about flixster and ultraviolet.
This is nice. Also waiting for Pocket Casts and TuneIn.
Plex Requires their PlexPass subscription service even after you pay for the Android app. But a recent response to the overwhelming negative reaction on Google Play states the ChromeCast will be free after this introductory period.

Any idea when Chromecast will be available to the international market?.. Purchasing at an inflated price from resellers defeats the appeal.
Why the heck is the development taking so long? The rate they're going is about 2apps/mnth. Why so slow? 
+Rick Villela what do I gain for having a Plex Pass? The server and apps seem to provide all that I need (minus the new casting feature) 
Minus one that used to work...+netflix
Please approve +Shifty Jelly for PocketCast! They've been ready and waiting for Chromecast for a while!
Also, I love the latest update to my Chromecast's home screen!  Very, very nice - no burn-in on my plasma screen makes me happy.
aVia is working to index Synology NAS. 
Synology will soon support Chromecast.

When installing Red Bull app be aware that you allow them to email all your contacts !
Everyone, with Avia you can cast your local photos or your photos on dropbox or picasa (=g+ photos). Videos also work, but casting local 720p videos doesn't work very well, hangs a lot, from picasa it works much better.
How would one suggest channels to included on Chromecast?
Dear +Google Chrome, when will we be able to cast photos from Google Plus on Android? Avia is really crappy.
Poor Google jumped the shark by releasing a device called "Chromecast" that cannot "cast" Chrome from a phone even though they advertised it as a main feature. Boo Google. Very BOOOOOOO!
I just purchased a Chromecast, everything works great but I have one question. I have an iPad and a Galaxy S3 and want to cast what is on my Chrome browser to my TV...Can I do that? 
I got a Chromecast for Christmas from my brother and I'm really enjoying it. I just hope that Google browser for android will be able to cast soon.
When will Google support their own apps on Chromecast? Like Album! Come on guys let's get busy!!!
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desperately need to add support for the following.


ultraviolet = Flixster, Cinema Now  (ouch  )  and Vudu  and Vudu takes Blu ray switches.  but that HDX sucks bandwidth   at least right now Vudu can go to Roku so they seem to be the closest to doing something.  CinemaNow?  bit of a joke :(  can login on my tablet but not the phone.
No Photos yet? Why not start with the small stuff that people need??
How stupid is that Google's own products are integrated to Chromecast. How about G+ and Google photos. Why am I backing up all my photos to Google photo when I can't see them on a big screen!!
If anyone took the time to READ what Google posted, what chromecast initially stated it could do, and how...there would be so much LESS whining. I'm sure they are working on it if it isn't available yet. I want some of the same things others want, but I have patience. If you have a new (or newer?) phone and the latest update, screen mirroring is now an option (I have the SGN3). Although mirroring is such an annoying way to go, whatever. I DO wish for some weeding out, leaving fully working, running, packed with content app options only. I DO know casting from your PC or laptop is a pain, but come on...when I first got my chromecast, I had very few apps: Google music, YouTube, hulu, Netflix, and casting chrome from my laptop, which was all clearly stated. I would love to read blogs on my TV. Bloglovin, feedly, would be great...I haven't even checked, but I'm sure its being worked on. Chill out folks. Everything has a process and takes time for tons of reasons, obviously. And thank you Google Chrome, I love you. I hope that doesn't sound too weird :)
Might be informative to me IF I had ANY aps, laptops, etc or connection to a TV.  Too bad there is no one my age to explain what chromecast is.  
svp j'aimerais instaler un logitiel chome sur mon compte gmail vou pouver me dire comment sa marche
No thanks I have no facilities that  I might  need or could afford  like iOS or laptop, etc.  
Happy with the purchase so far but hope to see SOUNDCLOUD very soon. Who the hell uses RealPlayer??? I did back in the 90's but like everyone else, I've moved on since then.
And before anybody adds ....... yes I know I can cast Soundcloud from my Chrome browser. I would like to cast from my mobile app so I don't have to fire the laptop up.
+Mark Poole I also find the audio from Soundcloud does a very slight slowing down and speeding up when casting from Chrome. Needs native in app support!
Have no apps nor thousands of $ required to purchase laptops,etc. 
I have recently bought a chromecast device but am disappointed not to be able to cast photos from Google+ or dropbox.
Still can not believe that my comcast TV and Google Internet are in any way compatible.
Do not understand nor want a bunch of pound signs #
As info there is no way I could know if I have apps, +Android or IOS or if I could use #Chrome as I have no laptop.  
What about NBA League Pass??  or NFL Game Pass??
Does Chromecast work with Quickoffice
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