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More than ever, people are using the web to help them get things done. That’s why we’re excited to introduce Chrome Multitask Mode, a new feature that puts twice as much web at your fingertips to help you get even more done -- all while using the same browser.

Head over to the Chrome Blog to find out more about this new feature:
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Were all the teams at Google asked to come up with an April Fool's joke? :-)
This was a little funny, but it actually seems like something not too far in the future.
How about multiple keyboards too!!
Ian H
Fell for it. This... actually seems like a good idea?
That is why everyone would like google - 난 이제야 댓글의 위력을 알겠노라.
I love Google on April 1st. Like it the other days, but love on April 1st. Great work, again, y'all.
I actually think that's a good idea, except the the shutdown part
Recién me entero que puedo conectar más de un ratón a la PC. OMG!!!! He vivido en un termo.
The funny thing is you can actually do this in Linux.
hahahahahaha i thought this was the craziest idea ever and then i looked at the date! Happy April Fools Day!!!
it is, depends on where on earth you are
cool~~, maybe will be realized in future
This would be perfect for ambidextrous people... or people with two heads, like Douglas Adams' Zaphod Beeblebrox character, or beings with two sets of arms, a la E. R. Burroughs' Barsoomians!
I hate having to ignore and/or filter all of my news for a full day. It's a waste. If I wanted junk info, I'd watch cable news.
Sound very interesting. Thanks for the info!
Es decir que durante todo abril google nos hará este tipo de chistes? Y yo que me quejaba del 28 de diciembre.
I love that Google always goes all out at this time of year.
I usually use both hands while online. Thanks incognito tab.
Looks like the lady from the couple got caught lol
Come on, men. We've got too much with our bosses demanding us multitasking, already. And with this new feature we will get more stress than usual at work!!!
Does this work with a multi touch track pad on my Samsung series 5 chromebook? Lol!
that's hilarious!!!!!
I think this is an April Fool's Day trick!
Not bad. It lessens energy consumption.
Actually that software already exists, it's called TeamPlayer by Dicosoft Dicolab, I'm using both mice right now :B
Really??? And all the +1's... seriously?
haha, not this time google! but you did convince me that you could actually use mail through your camera last time...
I forgot it was April Fools
Google put out a few good April Fools. I love the 8-bit Google Maps
Sometimes I wish these April Fool's products were real.
Now that is cute.... two mice even.. LOL.... Happy April 1st..
LOL. Well played, Google.
Did everyone see the Google Maps for NES, the 8 bit version? Go to google maps and press the Quest button top right!
today is the day after 31st March but I actually might like to have this mode on my multiple monitors with switchability between single input device & multiple mice...
Brilliant idea! Finally we can be productive with a web browser! Attention though, you guys with trypophobia!
Google chrome owes everything to linux's chromium browser yet they never ever admit it.
Not sure if April Fools or just awesome feature.
Perfect, Just need to check out their website for yourself to see how useful multitask mode is. Try it out and let me know what you think
Just the thought of this makes my ADD scream! I think something like 'Chrome for dual screens' would have be awesome, thinking in twos. But two mice kinda sounds like trying to drive two cars :O
Google - 1
World - Fooled
Got to love Google and April Fool's!
LOL @ "shut down your computer if the cursors get too close". It's like the Ghost Busters "Don't cross the streams!!"
I love the idea of Chrome shutting down my computer. Now, I'll finally have a rational excuse for my computer spontaneously shutting down. It was really getting hard convincing people that there are gremlins living in my computer. :)
je pense aujourd'hui c'est le1avril n'est ce pas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Liz S
Very weird. I don't think I would ever use two mice. I like using my pc, but I am good using one mouse.
I got it to give me over 10 pointers with one mouse just need to get good with this ;D
I was saying, how it can work, and I click it. Really funny !
Gags were better last year. Actually, the YouTube DVD collection was pretty great...
I would love the ability to use two mice. I used to write and draw with different hands, two mice would solve it. Shouldn't be that hard to sort out what windows get focus.
Nice april Fool's joke !!! Who can do that?
u can use the i think it is called the aero snap feature(in windows 7) and have two chrome browsers side by side but with one mouse not the fake 2 or more mouse feature!
I know this is a joke, but seriously, the part where they have gmail open twice. THAT SHOULD TOTALLY HAPPEN! Multiple logins and split screen. I hate it when I am trying to type something in Google Docs from a website and have to alt+tab between them all the time. GIEF SPLITSCREEN! (beats the hell out of separating tabs into different windows and then resizing them and still waste screen space around the borders)
Toby K
This worked in WinBrick, you could use a second mouse for player2.
The Google team is really hard at work on April Fool's
I can use my legs too....can you please scale it up to four
google's april fool is always legen-wait for it-dary...LEGENDARY!
Thinking I'm gonna like this Google + (JUST ME)
Google should stick to just one prank on april fools.
Was ics update on nexus s a april fool too ? I still don't have it on my i9020a...
Oh man, I can't wait for this to get out of beta.
Google Kitchen Concept - - Hey Google+ Users I need your help. Google may be coming out with many new "april fools" applications but my MBA team and I actually came up with an idea for our class and would love to hear what you honestly think about it. It's called Google Kitchen and we would really appreciate it if you could click on this link and take our survey to learn more and give your feedback! Thank you so much!
People who are thinking that is a April Fool Prank or really Fools. This will reality soon.
wow that is so cool!!! but when can i start to use it???
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